First Weekend

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My First weekend with a boy id been in love with for years

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




She sat on the bench at the bus station for almost an hour, waiting nervously. Her heart was beating furiously, even as the bored expression on her face gave no clue to the anxiety she felt. Seeing someone for the first time in three years-someone who at one point had meant alot to her, was wreacing havoc on her nerves.

Her make up was applied carefully, outfit perfect. She had just came from a photo shoot and looked the part-high heels, tight seamless denim and a low cut fitted sweater showing off her newest assets. Oh, her dd cups were real, just the result of a twenty pound weight gain over the winter. It had went straight to her hips, ass and chest, thankfully. Her waist still sat at 26 iinches.

She ran her fingers through her long black hair, shaking loose the bobbypins that had been painstakingly forced into her thick hair. Hours with the make up department never felt worth the money that came from modeling.

Her phone buzzed, and she looked down, brown eyes darkening in disappointment. Jim still hadnt texted her to say that his plane had landed and he was on his way over. Instead it was her best friend, telling her that she was on her way out the door to a party. On a thursday nite?

She sighed and sat back, stretching her legs out a little bit. At 5 5 she stood shorter than all of her friends, but had curves any woman would kill for. She was very proud of her body, but annoyed at the constant attention it got. Men took every chance to ogle, whistle, stare and generally annoy the shit out of her every chance they-
“How are you doing today?” the question came from a guy no older than twenty-two. Kara raised an eyebrow.
“Are you who I am looking for?” he shook his head, a little confused. “Then i have nothing to say to you.” she replied flippantly, uncrossing and recrossing her legs, staring pointedly at him. His mouth dropped a little at her rudeness, then he shrugged and kept going. Kara frowned and dug in her purse for another layer of chapstick and lip gloss.
“Hey you.” the deep voice came from above her, and startled, she looked up.

“Hey!” The brunette leapt to her feet and wrapped her arms around the tall man, mentally noting how much weight he had put on. Not weight in a bad way-but muscle and bulk. Jim broke the hug first, stepping away a little bit to look at her. She had definitely grown up. The high heels made her look miles taller than he remembered, and he definitely would have remembered if she had tits THAT big.

“How was your flight?” she asked, smiling brilliantly up at him. That old familiar feeling washed over him, one he hadnt felt in a long time. The one where when she smiled, everything in his life was good.

“Oh, it was good. I slept the whole time.” She smiled again, looping her arm through his as they walked towards the waiting taxi.

“How far a drive is it to your place?”

“Two hours.”

“Oh ok. Damn im tired.” they slid into the cab, and she crossed her legs with difficulty, heels getting in the way. “Sit by me like you like me!” she said, laughing, pulling him closer to her in the seat. “I havent seen you in YEARS!”

Jm managed a smile. She smelled so good, but that wasnt anything new, She had always smelled like some sort of vanilla for as long as he had known her.

They chatted the entire ride, laughing and catching up on lighter hearted things. This is how they had always spent the first few hours together, just laughing together. He had his hands and arms resting on her calves, feeling the tones muscle beneath those tight jeans as inconspicuously as he could. About thirty minutes into the ride, she had taken her high heels off and stretched her legs out over his lap, and he had had a hard time concentrating on anything but since then. Her top was low cut and every time she laughed, she leaned forward to squeeze his arm, which was nothing new. She had always been a touchy person, but it had never affected him like this.

She was having the time of her life. Being with him again was taking her back several years, way before life had gotten sucky, and she was loving every minute. She had noticed just once his bodys reaction to her laying across it, and secretly smiled. All she had ever wanted was him to notice her, and now that her body had a perfect hourglass figure, she knew he couldnt help but to notice. It was something she was enjoying very much.

Stopping for a bathroom break, she hopped out of the taxi and walked into the gas station, well aware that he was watching the sway of her hips as she did. She stared in the mirror in the small bathroom, smiling to herself. She had no idea what the weekend was going to bring, but she was sure she was going to like it.

She clicked out of the gas station, turning the corner without seeing him.

