The stalker of my life

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This has been going on for over a year and I have contacted authorities in Australia to hopefully get this person caught.

Submitted: May 19, 2015

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Submitted: May 19, 2015



There is a 39 year old virgin from Maddington Perth, Western Australia named Troy Walter Guppy and he just will not leave me alone. I am 18 years old and this guy is weird and just a sick man. It all started on April 26th, 2014. He found my YouTube and started writing funny comments that made me laugh, one of the comments had his email so I wrote him saying thank you for his comments on my video’s and asked him if he would like to be Pen Pal’s with me. He said that sounded great so, we were communicating through email for about 5 weeks until one day he sent me many photos of him and he was gross and a sicko and he said he love me which is not true. He thought I loved him so I told him to go away in June 2014 and he hasn’t stopped bothering me ever since. I did forgive him sometime in the summer last year and I did send him gifts because I through he was a friend, I sent him drawings I did and friendly letters but now he knows where I live which scares me but I know where he lives.

Troy lives down Unit 3 Number 18 Heron Place, Maddington Perth, Western Australia. He lies with his Mother and his mother’s names is Lynn Guppy. He created many different emails to write me and there are too many to list but the one he uses most is:

I keep blocking everything from him, I had to ban him from my YouTube channel too. On New Years Eve, he sent me a nude video of himself. He took pictures of himself naked in the shower and I tried to get the link and download it to show to my local police but by the time I saw it he removed it from YouTube. He is cyber bulling me and will not stop.

He found me on facebook and twitter too, also my YouTube his hooked up with my Google+ account and he writes post all about me and he upload video’s talking about me and I wish he stop. He went by a fake name on facebook  called: Isamu Daisuke. He wrote me many sick messages and here are some of the things he sent me through facebook.




He’s a sick physco. I want him to stop. And also he has been downloading my YouTube video’s so he can look at me and listen to my voice. That is just weird and creepy. I wish he wouldn’t do that, some of the video’s Iupload I wish he would not have access too. I made some private but I have a big fanbase in Japan and if he keeps hurting me through YouTube and stuff like he is my Japanese fans are going to be angry that I go on Hiatus for who knows how long.

I also live stream on a Jpanese site called Nico Nico and have to to block him from my broadcast. But The porn video he sent me on New Years, it’s probably on his hrad drive somewhere and if you were to search his computer I’m sure you would be able to find it. He probably was stupid enough not to delete it.

He’s also scared me to the point where I can’t focus on my school work either because I’m afraid of him stalking me while I’m at school, I go to school online by the way. Can’t he be arrested, he has done highly illegal things. Especiall being naked and sending that to me.

I’m 18 and I do not need to see that stuff. Actually he sent that to me when I was still 17. He’s almost 40 and he thinks I love him. NO THAT IS A LIE. He’s lies about everything. His mother needs to know what he has done. My parents are angry with him as much as I am and if he could just go to jail for the rest fo his life and not have any contact with me I would be happy.

He deserves life in Prison. I have no contact with him now and I have a whole buch of stuff he has sent me from last year abd ealier this year.

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