haunted haveli

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this is a love story.in this story both the lovers plan to marry each other without making known to their families,but unfortunately their families know about their love and they kill both of them at a haveli but the spirit of both the lovers stays alive in that haveli.now how the village peolple get their souls rest is described in the story.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



The sound of the big clock of the big haveli wakes up whole village named Durgapur,But someone is still enjoying his dreams.Then Bade Dadaji calling his nephew : "wake up Pruthviraj".listenin to the sound of Bade Dadaji Pruthviraj woke up and gets himself ready for his college.His college is situated at the city of Kolkatta,outside his village.He has to go to college with his bike and on the way he stopes behing the giant tree and there comes his girlfriend Sonakshi,Both of them go to college together on his bike.Both of them meet eachother at the first day of college and after that day their friendship started.after 2 monts of friendship both of them became best friend of each other and after again 2 to 3 months they became lovers.But they cannot marry eachother as both of them were not of same cast.their marriage will not been accepted by both of their familes because of the difference of cast.both of them tried to convince thier families a lot but their families did not listened to them.this decision of their families made Sonakshi and Pruthviraj very sad and then because of the decision of their families they both ran away and meet eachother at a temple.they both hugged eachother and started the procedure of the marriage but their marriage couldnt get complete.their familes and the the whole village stoped their marriage in between and they started to hit both of them.then they took both of them in the big haveli and hangged them to death inside the haveli.after this incident the people who enters the haveli was badely killed.the village people so scared going inside the haveli.they thought that the spirit of Sonakshi and Pruthviraj is sitll alive in this haveli.this news made whole village stopped going inside the haveli.to know the truth kalidas alone went inside the haveli.he passed the big hall of havelibut nothing happened to him.later he went inside the room where the both lovers were hanged,for a moment he felt nobody was there but as he turned back the door of the room locked automatically.he got so scared he ran towards the window to get escape from there but the window also got closed.he got more scared,he was not knowing how to escape from the room.he tried to open the door but it didnt open.now kalidas was standing alone in that room facing the evil games of two evil spirits.then there was a rod of iron fallen beside him,he took the rod and try to break the window but as he tried to hit the window the sound of someone walking towards him stopped him from doing that,he turned bck to see who was it and he say Sonakshi coming towards him he through that rod on her but she wasnt hurt.he ran through the door but at the door, there was standing Pruthviraj,now he is trapped between Sonakshi and Pruthviraj.he was so scared at that time he tried to save himself a lot but he was killed.

the next morning some village people entered the haveli and found dead body of kalidas being hanged as both the lovers were hanged.this made the village people call the charan singh.charan singh was the person who was able to make both the spirits to rest in peace.then he went inside the haveli and went in side the room where the lovers were hanged and there he put the small statue of God Hanuman and drew a circle around him and sat inside the circle and started saying the hanuman chalisa.the spirits tried to stop him a lot but due to the statue they were not able to stop him as soon as he finished hanumaan chalisa, he lifted the statue of God Hanumaan and went out of the circle and he found that the spirits were diseapered.

now that haveli is not any more haunted.this incident made the villagers realise that they have done very wrong thing with Sonakshi and Pruthviraj,hence forth they will never kill any lovers of their village.

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