“Dont walk away!” he called and she stopped, laughing.

“Sorry darling, i didnt see you!” she had taken her belt off, and Jim felt his body harden as he watched her thread it around her hips and pull up her shirt to buckle it. She was so fucking hot now. She had always been pretty, and had been hot because of WHO she was, but now she was undeniable, as his body was proving to him.

They climbed back in the taxi and she shed her shoes and lay her legs against his lap again, cuddling close to continue the conversation. She didnt remember everything they had been talking about, but was reveling in his closeness and the sense of safety she couldnt deny.

They finally arrived at his place, and she yawned, stretching as she stood. She was excited to see his family-his dad and little brother were two of her favorite people.

“Hey!” she hugged the dad gently, then squealed and wrapped her arms around the little brother. “I missed you!” the boy and her had struck up a special bond years ago, and she had constantly looked out for him over the years.

The four of them sat down to chat. It was almost midnite, but they put in a movie and caught up a little bit. She plinked around on the piano a little, and the little brother dragged her outside to see the tree fort he had built. When they came back in, she sat back down at the piano and her friend slipped up behind her.

“Thanks for coming. You made my bro really happy.” he whispered into her hair.

“You are enjoying it too!” she replied cheekily, and he smiled down at her.

Eventually the younger kid fell asleep, and they put him to bed. Dad yawned and made to leave also.

“Dont stay up to late, kids. I have to be be at work at six in the  morning.”

“Ok.” she smiled up at him. “Thank you for letting me stay here! I appreciate it so much!”

“Night, you two!” he winked at his son and left the room.

“Im going to go out and smoke.”

“Ill go with you.” she followed him out into the garage area and sat down, wrapped in a blanket to ward off the chill. He lit a cigarette, then sat down against her knees. They talked on and off about more serious things, the girl letting her arms drape down around his neck to his chest and leaned into him.

It was such a good feeling, such a safe feeling, to be talking again. To really be connecting with someone who she loved from so long ago felt good. Life had been too shattered lately, and she finally felt like something was coming together.

They stayed up till 4 am. he attempted to cook some eggs, and they ended up on the long L-shaped couch, quietly talking. he fell asleep first, leaning against her, and with a final thought of how great it felt, she Fell asleep as well.

She only slept for three or four hours before she awoke. Dad was still home,and the two brothers were being loud.
At some point during the night, he must have gotten up and slept in his own bed, leaving her covered on the couch. She knew he had come back in at some point, for while she was only half awake, she had felt him watching her.
She struggled to her feet, and crossed the hallway to the guest bedroom with all of her clothes in it. Picking out a pretty sun dress, she threw her long black hair up in a bun and freshened up as quickly as she could.
“Good morning!” she said cheerfully. All three of the guys looked up and smiled, his eyes lingering on her, as she sat down and put lotion on her legs. She wasnt even trying to be provacative, in fact she made a point not to be, but Jims eyes still followed her motions.
“What are we doing today?”
“I want to hang out with you!” the younger brother interjected, coming over for a hug.
“Ok darling!” she replied cheerfully. “We can go school shopping for clothes!”
The teenager didnt even mind. A whole day spent with the beautiful girl to himself was worth having to try on school clothes.
“I guess Ill go hang out with my friends.” she didnt know who those people were, but she felt a ripple of disappointment that she wouldnt get to spend the day with him .
“Ill get my purse.” she turned with one last smile at Dad and strolled down the hall to the back room. As she grabbed her purse, she felt a presence behind her. “Hey.” she smiled up at him, who reached and pulled her into a hug, pressing her close.

“How are you today?”

She closed her eyes for a moment and savored the hug, wrapping her arms around his muscly frame, and sighing. She wanted to drown in his embrace, the overwhelming feeling of safety, and the desire to never leave.

