Second Weekend

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Second Weekend with Jim

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




“I would kill to stay like this forever.” The pretty girl spoke her first words of the evening quietly. Jim turned in surprise. He had been llost in his own thoughts, and hadnt been listening.
“What hun?” a slight smile crossed her face at his term of endearment.
“This is perfect. Right here.” She lay back, flat in the bed of the truck. “I ache for moments like this sometimes. So peaceful and quiet and everything is so right with the world.”
“You shouldnt have moved to the city.” he pointed out dryly. She smiled again.
“Maybe.” her long legs swung idly over the edge of the bed gate and he had a hard time not staring. It had been six weeks since he had last seen her. Six long weeks of a few text messages a day and a couple phone calls. Not near enough considering their last weekend together.
His eyes closed as a flash of heat went through him at the memory.

Seeing her for the first time in three years. Long smooth legs had curved out into a set of hips and a a gorgeous ass she hadnt had as an eighteen year old. A slim waist and an equally amazing set of tits sat high on her chest. He had had the privelege of running his fingers through that mass of black curly hair, making her gasp in pleasure, as he had made love to her tight body. He had nearly crushed her frame under neath his 6 2, but she had begged for more.

Begged. Bit his neck and pleaded, brown eyes nearly black with lust.
“Fuck.” he swore softly, switching positions to angle his body away from her. He hadnt been able to stop thinking about her and his body was betraying his best intentions to keep his mind thoughts away from her.
“What was that, darling?” her sweet voice cut at his heart. He hadnt been able to tell her whether or not he wanted a relationship after last time. Best friends and kindred spirits since they were fifteen, the sex was the first time they had even done anything physical. And his mind was twisting trying to make sense of it. She had admitted that she had always wanted to be with him, and that she was so excited to be in touch with him that whatever came of the weekend would be fine with her. That was how she always was.
“Nothing, hun.” Again that perfect slight smile. Just enough to let him know she was happy.
Strappy heels laced up her pretty feet and up her ankle a little bit. Her legs were long, tanned and lean, only the top six inches wrapped in dark denim shorts. Her top was frilly and low cut, bracelets jangled on her arms, and lips painted a gorgeous shade of pink. She had come from a photo shoot, raced to the airport and flown up to see him for the weekend. He still couldnt believe that she had suggested they stop to watch the sunset, and climbed in the back of his dirty truck to lay down.
But that was her-more concerned about the beauty of any given moment than anything.
“Isnt this fantastic? Sun set, a warm truck bed. Far away from the city and the cameras, and the noise. Just two friends out here.” She sighed and stretched, before sitting up gingerly, wiping dirt from her back. “Shall we go? I’m hungry!” Jim put out his hand to help her down from the truck, and her body brushed against him a little as she slid down. Every muscle went rigid, but she seemed not to notice and  just smiled up at him, teeth flashing against her dark skin, and made her way to the cab.
He had to watch her walk. Even in flip flops she had a jaw dropping sway but in four inch high heels it was almost too much.
“Where do you want dinner?” he asked, starting the beast of a truck and rolling down the windows.
“Where ever, sweetie. I am down for anything.” she replied carelessly. “My hunger is getting in the way of my judgment making skill.”
“Well i cant just take you to a burger joint when you look like that.” he pointed to her outfit and shrugged. She laughed and squeezed his arm.
“You are so funny. Lets just go through a drive through!” He had to smile. Even after charm school, years of modeling, and a degree in fashion, she was the spunky, no nonsense, fun loving girl he had fallen in love with at fifteen.
They had met at a summer camp. She had walked up to him, hair in braids, war paint on her face, wearing baggy pants and a wife beater over her tiny frame and had snapped
“Im trying to organize a game of ultimate hide and seek and you arent even camoflauged!”

he had been flustered, some what annoyed by the girl who barely weighed in at 100 pounds who was snapping at him, and beyond intrigued at her attitude, as she whipped out some face paint, made up his face then pointed him in the direction of the woods. That nite he ate dinner at her table with all of her friends, and his annoyance changed to admiration at this little woman.

