Drop Me Softly...

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A small poem I wrote while listening to music late at night

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



I'm a fragile creature...

I can't even breathe without losing a piece of me.

You think I could stand losing you?

Do you think I could even scream in pain?


No I can't take the pain! 

I can't take this! I can't!

So drop me softly...

Don't let me break!


I can't take it!!!

Why must you leave me tonight!?

Nooo don't leave me...

I'm begging with all my heart!


Don't leave! Don't leave!

I can't live without you!

I can't even look to the future!

Do you think I want them?


Nooo plase I can't scream any louder! 

I can't even go to sleep...

I'm scared I'll wake up...

I'm scared I'll wake up and you'll be gone!


I can't hold on any tighter!

Please I'm crying! 

Drop me softly tonight...

Please I'm begging...


Can't you see that I'm broken?

Yesss you hurt me...

Beyond any pain that's met me.

Please save me!


At least drop me softly...

I can't take losing you...

Why does it hurt?

Why can't you save me?


Please I'm begging...

I love you!

Why can't you save me?

I need you!!!


Please stay!!!

Don't leave me!!!

I love you!!!

At least drop me softly tonight...

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