The hug seemed to last forever, and when they finally pulled away, he smiled into her dark eyes, and she slipped past him.
“Come on love!” she called, and the two slipped out door.
She had a good time with the teen. He was several years younger than her, but his maturity never ceased to amaze her. They went to a friends house and hung out for a little bit, playing with the animals. They had a good talk, and alot of fun picking out clothes. The two ended up back at the house, crashing and watching a movie.
“Hey, Bro wants to have dinner with us and that girl.”
“Oh.” She hesitated. She hadnt brought very much money with her, and didnt want to impose. She texted him such, and he replied-dont worry about money. and i found a party if you are down-. She smiled. She would love to party with him.
She changed into a short skirt and lacy top that showed off her cleavage, put on earrings and perfume, and hopped in the car with the kid who teased her light heartedly.
“Your tits have gotten huge. How do you deal with those things!”
“Shut up!” she laughed and punched him gently.
They went to a cute little burger joint, and waited. He showed up about thirtyminutes later with a cute girl in tow. She felt a flicker or jealousy that was quickly dampered.
“Holy Cow he was right!” the girl blurted, flipping choppy brown hair out of her  eyes. “Your boobs are HUGE!” She exploded into laughter.
“I like you!”
Dinner passed quickly. Laughing, talking and catching up quickly turned into plans to get good and drunk together. His eyes kept finding their way down her shirt, and once, when he dropped his spoon, glanced under the table, only to see all the way up her skirt. She smirked just a little bit. She had no idea where the nite would go, but it was going to be fun.
They left to get alcohol, she riding with the younger boy, and the other two in his truck. They ended up at Chelseas boyfriends place. Her first instinct was -white trash- Pierced, tatooed, and scrubby looking. Kevin  was super nice though.
They all went out to the garage to play pool and drink, everyone else had beer, but she stuck with vodka. The others played pool and she and the little bro chatted and laughed at the antics of the other three. Jim kept catching her eye, watching her with an odd look, and she met his eyes each time, smiled, then looked away. Kara was no innocent when it came to men and the art of seduction. Carefully timed crossing of her legs, sweeping her eyes down his body before looking away, and adjusting her skirt to cover herself, all the while showing him a little more leg, had him stuttering when he came near her. She wasnt entirely sure why she was playing this game with him. Maybe it was because for the entire length of their friendship, he had never been physically attracted to her, or so she thought. . Kara had been cute in a tom-boy sort of way. Long hair always braided, baggy shorts, fitted tees, slim body with little curves. It had been her personality that had drawn Jim to her, not her body. Maybe she was just curious? Maybe she just thought it was funny, or maybe she was just trying to prove a point. Like, yes, darling. I am grown up. Either way, it was working. He was itching to get his hands on her.
Her new friend slipped up next to her. “Hey, do you want some pot?” Kara’s eyes lit up and the two girls raced away to get high. It had been too long, and she sighed in relief as she exhaled the plumy smoke. It felt so good to cut loose. Life as a model was very regimented and she wasnt sure she liked it all the time. The two girls chatted back and forth as they passed the pipe back and forth.
After filling another bowl and smoking it, they rejoined the party. Hey eyes were slightly glazed over and all she could do was laugh. “Sweetheart!” she gasped, holding onto the teenagers leg. “Honey  i am so high!” he just laughed at her. The Jim sat down next to her.
“I thought i smelled pot.” she dissolved into giggles as did Chelsea, and she emptied the bottle of alcohol into her mouth.

“Im going for a walk.” she announced, after a couple minutes,slipping out the door. It was almost eleven, and the stars were out. Walks were nothing new. For as long as he had known her she took long walks to relax, to think, or just to get away from life for a bit.

She stumbled down the path a little, before she realized he was following her.

“Hey!” she smiled and put her arm around his waist. Together they made their way down the road to where it ended then, turned to walk back, talking animatedly. Kara knew that he wanted to kiss her and touch her, and she wanted the same thing, but even with the alcohol clouding her judgement, she couldn't quite make herself make the first move. She didnt have to wait long.

“Hey.” he reached out and grabbed her and snatched her close, as she moved to take a step. Their lips crashed together and bodies melted. She gasped against his lips, and pressed closer to him, nearly climbing his body trying to get close. His mind couldnt even form a full sentence. He couldnt even tell her what was going on, he just knew that whatever was happening was perfect.