At fifteen she had been completely confident in herself. The life of any group, the first to volunteer to help, and the last to come in from cleaning up. Everyone adored her- the girls wanting to be like her, and the guys doing whatever it took to earn a smile from her. She was motivated to live her life to the fullest, and she did. It was only four days before he ltoo, had fallen in love with her. Her tiny frame held such power, her brilliant smile such meaning, and her freely given hugs such love that it was hard not to seek her out. Amazingly she had loved him back. As a friend, and as a confidant. He had been the only one she wanted to see when her childhood sweetheart and boyfriend of years had been killed in a car crash when they were eighteen. She had somehow dropped off the map after that, and just six weeks ago, after finding her number somewhere, he had called her, she had ended up in his arms the very next nite.

She was amazing.

They grabbed a drive through chicken sandwhich.

“You are still claiming vegetarian?” he asked teasingly. She tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and arched an eyebrow.

“Yes. Chicken and fish are the only meat i will ever eat! I have to keep my energy and weight up or ill lose these!” she stuck her chest out and laughed out loud.

He had found out after years of knowing her, that she had actually been anorexic for most of the time he had known her. Home problems she never talked about had driven her to an eating disorder, which was why she had been so tiny back then. Now completely removed from the situation, healthy and happy, her body had rounded out to an astonishing hour glass figure.

He just raised an eyebrow and looked away. Her shirt was low cut, and even though she was just teasing, his body still responded. He wasnt planning on anything happening between them. She hadnt brought it up, and she was acting completely normal. Nothing awkward, no expectations. Just like always.

“Are we seeing them tonite?” she asked excitedly. ‘Them’ was a couple he had introduced her to last time she had been here. She had fallen in love with the Chelsea and thought Kevin was hilarious. All four had had so much fun together.

“Thats where we are headed now.” he said, then smiled when she squealed. That was another habit charm school hadnt rid her of.

“I am so excited to see her!” that smile was in full force, and she pulled a smaller purse-clutch?- out of her bag and dug around in it for some lip gloss.

“You look fine.”

“My lips are dry!” she laughed and squeezed his arm again. She knew she looked good. She had always been beautiful, always looked good,whether it was coated in war paint and drowning in camo’s, or wearing that sexy summer dress she had worn when he saw her last,showing off her perfect curves.

The ride was over too quickly it seemed. She fit perfectly into his old truck somehow, like something out of a magazine. Which made sense, since she was a model. Even glammed up she fit perfectly into his world.

“Hey!” She was out of the cab faster than he thought possible in those high heels, and had her arms wrapped around Chelsea, who was laughing and exclaiming over her outfit.

“What are you wearing!? Where is your mini skirt and tank top and messy bun?” That had been the outfit of choice last weekend for the most part.

“Oh i have those!” she giggled, the sound putting a smile on his face. He watched as she hugged his friend, Kevin wriggling his eyebrows suggestively at her. “Oh you are such a goober!” she slapped his arm lightly, then the two girls turned and ran into the house.

“You would think they were fifteen.” he commented, grabbing her bag from the cab of the truck. His friend laughed.

“So does that mean we men have to go get alcohol?

“I guess.” he climbed back in the truck and the two of them turned back towards town. He reached into his pocket and texted her. “Went to get alchohol. Be back in thirty.” she texted him back immediately, just a smiley face. He smiled and put his phone away.

