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have a talk to oneself with the help of spirituality....

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




Why people are always in a hurry?

Why they do not spend time with their own? Why they always curse god for each and every bad or negative thing that is happening around in their environment?

The answer to all these uncountable questions is that “you do not talk to yourself and your soul “.

What is spirituality? It is just a term used that connects us with god.

God!! Who is he? Is he present everywhere and every time?

Now, the answer to this question is a big NO!! Now you must be confused that how can i say no if i believe in god so much? Right? Well, i would say that god is present within us, within our soul.

When we get ready early in the morning, we see ourselves in front of the mirror; the image that you see just before you is the “ONLY GOD” for you.

What you think, what you do, what you believe is all inside you. If you are ever disturbed or sad, the only person you can talk to is you yourself! Spirituality is something that is not considered as important as cricket is in today’s so called “modern” world.

People are only concerned with their proud personality, fake identities and fashion; they do not have a clear and appropriate definition if they are asked what spirituality is?

Why they hesitate in these types of questions? The time is so precious for them that they don’t have even a single second to think about god or even about themselves.

They have millions of reasons to avoid this, but they won’t take a single second in making decisions if there is any party or whatever.

According to me every individual should meditate for at least five minutes. It will give you time to spend with yourself which is very important in today’s busy and complicated life.

For me, spirituality means “A TALK TO ONSELF”.

I have observed it a lot that if you talk to your innersole, you are able to get answers to those questions that even Google cannot answer.

In short, it is a very nice, soothing and positive feeling to be so close to god and yourself. You will be satisfied with yourself, if you practice to meditate for just few minutes.

Try it!

I am sure you will love it!

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