She broke the kiss, ripping away from him and putting her face in her hands. “Wow!” she whispered. “WOW!” for just a second she had an adorable look of confusion on her face.

“Yeah.” they took a couple steps then fell back together, this time his hands leaving her waist and hiking up her skirt. Hi picked her up, and set her against a fence as he ravaged her lips and neck. “You’re so beautiful” he finally managed. After a few heated moments, Shepulled away again.

“Not against the fence.” he groaned, and pulled her down, but didnt release her, and his hands roamed all over her, squeezing her firm breasts and ass. She pushed against his chest with both handss

“Your brother will be so mad.” she whispered. “So mad.” they parted, linked hands and walked back to the shop where everyone was waiting. She tried to sit normally and talk, but the next time he slipped out for a cigarette, she followed, straddling the four wheeler he sat on. He kissed her, sliding his hand up under her  skirt and inside of her. She was too drunk to keep track of time as her hips bucked against his fingers and she moaned into him, not caring how long they were outside. He had discarded his cigarette half smoked, and was focusing all his attention on her. Suddenly, The feeling that they would get caught was too much and she pulled away.

“Not here.” she whispered again.

They stole a few more moments after the little brother left for the nite, then around two o clock every one went inside.

“You guys can sleep here.” The other lady pointed them to the guest bedroom and with a wink, pressed two condoms into her hand. The other couple went down the hall to their bedroom.

He shut the door, and turned to look. She was on the bed, pulling her shirt up and over her bra and shimmying out of her short skirt. Every nerve in his body was pulled tight, and when she smiled up at him before laying naked under the covers, he got in bed quickly, grabbing her and forcing her over to kiss him. They were both too drunk and too wound up to take the time to enjoy their first time together.

He was a rough lover, more than she anticipated him being. He was such a gentle person with his hugs and his caring, but he completely dominated her, forcing her under him, kissing her hard, and pinning her to the bed, hands on her hips. She loved it. She squirmed under him, crying out softly even as he bruised her. He found a point on her hips, and pushed into it. Her mouth opened in a silent plea and her eyes rolled back. “I love that.” he whispered raggedly. “ I love that look!.”

He took her savagely, forcing her open. She was incredibly tight and so wet he couldnt believe it. She bit into his neck to keep from screaming as he pounded her body hard and fast. He was so thick she thought she would rip in half. Her head was spinning, body under his complete control. He finally came deep inside of her in one final bruising thrust, then collapsed onto her.

She wrapped her arms around him, and breathed him in.

“What do you think?” he asked softly, out of breath. she laughed as he rolled off of her and she snuggled into his chest.

“I knew there was a reason i loved you.” she whispered as they fell asleep.

They  woke early the next morning, and began kissing, necking and feeling each other up right away. It had been so hot for her the previous nite, and she told him so. She had never been dominated and it was something she had always wanted. She had never been with a guy big and strong enough that she couldnt say no to. She loved it.
“I love it.” she said softly, tracing his face before kissing him. He wrestled her on top of him, and when she protested, wove his fingers through her hair and jerked her close.
“Dont pull away from me.” he growled, and she melted into submission above him, lowering her breasts to his waiting mouth. He gripped into that spot on her hips and her mouth opened again, driving him crazy. “Fuck i love that!”
They wrestled around for hours, taking breaks to go outside and smoke, then back inside. They messed around in the bathroom, against the mirror. Se had never been so turned on in her entire life and every single one of his touches sent fire through her. They stayed that way till after two, when the other couple woke up, then they went out to breakfast.
The two girls were quickly becoming fast friends and the guys noticed it. He was thrilled. The one had been his friend since elementary and both were two of his favorite girls.
A quick trip to the hospital to visit the others dad, and the two couples parted ways for the day.
“Why are you sitting all the way over there?” he asked, shooting her a look. She had been sitting in the passenger side of his bench seat truck as they jammed to music, and he motioned her over to the middle, draping an arm through her legs. she smiled and curled up next ot him.
She had no idea where the weekend was going, but she knew it was going somewhere great.
The rest of saturday was spent acting more like a couple. Sitting on his lap, kissing, openly flirting. the two brothers had got in a fight over something stupid, so the vibe was off while they were drinking, and she got too drunk too quickly. They all decided to go out to eat, and her and him grabbed the back seat.
Kissing quietly, he grabber her hair and kept her close, pressed against him, pushing her head down to his throbbing cock, needing some sort of release. A morning of teasing followed by a day filled with stress had made a dizzying combination and he wanted her badly. She kept pulling away, teasing him with her dark eyes and pink tongue, even though it was obvious she wanted him too.
She went to bed right afterdthey got back home, exhausted and not liking the vibe in the group. The other couple had gotten in a huge fight as well, and he stayed out to talk to them, and when he came in, she was too tired to even cuddle.

