Sakura Ookami

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A remake of Beauty and the beast in modern day Japan. However, it's set in a palace and the ending has a surprising twist. Want to fine out? Let's read then shall we.

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011




My names Tsukasa and I’m rich, handsome, and a grand duke in the eighteenth century, also I’m a werewolf. However, werewolves are nothing like those hideous have human have wolf creatures humans describe us as. We’re either in wolf form or human form. I have anything, anyone could ask for but none will move my heart. After all no one deserves me, I am of the King’s bloodline after all. I have everything but I can’t help but think I’m missing something, I wonder what that is… All of a sudden the doors sounded and an old hag ungraciously stepped in.

“Dear boy, I need shelter from the rain, if you would kindly let me stay I will reward you if not…”

“How dare you enter a lord’s home and threaten him, I will make sure the guards drop you of in the pig pens you hag.” I snickered

When I turned around, a bright light shone before me and in place of the hag was a beautiful sorceress. Her face filled with rage and she declared

“Your heart is beastly like your form but instead of shifting from beast to man, you will now forever be in between, neither man nor beast. Unless you see the darkness in your heart and find a maiden who will love you as you are and break the spell with a true loves kiss before the last petal on this sakura tree falls, you are cursed to remain this way forever and die.”

In that instant a giant sakura tree grew outside and a searing pain rushed through my body as the mirrors in the hall reflected my new ugly form…

Fast forward to 2011

Sakura’s POV

It’s tough when I’m living with just my father ever since my mother died, he’s supposed to an art buyer but all he thinks about is booze to erase the pain. That’s why I sakura, a high school student who’s supposed to be enjoying her teenage years is working part time in a flower shop. Don’t get me wrong, I really love flowers and enjoy being around them but raising my father was not what I had in mind.

“Sakura-Chan, your shifts over also here are a few branches of Sakuras, I know how you like them!” said my boss

“Thank you, they really are nice, especially the ones in spring.”

I rode my bike home and to my surprise, my father was sober for the first time in a long time. He took hold of my hand and started jumping around like crazy.

“Sakura, you mother, she left us a fortune in her hometown in case she ever died, her relatives sent us a letter telling you that want to meet you.”

I was even more shocked when I learned that my mother’s relatives wanted to see us. Many years ago my father eloped with my mother when she was pregnant with me. Her family opposed their relationship and since then they’ve held a grudge.

“Sakura, pack a few things, we’ll be going there tonight but we’ll have to drive through a forest so we need to be prepared.” my father beamed.

I nodded and packed some clothes and food. By nightfall we were driving towards my mother’s hometown. As we entered the forest I got some chills and after we went deeper into the forest. The car ran out of gas. As expected he forgot to fill up the car before we left.

“Sorry Sakura, I forgot. However, I heard there are park rangers around so I’ll get out and ask them for help. You just stay in the car.”

As he left I sang softly in the car waiting for my father, I realized an hour had already passed. I was worried for him knowing he could be directionally challenged at times so I brought a flashlight and locked the door. I headed east into the direction I saw him go towards and just when I thought I would only see trees again after a long while, I noticed a brightly lit castle in the clearing. Maybe it was one of those tourist attractions but no one was there. Then I noticed my father kneeling in fear before a half beast half man creature. Before, I could feel scared, I darted towards and father and stood between him and the beast.

“Whatever he did, I will pay for it so please forgive him”

“This man stole a sakura branch from my trees saying it was for her daughter. I’m guessing that must be you.  You’re brave to have protected him, are you not scared.” He glared menacingly

“Yes, I am completely terrified and shaking with fear but even if it means dying, I want to protect my father.”

“Interesting, I have a proposal then… You stay as my guest forever and I will not kill your father.” He said holding out his hairy hand.

Before my father could say anything, I grabbed his hand my father disappeared like magic.

“What have you done with him?” I questioned

“As promised I only sent him back to where his car was. Now come in you must be hungry.”

I quietly entered the grand palace and noticed that things were being cleaned by invisible maids or servants and when we arrived at the dining hall, all my favorite dishes were cooked almost as if he knew what I liked. Although, I had no appetite and refused to eat. He angrily ordered an invisible maid to send me to my room. It was exquisite. The tatami mats were beautifully crafted and the entire room looked like a set from a royal period drama. In the corner found a closet filled with the most beautiful yukatas I had ever seen. Although, I was impressed, I still felt mad. I was not a guest but a prisoner and I would rather die than become anyone’s prisoner.

