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Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



The two were kidnapped at the age of two. The two little twin angels who landed in my life about thirteen years ago. The day I became a proud father and I had twins, a girl and a boy. I was very much happy and so was my wife, Elina. I, Mr. Richard Gargie, worked at the local bank of Russia and I earned very well. In the office all the employees used to call me their “HERO” as I love working for the people and happy to see a sense of satisfaction on their faces when the work was done.

My wife, Mrs. Richard Elina Gargie, was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life ever. She had long curly hairs with shiny blue shimmery glittery eyes that twinkle with a smile whenever I used to look at her. Ah!! I love that side of her and I fell in love with her all over again. She is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I feel like the luckiest man on this earth.

But today there is something that is really scary and unexpected that I want to share with you all. I cannot even forget that awful moment when they got kidnapped in front of my eyes and I could not do anything. Yes! My children, Ammy, my daughter and Sam, my son got kidnapped thirteen years ago and at the most delicate age of two.

On 18th October, 1990, our babies were born. Yes! We had twin babies. They were so soft to touch and were smelling so good. I could not keep my eyes away from them. I had tiny tears in my eyes because that was the day I became a father. The feeling was such that I would not be able to explain it in words.

Now the day arrived which was very special for all of us as it was the second birthday of our babies. I and my wife both were filled with joy and wanted to make it very special for our cute little angles and gave us the opportunity to be their parents.

All the preparations were made and we were about to cut the cake. Elina made the cake in the form of Mickey Mouse that is loved by every child. Right?

As we were about to cut the cake, suddenly, three giant looking men entered our house and snatched our angels from us immediately and ran away. Everything was so quick that I was unable to make out what actually happened? I and Elina were as shocked as the ice tray in the freezer. Those three took away our babies in front of us and we were standing numb. The time got stuck at that very moment.

After that most unexpected day we both tried a lot like hell to find our babies but all was in vain. There was no message from those three giants for any ransom or anything. Elina got really scared and me too. Stupid questions were trigging our mind every second. Our angels are dead? They won’t come back to their mom and dad ever? What those giants were up to? What could they have done to our little babies? And the list of questions is endless.

We both were unable to find them and finally we had to accept the reality. Elina was disturbed and after that incident she merged into depression and completely quite. I did everything to make her smile but there was no sign of improvement. Years passed and lived our routine life.

But after eleven years we got news that was spreading like an acid in our locality. The news was our babies are back and they are finding their parents, us. As soon as I heard this news I told to Elina and we rushed towards the main gate of our locality where both of them were standing.

I remember that at the time we were about to cut their second birthday cake I had attached a photograph of mine and Elina on Ammy’s dress. And fortunately our address was written at the back of the photograph.

Elina and me hugged our babies and brought them home. Elina made delicious food for them and some cold drinks. After they got comfortable they started on with their story.

Sam started on by telling that as they were very young they didn’t know what exactly is happening around with them. Approximately at the age of five they were in senses. At first they both didn’t recognised each other as brother and sister. But we had stitched their names ‘Ammy & Sam’ in both the dresses they were wearing so they land up recognising each other. They both found themselves in a scary jungle with all the wild animals.

They always had to struggle a lot to get out of that scary jungle but every time they tried one man out of those three giants used to get hold of them and bring them back. Sam also told me that those three men used to beat Ammy in front of her brother after every ten hours but Sam was helpless. They treated my babies like servants there and still they never got complete meals. Ammy told me that they have even tried to kill her but fortunately Sam saved her. Her words made me angry and I seriously wanted to kill those three giants who touched my daughter.

Sam continued telling me that for complete five years they have lived that dirty life and they could not do anything. They used to cry day and night thinking where their parents are? Are they orphans? These questions were pinching in my mind like a needle.

My mind and my head stopped working for a moment but then some pleasing words entered my hears when Ammy told me how they got the home’s address. One night they discovered and found the note on Ammy’s dress which contained the address. At that very moment they escaped from there and managed to reach at the sea shore.

They got a boat there which was empty. They grabbed it quickly and ride off to reach us as soon as possible. They travelled for ten long days without any food and water. Soon they reached an island full of fruits and vegetables. They parked their boat and within fifteen minutes they filled their boat with fruits and vegetables. Sam first made his sister eat and then he ate the fruits and vegetables.

Within next eight days they were riding the boat and finally they reached the main sea shore of Russia. They got down from their boat and without wasting any time they started asking people the way to the address of their house. In Russia itself they struggled for two days and finally reached our community.

Elina’s eyes were in tears and she ran towards our babies and hugged them tightly. I was angry yet happy to see my children in front of my eyes. I was guilty as I was unable to protect my children and their childhood. Being a father it was my responsibility but at this moment I wanted to be with my babies and my wife.

After a long time I observed a big smile on Elina’s face and I was happy too. My babies are back to their home, to their parents. I never prayed for anything else. I was happy and my family as well.

Now it is being twenty years to this story but still makes me scary when I even think about it. But it is truly said, “ALL IS WELL THAT END WELL”.

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