Will Never Be Perfect

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Just a poem that came to my mind...Hope you like it...

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



WIll Never Be Perfect

I may not be what you want,

But you always nod.

I cannot run away from this guilt,

My confidence can no longer be built.

I cannot talk or see you,

My world has turned blue.


I apologize for not being perfect,

I can no longer be direct.

You have and always be something great in my life,

The last thing that I need is a knife.

Let me feel like I belong,

This feeling cannot be wrong.


“You will never be perfect” is all you say,

As I pray for a new day.

You take my self esteem,

All I want is to screm.

“I am sorry for not being perfect” is what I say,

I look at you as you walk away.


“I love you” were my last words,

As I watch the birds.

I slowly close my eyes,

I feel my spirit will rise.

“I am sorry!” I hear your cry,

In my mind I ask why?

I hear “Cause I am not perfect either”.

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