Poem for Jim

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Poem version of my short story *Jim*
This is a true story

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




Weekend, Part One:
A Chance Meeting,
But Like Always, not so chance
We always seem to end up here
A random Text Message
-Hey Whats Up?-
So carefully Timed
-Yes, Lets spend The Weekend Together-
A Meeting Like The Others always were
A suprised smile Like always
and Like always an excited hug
and Like Always a Blush
as our Bodies Connect
and Then The Talks
for hours upon hours
Always The memories
Always The old jokes
and now The new stories
most with such a ring of sadness
The early morning hours reminding us
That Life is not as great
as we once dreamed
as much fun
as we once had
and all in all
There were always more Tears
Than we cared To admit
But we are also reminded
That while so much has changed
Really were are still The same
still seeking each other always
for warmth
for comfort
for The smile To count on
The shoulder To cry on
The safety of each others arms
We fall asleep on The couch
Close But not Too Close
as The rule has always been
I cant help But wonder
if This weekend will change Things Between us
if ruled will Be Broken
if we will finally admit
how much we have always wanted This
Then with a smile
I fall asleep
Morning Comes
and Like always we make separate plans
Go our seperate ways
Planning To meet Back up That nite
Just Like always
The familiarity Brings a smile To my face
A good memory...
Just Like always
you wrap me in a hug
and for a minute
all is well with my world
The hug Takes me
To Back when
and my heart hurts
for all Those memories were Bad
except The ones with you
Something is different Tonite
Something in your eyes
Burns every Time you Look at me
and you havent Looked away yet
You are asking a question I cant answer
I drink more
Like I always do when Im nervous
Try To ignore The feeling and just roll with it
But I feel as if I might suffocate
The air is so Thick
I need To walk
Like I always do when overwhelmed
and Like always you follow me
and just Like always
it feels Too right To Be wrong
We walk aimlessly
heading directly Towards a new path
staring up at The stars
The The chance is seized
and our Bodies crash Together
Its only a crash for a second Tho
as our Bodies mold To each other
Soft and hard
A kiss Leaves my mind spinning
We are everywhere
The fence
The Path
The fourwheeler
The shop
The Bed
Time stops
and There is only you and I
as one Body
Its Time To Go
Time To part ways
and just Like always
its Bittersweet at Best
My Body aches
and I am Bruised Because of you
and heat floods my Body at The Memory
However, Like Always
Not all memories are fun
and There is one That Breaks your heart
Just Like always I cant seem
To find new words
To comfort you
So i use The ones I always do
Im here for you always
For warmth
for comfort
Ill always have a smile To count on
and Im  always here
wth a shoulder To cry on
You are always safe in my arms
Good-bye doesnt hurt
We always know
we will end up Back in This place
Back to each others arms
A long hug
A parting smile
Just Like There Always has Been
and always will Be
Friday, 10.8.10
TaKara Barth

For Jim and our weekend


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