San Diego

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San Diego

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




The apartment was small. Not terribly small, but still a bachelor pad. The bathroom was decent sized, kitchen cute, bedroom surprisingly neat for a single guy. She put her bags down by the couch and crossed to the window to look out at the city.
San Diego was beautiful, much more so than Arizona. She couldnt help feeling displaced, not just by her location, but by the absence of her now boyfriend. It had all happened so fast. They had met up for the second time in six weeks, the second time in three years actually. It had been so fun, but there was so much they hadnt talked about, and then he had asked her to move with him. There was still so many questions she had, so many things they needed to talk about. She was a spontaneous person, but this was a little out of character for ever her.
It didnt help that he was gone. They had got off the plane, and were met by a co-worker, who had told him he had an emergency duty assignment. He had dropped her off with their bags at his apartment, and left.
And here she stood, still in her yoga pants and t shirt from the plane ride.
She sighed and stretched, then turned to get a shower.
She woke up when he pressed a kiss to her forehead. She had fallen asleep on the couch, feeling awkward climbing into his bed, and had opted to stay clothed. She wore an extra large t-shirt and shorts, instead of sleeping nude like she normally did.
“Hey babe.” he whispered, brushing a piece of hair from her face. Her dark eyes fluttered open, and she smiled up at him sleepily, a rush of safety flooding her body with his presence. She closed her eyes and stretched, moaning softly. She had no idea what she did to him when she stretched like that.
Over the course of the years he had woken her up from many a nap- on a couch, on a roll of carpet, the gameroom floor-and she always stretched the same way, with that special smile for whoever woke her up. Too many times it had been directed at him wtihout him being able to reach out and kiss, touch and hold her like he wanted. And now he could.
He kissed her again, relishing the feel of her body curving up to his as she warmed to his kiss. He slipped his arms under the blanket and picked her up, surprised to find her clothed. She usually slept nude.
She put her arms around his neck and clung to him, breathing him in, and finding safety in his nearness. He pushed open the door to the bedroom, and laid her down on the mess of blankets and pillows. She looked up at him through lowered lids, the loose shirt doing nothing to hide her curves. Her legs seemed to go on for miles, and he took his time letting his eyes roam down her body. She was his now. Finally.
“What are you thinking, love?” she whispered softly.
“That you are mine finally. I dont have to watch your from a distance, I dont have to pretend to be friends with your boyfriend to stay close to you. I dont have to hug you goodnite and watch you walk away.”
She smiled, sliding a hand up to his forearm and pulling gently to bring him down to her. She kissed him gently, sweetly, touching the side of his face with just her fingertips. When she broke the kiss, he leaned forward to kiss her again, but she put her fingers on his lips.
“Im all yours, darling.” she sat up completely, and made to take off the long shirt she was wearing. He stopped her, wanting to do it himself.
Jim bent and slid his fingers under the shirt. Her skin was like satin and he held his breath as he brough the shirt up over her chest and shoulders, tossing it to the floor. She was wearing a black velvet and lace balconette bra, the top of her breasts spilling out the top. He stifled a groan of desire, and pulled her pajama shorts down her long smooth legs. She must have shaved while he was gone, her legs were impossibly smooth. She was wearing black lace and velvet boy shorts that matched the bra.
“Are these new?” he whispered, touching the panties lightly.  She nodded, biting her lip.
“I picked them out for you while you were gone, i thought it would be nice, the first nite we spend in your place.”
“Our place.” he corrected quietly. “This is our first nite in our place.” she smiled a little and tugged on his shirt. He straightened and pulled it off his broad frame. her eyes flashed as he did, following the broadness of his shoulders down to his narrow waist, then down to his jeans. Her eyes met his when he didnt take off his pants. He just shook his head and and lay down next to her. She rolled over to face him, but he put his hand on her stomach and pushed her back down gently. He had his own plans for the night.
“What is it?” she asked, and he shook his head again. Jim kissed her forehead, brushing her mass of curly hair back, kissed her nose, then her lips, pulling away when she tried to deepen it. He moved to her neck, kissing, licking and nibbling gently, following her jaw line. He dropped lower, his hands caressing the velvet, and his lips following. Her back arched as he moved over her breasts and to her stomach, lips just brushing her smooth skin, She tasted like vanilla and cinnamon and it was intoxicating.
Jim traced the lace on her panties, swirling his tongue through the patterns. She was writhing underneath him, panting sweetly, and trying to push his head down harder. He was much bigger than she was, though and just continued his torturous way down her body, stopping to nibble the sensitive parts.
When he finally raised his head, her pink lips were parted and eyes glazed over in desire.
“Say please.” he said, just above a murmur. He loved it when she asked him, no, when she begged him to touch, to kiss, to be inside of her. It made him absolutely mad to know that such an independent woman would ask him for anything.
She kissed him firmly, sweet mouth parting and tongue seeking entrance. He opened his mouth to the kiss and she deepened it, arching her body to touch his, her fingers scrambling with his jeans. He moved her hands  and pushed them abover her head. She tried again, and he pinned her wrists there.
“Say please.” he said again, a little more forceful. She mewled and struggled under his grip.