I laid in my bed for hours and couldn’t sleep. I expected everyone else especially the beast to be asleep since everything was quite. I snuck out and walked through the vast corridors. At the end I noticed there was light inside. As I opened the door to take a peek I found the most amazing garden I had ever seen, and in that garden was a pack of wolves with the beast snuggling against them and playing with them. Maybe he wasn’t so cruel after all since he could be so kind to animals. In that instant I heard a growl

“You know Sakura, I now you’re here, you can come in I won’t bite”

I hesitantly entered and he grabbed me by surprised and pulled me down to sit next to him. I realized that he also loved sakura blossoms when I saw him gazing at them.

“They’re beautiful aren’t they” I said pointing at the sakuras

“Yes they are” he said while looking at me

I’m sure he was talking about the flowers but I couldn’t help but blush a little. Although he was demanding and rough, I came to realized that he was kind, all the wolves love him and he was very sweet and careful towards me like I was a bubble and was always afraid to make me upset. When I told him I liked this garden he gave it to me as a gift and taught me how to play with the wolves. Every day was really fun but I missed my dad and worried about him.

One day while crying secretly in the garden, the beast discovered me.

“Sakura, why do you cry? Did I do something wrong, what can do to make them stop”

“I miss my father and I’m worried about him. I really want to see him.” I sobbed

He pulled me into a hug and told me to stop as he pulled out a pair of bells.

“Kiss and ring these bells three times and you’ll be with your father, however I will only allow three days, any more than that and I will die. When it’s time to return repeat the previous steps. Do you understand?”

I nodded and kissed him on the cheek.  As I kissed the bells and rang them three times the room spun like crazy and I was outside my old apartment. Inside, my father was sober and actually working. When he saw me he dropped him phone and hugged me

“When I was helpless and needed you to save I realized I had to change. I tried my best to find you but they all made fun of me. I really missed you, are you hurt, did he do anything to you.”

I told him about how kind the beast was and he found it unbelievable, when I told him I had to leave in three days he begged me to stay. I couldn’t  break my promise to the beast but I couldn’t leave my father so soon either so I told him would stay for only one extra day. On the third day I had a horrible nightmare. The beast was cringing in pain on the floor and screaming my name asking me where I was. I woke up and shock and realized it was already the fourth morning. All of a sudden my bells began to speak

“Sakura, you must return now or he will die. You are his only hope. Before you came he loved no one but through you he found warmth and love for the first time. You must go back and save him!”

I agreed and repeated the ritual like the first time. In a matter of minutes I was outside the castle gates and found him laying half dead beneath a sakura tree with one petal hanging onto it for dear life.

“ Wait please don’t die, I’m sorry, I’m sorry please!” I cried

Seeing him dying I realized that overtime I fell in love with him despite his appearance. He was kind and he took care of me. A feeling I thought could never exist again. As I felt his life ebbing away in my arms. I told him I loved him before it was too late and kissed him. As I hugged his cold body in regret, a bright light bursted from his body and in his place was an exquisitely handsome man in a gilded yukata. I was speechless but he spoke.

 “Sakura you have set me free from my curse. I’m so glad you finally love me. I was prepared to die when I thought you wanted to abandon me. You taught me love and filled a void in me which haunted me for hundreds of years. I would now like to introduce myself as the werewolf Tsukasa.  I want to mark you as my mate so that you may live forever with me. So my lovely Sakura hime, will you marry me.”

I cried and nodded but I smacked him on the arm for scarring me to death.

“I thought you were dead you idiot!”

“Does my death affect you this much?”

“YES!” I blushed

As he picked me up and spun me around with joy, he kissed as the last petal fell from the Sakura tree.


As I walked down the aisle, Tsukasa beamed at me in amazement. As we shared our vows I noticed that the once invisible servants were now visible and beaming with joy as we finished our vows and to my surprise I turned into a wolf but easily changed back. The  ceremony finished with me turning into a werewolf and my father finally giving us his blessing after a whole night of convincing and bribing with prime cuts of meat.

Tsukasa changed into his full wolf form and became a giant wolf. He carried me onto his back as I hugged his soft fur into the beautiful sunset and “happily ever after”. However this time, it would seem that beauty became a beast as well.

© Copyright 2017 Kaori Fujihara. All rights reserved.

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