The nite started quickly. By the time the guys got back to the house, the ladies had set up the pool table, cleaned up the shop and had plenty of ice and soda in the fridge. Two thirty packs of beer went in the fridge for the three of them, and a fifth of cirroc for her. She only drank hard alcohol, insisting that beer would give her a pooch when she did photo shoots. As if she had ever been anything but amazingly slender.
“Hey she will be in in a minute. She is calling her mom, something happened i guess.” Jim looked up in concern at the other girl. They too had been friends forever, but she had gone to school with him, and they had stayed in better contact even after high school.
“Alright. Beer?”
“Yep. Beer me!” She grabbed the one he tossed and eyed her boyfriend cockily across the pool table. ‘Ready to get your ass handed to you?”
“Bring it Bitch.” they all laughed, and he reached for his phone to text her. Before he even got the text started she walked through the door.
Did she always have to look so good? She wore the same dark denim shorts, but had changed her heels for flip flops, and the frilly top for a tight green tank top that plunged low and had lace at the neckline. Not that it hid much. Her chest was showcased in the top, pushed together and out a little bit. She was the only one he knew who could dress like that and not look like a whore.
“There they are!” his friends girl called mischeviously. The on going joke in the group was the first sentence she had blurted when meeting her for the first time.-he was right, your tits are huge!-
She gave a little wriggle and winked before giving the other girls ass a squeeze as she made her way to the fridge. She grabbed a bottle of pepsi and the fifth of vodka before sitting back down.
“Dont get too drunk too fast!” came the comment from the pool table. She just laughed, took a huge couple of gulps out of the pepsi, then filled the space with vodka. She recapped it and shook it vigorously. “Careful!” the couple at the table were already two beers in and both were enjoying her shake the bottle. Both of the women were bi, and even though nothing had happened last weekend, there had been a lot of flirting, and the men had exchanged more than one hopeful glance with each other. Nothing completed a weekend better than a girl on girl show.
She tipped her head back and started draining the bottle. He stood up quickly when she stumbled a little bit and put his hand on the small of her back to steady her. Her brown eyes opened quickly and she lowered the bottle, watching him, before slipping her pink tongue out and licking her pretty lips slowly.
Every muscle in his body tightned, and she winked before tipping the bottle back up. He moved his hand from the small of her back all the way around her waist, and she leaned into him a little bit, head back, hair all over his arm, and he watched her throat move as she swallowed. It was incredibly hot.
She moved from his arm with one more heated look into his eyes, before sashaying her way over to the pool table.
“I call next game. Girls only.”
“Deal!” his friend dropped his pool stick and moved away. “Watching both you ladies play pool is definitly worth me losing this game!”
The girls laughed, and he motioned to his friend to join him outside for a cigarette.
“Whats going on with you two?”
“i dont know, man.” they walked a safe distance away from the shop and sat down the back of one of the old trucks. “Did you see that look she gave me?”
“Hell yeah, i think the room heated up.”
“I know i did.” they laughed together. His girlfriend was certainly a hot little number, but she was relatively flat compared to the woman curves Kara had.
“So have you guys even talked about a relationship?”
“No, i asked her how she felt, then i was just too busy to keep talking about it, and we jsut moved away from it. I only get to talk to her for like thirty minutes a day, and thats in texts, so its like, six messages. By the time i see how she is doing and she asks me about work its time for me to go.”
“So what about the drive over?”
“Listened to music.”
“You are so dumb. If i had a woman like that I would make her mine before any one else touched her.”
They both looked up when peals of laughter and loud music suddenly exploded from the shop. He finished his cigarette, put it out and they started walking back.
“I am dumb, arent i?”
Opening the door to the shop, they winced as the loud beat of some hip hop song came over the speakers. He raised his eyebrows as he stepped insidde the shop just in time to see her bend over the pool table, and arch her back to raise her ass in the air as she lined up her shot. The two girls were giggling uncontrollably, as she popped her ass in the air and wiggled it to the beat.
“Oh well, hey.” they spun around, and her mouth fell open in surprise then she winked at him and shimmied a little anyway.
“She was showing me her stripping techniques!” the other girl was leaning against the wall holding her sides laughing. A quick look at the fridge showed half of the vodka bottle empty. Apparently the girls had been busy during the ten minutes they had been gone. Not that he minded.
Her old bubbly self from camp had changed over the years into a persona that oozed sexuality with every smile. And when she was drunk, it was the perfect combination of fun and sexuality. So much fun. And sooo much sexuality.
The nite moved quickly. Before too long he had a great buzz going. They switched out playing pool, taking cigarette breaks and toasting to random things just as an excuse to drink more.
Close to midnite, she got that familiar restless look on her face.
“im going to go for a walk.”
“Why do you do that?” the other girl asked. “You did that last time.”
