As I lay here dying

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A poem that I wrote when my boyfriend broke up with me...

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



As I lay here dying

As I lay here,

I look back and see you, my dear.

Have I ever made you smile?

This burden is like a pile.

Have I ever made you laugh?

Because I know I haven’t lied.


As you hold me,

My light grows dim.

“Hear me” I say,

“The brightest star in the light of day”,

“I will be and forever I will stay”,

“In any place”,

“Never forget me”,

Was the last thing I say as I leave.


Your tears traveling down your cheek,

As you kneel.

You look at my lifeless body,

It wasn’t that badly.

Our lives are bonded,

But our bodies will be gone by then.


“Why did you took your own life away?”,

“Because I love and I want to stay”

“You will be punished by your sin”,

“I shall stay here, is what I mean”.


As I walk towards the light,

I might not even make it back.

So goodbye for now, go back where belong,

Everything will be undone,

So rest in peace my love.

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