Waking up the next morning, she rolled him over and started kissing her way down his neck, broad chest, and down over his cock. hesucked in a deep breath, willing himself to keep quiet as she took his whole cock in her sweet wet mouth. He gripped her head and pushed down as she swallowed him into her throat. After a couple moments, she rolled over and opened her legs for him.
Jim took her quickly, just as savagely as friday nite, and she came just as hard against him, biting her lip not to scream. When he pulled out of her, he had a weird look on his face.
“What?” she asked, tracing his face. “What is it darling? Are you feeling ok?”
“Yeah.” he hopped up and got dressed, much to her chagrin.
He was gone almost three hours. She was outside, with a glass of water and writing when he finally pulled back up. She went back into the room after a couple minutes, to find him laying down, eyes open.
“Hey.” she lay down next to him, keeping a little distance. He reached and pulled her close though, needing to feel her close. He had always drawn comfort from her hugs and this was no exception. He couldnt really put into words how he was feeling and what was going through his mind, but she was there, and that was what mattered.
She stroked his chest idly, wondering what he was thinking, but just glad he wanted to be around her.
“Lets go to my dads and get our stuff.” She looked up at him
“Ok.” she scrambled up and when he stood up, smiled and kissed him gently. He grabbed her roughly, forcing her head up, then turned her around, hiked her skirt up and bent her over the stool. She gasped out loud and he dropped his pants, entered her in one solid stroke and began fucking her roughly. He held her hair tight and forced her head up so he could kiss her neck and watched her writhe in pleasure beneathe him. He released all his tension and anger into her, not letting up, even as she screamed into the seat as she came. He wanted her sore from him, sore and trembling.
She had never felt so alive. He was using her, she knew that, using her to relax. This was a stress fuck, but she didnt care. All she wanted was to make him feel better, and when he came inside of her, dragging in a deep ragged breath, she smiled a little. He put his pants back on and she turned, kissing him gently. They linked hands and took off.
“I needed that.” he said quietly.
“I know.”
“How do you stay so tight?”
“I dont know.” she smiled, scooting over into the middle seat.
No one was at his dads house, so they came back, she gave him a back rub, then they collapsed to take a nap, his hand resting on her bare ass.
The next couple of hours they slept, then packed and went to leave. The fight between the brothers had escalated to screaming and it tore her up to see the two of them fighting like that.
They got on the bus to go back to the airport for him to leave and she turned to him, touching his face and whispering, “You dont have to be tough around me.”
He looked down and a single tear rolled down his face. Tammy wrapped her arms around him and held him as he cried harder.
She didnt know how long they sat like that, but he calmed down, and pulled her close. She put her arms around him and sighed softly. They talked back and forth quietly about the weekend, then fell asleep together.
They walked hand in hand through the air port together, then he reached for one more hug from her, pulling her close. she closed her eyes and breathed it in, pressed a kiss to his lips and smiled at him.
“Bye Sweetie.”

The next morning, she stretched and reached for her phone. he had texted her-hey babe how are you-
She smiled. She was fantastic.


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