“I have this thing for long walks at nite.” she replied flashing a smile. “I have always done it, every nite for as long as i can remember.”
“Yeah she has.” he interjected. “Every nite at camp she did.” She smiled up at him and winked, then slipped out the door. He followed within ten seconds. “Wait up.”
“Hey.” she said softly, and kept walking down the path,head tilted up to stare up at the stars. He caught up with her, and walked with his hands in his pockets. Every thing in him was screaming to touch her, but he just didnt know, and since he didnt, he didnt have the right to do anything at all. “How are you doing?”
“Me? Im good?” he was caught off guard by her question. “Why?”
“Im just asking.” she pushed her hair off her shoulders, and the moon reflected off her silky skin. He stared down at her as they walked together, following the road as it turned. They walked in silence for almost ten minutes before he spoke.
“What are you thinking about?”
“Last time i was here.” she answered, without stopping. His heart thudded to a stop in his chest, then picked back up double time.
“What about it?”
“Just how things can be the same so many times in a row and still feel so different each time. So new.” He knew exactly what she was talking about.
Every morning at camp, she had started the day with a cup of coffee and an hour spent in the dining room writing in her journal. Same amoutn of sugar and cream, same chair, facing the same direction. Every morning for five years. Yet, each time he had found her in there, she had looked just as peaceful, just as suprised to see him, and just as happy to pull out a chair for him to sit there and talk. Or not talk at all. Some mornings it was silence, sitting facing the lake, then a hug before starting the day.
“Yeah, it was like that at camp. Every morning.”
“Yeah.” she paused at the edge of the road, draping her arms over the fence there. He moved next to her. “I just feel like every time I come here its going to be the same thing. Long drives, loud parties, good friends, nite walks, late breakfasts.” She smiled. “And you.” he looked down at her.
“Yeah.” she turned so her back was against the fence and smiled up at him. “Having you around is so great. I cant think about camp without thinking about you, and now i cant think about this place with out thinking about you. Its a good feeling to have you back in my life.” Her voice was a sweet, soft tone, and he felt his chest tighten. She had no idea how good it felt te be back in her life. As if she read his thoughts, she angled her body a little more towards him.
He hesitated for a moment. She looked gorgeous standing there, half in shadows half in moonlight. She was watching him, dark eyes unreadable. Her lips parted just a little and he took the chance.
He bent and kissed her, gently, briefly, hand stealing up to touch her cheek. He broke the kiss just barely, lips just millimeters away. All he needed was one thing, one word, one touch, one little sigh to let him know that she was okay with it.
“Mmmm.” she sighed, ran her fingers through his short hair, and whispered his name in that breathy voice that he had come to love.
That was all the encouragement he needed.
“Come here.” he grabbed her close, needing to feel her all the way against him. She was almost a foot shorter than him, and he bent and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he spun to lean against the fence.
She kissed him slowly, lesuriely, as if she had all the time in the world. He, on the othe hand wanted nothing more than to push her to the ground and take her savagely, just like last time. Their coupling had been so hard, so fierce he had left bruises on her hips where he had pinned her down. Not that she had argued. She had begged for it. Begged.
“Say please.” he demanded quietly. It was so hot, so sweet when she did. To have a woman who needed nothing say she needed him was beyond amazing. She shook her head and pulled her lips away from his. She traced his face with feather light strokes of her fingers.
“Darling...” a brush of her lips. “We have all weekend. All weekend to be with each other.” she smiled into his eyes, biting his bottom lip just enough to make it sting, and he drew in a deep breath.
“Im sorry. Im sorry i didnt want to make time to talk about us.” he suddenly blurted, pulling her close to his chest. “I just didnt know...i mean i knew what i wanted, but i didnt know if it was just one time, or what you thought or-” she kissed him to silence him, firmly.
“Darling.” she repeated. “We have all weekend. There is no reason to rush anything at all.”
He finally smiled, leaning his forehead against hers and breathing out slowly.
“Thank you.”
Just like that, she had silenced his worries and his fears. She had always been able to do that. A properly turned on liner to make him smile. A spontaneous hug when he didnt think she had noticed he was upset. The right words to make him realize he didnt need to say anything at all.
Nothing at all.
“We should go inside.” she finally said, after a while. He didnt move, his face buried in her neck. She smelled like vanilla. Or something of that sort. She always had. She was stroking his hair, down his neck and into his back, gripping him.
“You smell so good. And feel so good.” his strong arms held her tighter against him.
“Im cold, darling. And the others are probably wondering where we are.”
He relented, and she pulled herself up and unwrapped her legs, sliding down his body to the ground. She readjusted her top and shorts, then slid her hand into his and walked back.
“Where did you guys go?!” the couple looked up from their beers. He just grinned and shrugged. She winked and mixed some more vodka with the pepsi.