“Darling let me touch you. Let me make you feel good.” she said seductively. He smiled a little bit. They played this game often, she refused to say please until he had her screaming.
“Dont make this harder than it has to be...” he warned. “Dont make me ask again.”
“Or what?’ her eyes took on a dangerous glint. “Or what my love?”
“Or i will make you scream.” he threatened, his voice low. Her delicious lips parted as a wave of heat went through her.
“Prove it.” she moaned, her eyes fluttering closed, and body arching. “Prove it to me. Make me scr-EAM!” her voice rose as his mouth made contact with her velvet panties. She was already wet through the panties and he licked and nuzzled against her as her fingers gripped his shoulders. He pulled the panties aside, and licked and sucked in long languid stroked. Her nails bit into his skin and he smiled, his long tongue finding her sweet spot and teasing her to disctraction. She was making that delicious little cry that she made when she was too turned on to be quiet and he reveled in it. They were finally together in a place where they didnt have to be quiet. She could scream all she wanted and he intended to make her.
“Do you like that?” he asked devilishly. His index finger made its way into her mouth and she sucked hungrily, tongue swirlong around the tip and teeth scraping just a little. It sent him through the roof when she did that, back arched, eyes closed and pink lips pursed around him.  He smiled when she frowned when he moved his finger, then her eyes widened as he slid it straight into her.
God, she was wet and tight and felt so good. Her body bucked under his touch, and he added another, stretching her out. He was so big he hurt her when they were together more often than not, and he wanted to be careful. She moaned out loud.
“Baby!” she cried, and he wiggled his fingers around, finding her o-spot and rubbing against it. “Oh god.” her cheeks were flushing, even in the lamplight she looked pink and he was close to losing control. “Oh god! Jim im so close!” she was humping against his fingers, riding a wave of pleasure. She was so close to her breaking point. He had to admit, he had never seen her orgasm never seen the look on her face, and it was something he wanted desperately. It have a man a certain pride to see the look of satisfaction on a womans face, and he was determined to put it there. “Jim.” her eyes snapped open, so dark with desire they were black. “Please, I need you.”
He had his pants off in a second and pulled his fingers from her. “You sure?” he asked huskily.
“Please! Jim, oh please. Oh ple-” her words were cut off as he plunged to the hilt inside of her. “Yes!” she cried out as they finally connected. “Yes, JIM!” she screamed his name as every muscle in her body went stiff and her already tight wetness clamped down even harder around him as she came. He rode with her through it, biting his lip to keep from exploding just like that. The look on her face was divinely sexy.
Her body relaxed a little, and he sped up his pace, diving in and out of her sweet body, gripping her hips and pinning her to the bed. He wasnt trying to be rough, he just wanted her so badly, it was so hard to control himself. Especially when she looked like this...they hadnt even undressed her completely, and the black velvet looked incredible against her skin, and felt incredible against his skin as they moved together.
“Cum for me darling.” she breathed. “Cum for me, i need you.” he groaned and bit his lip. He wanted this to last forever, but she was making his self control thin very quickly, and he knew he couldnt control himself much longer. ‘Jim...” her voice was husky, laced with want, with desire, with need. “Cum inside of me.” she begged him. “I want to feel you.”
“Ah!” he cried out as his body took over his mind and he bottomed out inside of her. He bit into her neck as he came, and she screamed a little in pain and surprise. He couldnt help himself though, and when he was spent, lay against her sweet curvy body, breathing heavily.
She made that sweet mewling sound she made when she was so satisfied she didnt have words. He heard it each time they were together, but it never got old. She suprised him by biting his shoulder gently, and wrapping her arms around him possesively.
“You are mine now.” she whispered in his ear, a sweet kiss over the bite.
“Yes.” he was breathing easier now, and took his weight off of her, pulling out completely. She gasped, then relaxed into the bed, a lazy, satisfied smile on her face. “Yes I am.” he lay out next to her, pulling the covers up around them. He unsnapped her bra and she pulled it down her arms. He wrapped his arms around her then, tucking her back into his chest. he loved the feel of her silky smooth skin against his rougher chest.  
Jim kissed the mark on her neck left by his teeth, and she sighed happily.
“I love you.” he whispered into her hair.
“I love ya too, darlin.”
He smiled a little sadly to himself. Of course she loved him. She always had. That had been her regular greeting for years “I LOVE JIM!” just as his had been the same for her. The only problem was, he had always meant something different than she had, and now was no exception. The years they had known each other, and the new physical relationship had changed the fact that probably for a long time, her “i love ya too darlin” was going to be the same on she gave to everyone who said those words.
He wanted his own “i love you”.  He held her a little tighter and she sighed again, then yawned quietly.
“Darling?” she asked after a minute of comfortable silence.
“Yeah, hun?” he answered.
She turned around in his arms to face him, stroking his cheek lightly, the running her hand across his short hair.
“It was always you.” he started to ask what she meant, but she continued. “Even the summer we met, I always wanted you for mine. More than him.”
He thought his heart would stop.
“I had no idea, hun. I just thought this was...”
“Sex between two friends who had gotten too hot to handle?” she finished for him, then shook his head. “It was always you.”
He breathed out a sigh of relief. “I love you.” he repeated and she kissed him, molding herself too him. They fit perfectly together and he held her close.
“I love you too, Jim. So very very much. So very...” she closed her eyes and kissed him again. “very much.”

