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a short story that every child would like.. especially this story is for girls..
and it is shown that how daughters are emotionally attached to her father...
i hope you would like this story and comment.. :)

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013




Once upon a time there was a small, cute and sweet looking house situated on the hills.

In that house there lived an adorable family where there were two sisters, Cristine and Amerald and their parents, Mr and Mrs Mandy. Cristine was the elder sister and was twelve years old whereas Amerald was the darling of the house and she was seven years old. Amerald’s father, Mr. George Mandy was an Army officer and most of the time he was out of town. Amerald really missed her father at every minute of her life but her dad rarely visits them.

The mother of the two beautiful girls, Mrs. Joana Mandy was a house wife. She spent most of the time with her adorable daughters so that they never feel alone without their father. She used to cook good food for both of them to make them smile; she also used to take them to small trips or park to make them enjoy their lives as they were very young.

More than Cristine, Amerald used to miss her dad a lot as it is said, daughters are like princess to her dads. Same was with Amerald, she never used to talk much with her friends or relatives and even not with her mother and elder sister. She used to be very quite at times and always cry for her dad. Amerald always had a dream that she wanted a doll as a gift on her eighth birthday and that too by her father. She wanted to see her father and hold his hands. She wanted a doll directly from her father and wanted to hug him very tightly.

But this dream remained like a dream for her since many years. And till today her dad has not come to visit her and his family.

On her eighth birthday Amerald’s mother and elder sister decided to gift her doll of her choice. And finally her birthday came and as usual she was not at all happy because this year as well she will be cutting the birthday cake without her father. As decided by her mother and sister, they gifted a cute doll just like Amerald to her. She was not happy from inside but she worn a fake smile to assure her family that she is happy.

Following by the next few days, everything was going on fine as per their routines. Amerald used to miss her father, Cristine and Mrs. Mandy used to try everything that could make Amerald smile.

After three months followed by Amerald’s birthday, some of her best friends visited her place to play with her and the doll. Her friends wanted to make her feel a bit comfortable and make her smile. Two of her best friends, Bella and Edla along with Amerald were playing with the doll. Suddenly, the doll was in three pieces. Bella was trying to pass the doll to Edla but she threw the doll with full power that Edla was unable to catch it and it blown off the window. When all three of them ran outside the door they could see doll was broken into three pieces.

As soon as Amerald was this there were big tears in her eyes. She ran towards her room and locked herself and started crying very loudly. She was repeating one thing again and again. And that was, that she is missing her father very much. Her doll is no more to be with her. She was left all alone now and slowly and slowly she became numb.

Time passed and after six months something happened that made Amerald really happy. She was dancing with joy and smiling like she never did before. After six months, one morning Amerald stepped outside her house after a very long time and she saw a doll lying on the welcome mat of her house. She picked up the doll and she could a small note on it which says: “HEY MY DOLL AMERALD, I MISSED YOU VERY MUCH. I KNOW YOU MUST BE VERY ANGRY WITH ME BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS WANTED A DOLL FROM ME. I AM SORRY I AM LATE MY DOLL BUT THIS IS FOR YOU. I LOVE YOU MY DOLL AMERALD.



After reading this she was really happy and could not control her emotions. She smiled to the core of her heart and finally when she lifted her face up after reading the note, her father was standing right in front of her.

She was filled with joy and immediately she ran towards her dad and hugged him really tightly. For more than ten minutes she was in her dad’s arms. Her dad carried her doll in her arms and kissed her forehead. Both of them had tears in their eyes.

At the end there were only three words that both of them said at once:


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