“Whose turn is it to get their ass kicked?”
“What happened?” her friend asked as the two girls racked up another game.
“Nothing. We kissed and cuddled a little bit.”
“Did he talk to you about a relationship?”
“He started to but i told him to wait.”
She straightened from her pose over the table and pushed her curly hair out of her eyes.
“I told him we have the whole weekend to talk. Its only friday nite. The first nite should always be about laughing and remembering and fun. Talking comes later.”
“Fair enough. Are you afraid he’s not going to talk about it?”
“Darling,” she laughed out loud, drawing the guys attention. She dropped her voice, “I havent had sex  in six weeks! I just want to get laid!”
The girls dissolved into laughter, and the guys just shook their head.
“Goodnite darling.” she hugged the couple good nite, and slipped inside the bedroom. He ran his fingers through his short hair and shrugged at the couple.
“Nite, i guess.”
“Have fun and keep it down.” they said with a laugh, and disappeared down the hall.
“Hey.” he whispered, creeping in. She turned with a smile, the blankets pulled up over her chest.
“Hi sweetie.”  she was weaving her hair to braid it,  and he reached behind to close the door, clicking the lock shut.
“Leave it down?” he asked hesitantly. She didnt answer, just lifted her arms above her head and shook the braid out of her hair. The curls cascaded down over her now bare shoulders and chest, shadowing her eyes in the lamp light. His throat closed and his lips suddenly felt dry. He hadnt been nervous at all last time, but this time was different for some reason. Maybe because last time it had been simply sex. This was different.
“Better?” she scooted back on the bed and he stripped of his shirt and joined her. She pushed him gently into the pillows and curled up next to him, propped up on one elbow the blanket still lying a few inches under her chest. “Hi, darling.” she outlined his face with her fingers, as she did every time they were together.
“Are you memorizing my face?” he asked playing with a tendril of her hair.
“It’s already memorized.” she traced over his lips, then bent to kiss him. She pressed into him, hair tickling his chest. He kissed her back, moving his hands to the back of her head to pull her closer. She resisted for just a moment, then he felt her nails bite into his chest as she gave in, letting herself be pulled on top of him.
She straddled his waist, kissing him, letting her hair hide their faces, and as his heart sped up his hands moved down to her hips and gripped her close. She whimpered and he let up a little on her, not wanting to bruise her again. She smiled into his lips, then moved to his neck, kissing, licking and nibbling gently until he moaned quietly, muffling it in a pillow. She continued down across his chest, licking his across his nipples and moving down to his stomach. His body bucked against her mouth and she undid his belt buckle, her mouth pressing and blowing hot air against his covered cock.
His mind was screaming for her to take off his pants already, but he waited, Last time she had only used her mouth a little, due to his impatience. He had dragged her up and pinned her underneath him within a few minutes. This time he was determined to enjoy it,
“Fuck!” the word broke past his lips as he realized that she had his pants down and was lazily licking up and down his lenth, sucking gently on the tip and blowing on the sensitive skin before taking him fully in her mouth.
She was so good at it.
So good.
“Oh god.” he pushed her head down harder, and she swallowed against him, sending his eyes rolling back in his head.
“Cum for me baby.” she moaned against his cock. “Cum for me...”
He almost lost control then, but bit his lip and lifted her up.
“Come here baby.” He held her above his body and let her slide inch by torturous inch down onto him.
“Fuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuck.” she whispered, biting her lip as she sank onto him. “So big darling. Too big for me.”
“You are so beautiful.” he groaned, running his hands up her curvy body, over her breasts and into her hair. “So beautiful.”
She began to slide up and down on him, tight and wet and moaning his name under her breath.
“Cum for me, baby.” This time, when she said the words, he grabbed her hair and pulled sown, forcing her head down to kiss him.
“Cum inside of me. Fill me up.” she sighed into his ear.
That was all it took.
His whole body stiffened and he grabbed her and forced her down against him as he exploded inside of her. Her mouth opened in a silent “O” as she rode with him.
Eventually he relaxed, and she leaned over him, whispering his name and kissing him gently.
He lifted her up, and rolled her over, pushing his face into her chest.
“Mmm darling.” she whispered, petting his hair.
He closed his eyes.
She was perfect.
He woke up in the morning, squinting against the light. As soon as he stirred, she sat up, and pressed a kiss to his lips.
“Good Morning, darling.” he smiled a little, and she cuddled into his chest, lightly squeezing his biceps.
He closed his eyes, relaxing in the smell of her hair, and drifted back to sleep. When he woke again, she was gone, and her side of the bed was cold. He frowned, and stood and stretched, groaning. His head hurt just a little bit, just the slightest hungover from the previous nites drinking. He checked the bathroom and kitchen and she wasnt there. He grabbed a glass of water, then noticed the fresh pot of coffee brewing. He smiled.
She was exactly where he knew she would be. There was a small deck on the back of the house that the sun shined directly on all day. she could see the backyard and sur

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