She woke early, just like she always did, and sighed happily. Jim lay next to her, his arms still around her, lost in sleep. She kissed his sleeping lips and slid out of the bed, making her way to the kitchen to start some coffee. Much to her chagrin, he didnt seem to own one, so she contented herself with a glass of water.
He had a few pots and pans so she busied herself making breakfast for him. Bacon was frying first, sizzling and filling the house with its scent. She scrambled the eggs, unsure of how he took them, and popped a piece of toast into the toaster. It was only seven am, and she wasnt sure if he had to work today or not.
She hoped not. She wanted nothing more than to spend the day in bed with him, talking about their newly declared love and exploring all the ways to drive each other crazy with desire.
She smiled as she remembered the previous nites’ antics. His touch drove her completely wild and he had nearly driven her mad with his teasing.
Breakfast was ready soon enough and she dished it up, poured a glass of milk, and made her way back to the bedroom, balancing carefully.
“Sweetheart?” she placed the plate down on the end table and bent over him. “Darling wake up.” she frowned when he didnt even stir. “Jim.” she put her hands on his chest and bent to kiss him when all the sudden his eyes popped open and he grabbed her and pulled her on top of him.
“Hey.” she squealed and struggled to get away from him but he pinned her to him and kissed her soundly, burying his fingers in her hair and holding her close. She quit struggling after a moment and gave in to him, kissing him back and moaning softly. “Good morning.” he said laughing, as he lay back, releasing her. She kissed his nose and giggled.
“Good Morning, love. I made you breakfast.” she handed him the plate and smiled at his suprised look.
“You made me breakfast?!”
“Of course I did. Eat it before it gets cold!” she scolded lightly, climbing to the other side of the bed and flipping the tv on. She settled on a cartoon show and he laughed at her, before making short work of the food.
“Thanks.” he put the plate down and drained the glass.
“Well that was quick, did you even taste it?” she laughed and moved to put his dishes back in the kitchen. He caught her wrist tho, and held her back.
“It was good. But this is better.”
He captured her lips in a searing kiss, holding her jaw fimly so she couldnt pull away. Not that she had any intention of doing so. Her whole body felt like it was melting and he was the only thing keeping her from falling.
“Wow.” she stuttered, when he broke the kiss, staring into his dark eyes.
“I love you.” he tucked an errant curl behind her ear.
“I-I love you too.” she replied happily.

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