The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan!

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This was something I wrote for school, my own way of telling of the terrible bombing that happened to one of the safest countries in the world, Japan.

Submitted: January 14, 2014

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Submitted: January 14, 2014



American Citizens should learn about the bombing on Japan’s two largest cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is to educate this idea to many people so this may never happen again. So now that we are friends with Japan, let’s hope American Citizens realize that no one deserves a right to fight with bombing countries. This event is to help learn from the mistakes that happen too.


World War II took place in the years 1939-1945. On the day of 1945, August 6th, it was when the world’s very first deployed atomic bomb under the name “American B-29” was dropped of the large city of Hiroshima, Japan.  It was so intense that it had instantly killed over 80,000 Japanese people with many other Japanese people to die later from the exposure to the radiation of what the “American B-29” caused. This explosion was so deadly and terrifying that it just totally wiped out 90% of everyone in Hiroshima at that time.


Hiroshima wasn’t the only city that was bombed, the American’s weren’t finished bombing the Japanese. They wanted Japan to learn their lesson, so three days after the most terrible, life-threating bombing of Nagasaki, on 1945, August 9th, another bomb under the same name “American B-29” was dropped on another big city, Nagasaki, Japan. Now, this bomb instantly killed 40,000 Japanese people. Hirohito, Japan’s Emperor at the time, announced in a radio address on 1954, August 15th, for Japan’s unconditional surrender of World War II.


After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the American Army made a public poster for the invasion in Japan. Japan’s geography made very obvious invasion plans, the predicted the Allied invasion and defense plans accurately. The Americans were very alarmed by the Japanese buildup of what had already happen.


This is a very important event to understand because when the Japanese didn’t think of to surrender after we bombed one of the largest cities, Hiroshima, Japan. This was also to intimidate the leader, Stalin just to keep him out of the Pacific War happening. Another  thing would be, if the American Army was going to send out more and more American troops to go to Hiroshima to fight, Japan would be ready to attack before the troops would even have a chance to.

Nagasaki pretty much suffered as much pain and deaths to the people as Hiroshima did 3 days before. This is important to know so that these same thing don’t ever or shouldn’t ever happen again. We wanted to show Nagasaki that the Americans were undefeatable. America never got any damage done to them until Japan bomber Pearl Harbor. The Japanese finally surrendered after we bombed the second largest city Nagasaki.


The conclusion to this paper is to show that after the Japanese came over here claiming that they should own Hawaii, that’s the whole reason they bombed Pearl Harbor was because they wanted Hawaii back but America wouldn’t let Japan have Hawaii. So then, America got mad at them so they went over to japan to Bomb Hiroshima, then they asked if Japan would surrender. Japan didn’t listen. So, 3 days after the most terrible and horrible bombing in Hiroshima, Japan, the American Army dropped another “American B-29” bomb on the second largest city, Nagasaki, Japan. Finally, a few days after that, Japan gave in and surrendered, and that’s when things settled and the Americans showed that that they are undefeatable. Japan and America became good friends and we haven’t have a war with them since 1945.

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