Dreams- the unreal truth

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It is about one of my nightmare. it is a gothic short story with a touch of mystery and horror.

Submitted: January 02, 2015

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Submitted: January 02, 2015



Dreams- The Unreal truth

You might be thinking why i have defined dreams as unreal truth.Believe me, today morning when i woke up i wasn't really able to distinguish between reality and a dream. It was this morning when i realized the reality of unreal. Now it won't be unbelievable for me to hear that dreams are sometimes real.. or it will be wise to say that dreams are real..! please don't confuse this with reality.. reality is not just anything that can only be seen but feeling the sensation of reality can also be contributed to it.. so realization of unreal truth begin yesterday night..! it was just like another one of the nights when my brother use to come late mostly at 2 or 3 am after doing parties and all… i never liked his this kind of behavior…although i never was interested in his late coming from parties,,the thing that always irritates me is his lies…!! lies that has no limits… that didn't care about any promises,,compromises,,,sacrifices or most of all trust… so he called me,,standing outside the main gate of our flat..and asked me to open the gate.. likewise everytime i opened the door in half asleep and as quick as squirrel tries to grab a nut from a wooden bushes i went back to sleep.. i was in a full sleep and my dream started with a fuck off word from one of my friend..it was addy..he is not a close friend of mine but is a good friend.. the scene was happening at my farm house.. it was a dawn…! all of my friends,,rishab,,fatsy,,saksham,,jp,,butter,,kalaa,,along with my brother and his two friends were present there….! after few minutes of abusive conversation addy challenged me to step in a fight with him..! i was all time ready..!! and it started and i was lashing punches on him.. the whole scene gets in a slow motion..every punch and everytime ..it goes in a slow motion.. it was clear that i won the fight..!! my brother was standing in front of me.. along with my friends standing side ways..! i got really afraid because i knew my brother don't like me getting involved in fights.. i still remember his words..; i need a fair explanation when we get home..!! it was a real feeling..it was a reality..i was living it..it was like not a dream or illusion,,its happening in reality..feeling of my brother's anger..i could really sense it..!! The worst was about to come…!! when my brother said me those words… a group of 6-7 people were running towards the road with a car's equipments.. and my brother took a look at them and said; manu its our car's..!! when i heard him,,everyone standing there ran towards those men.. but one of them was armed and he started shooting towards us but none of us was hit..! everyone got panic and started running in opposite directions.. i was looking towards my brother.. my heartbeat was as fast as a bullet train..i was continuously looking my brother..who was running towards the armed man..! when the other person was about to shoot at my brother,, i dont know from where,,i took the gun and shot the other guy at his shoulder..! when i shot him,,it was like earth has stopped rotating..! everything became still..!! no motion…! and it all accelerated with a shouting and guns shots..toward my brother and me.. somehow each and every of my friend escaped from the scene..my brother too was gone somewhere… it was like my friends were not even there the whole time.. i was standing in middle of the road..which was covered with long trees at both of its sides..i was looking for a place to hide.. i could feel the fear of getting caught..i could actually hear my breathing… was it just a dream??.. i could see a clan of 7-8 coming towards me… i don't know what happened to me,,i sat at one side of a road.. in order that i was hiding..! but even a blind could make out that someone is sitting on a road..!! the clan grew closer and closer and they caught me..! they were all dressed well,,branded t-shirts..nice clothing's.. it was easy to make out that they were from a rich family..then why were they stealing..?? anyway these questions didn't matter,..!! i was in there hands,,and i had shot one of them at shoulder..! so i knew maybe i was gonna die..!! the feeling of death was so horrible..! I could feel the hands of those people grabbing me..! abusing me..! torturing me…! one of them was about to break my arms.. when i started crying at high pitch… pleading in front of them to forgive..! to spare me…!! tears were rolling down my cheeks continuously..! still i can hear my words ; please ,,please forgive,,my career is at sake…if you broke my arm..i will loose everything..i will be good for nothing.. i was still crying…! my voice was getting lower and lower..!! and then suddenly,, i heard my brothers voice saying;leave my brother alone..do to me what you want to do..!! and in just a blink they grabbed my brother.. i was again shouting like hell..leave my brother,,kill me!! leave him,,let him go..please!!! and then a man stood from my back with a dressing at his shoulder..!! i could make out that this was the guy whom i shot… i fell at his legs..and pleaded him of leaving my brother..!! he holded me from my shoulders and looked into my wetty eyes..and said me in a grave voice; vengeance will be mine..!! i was broken at that time..! i was shouting..for help..! they all were holding my brother…!! i ran towards my brother and hugged him..i could feel his pain..! his eyes which were showing his infinite love and care for me..! i could feel his practice of trying to hold his tears ..!! i was running here and there for help..shouting endlessly… but there was no one..it was dark…! i was hoping that my friends will come to help me and my brother.. but no one came..!! they all started beating my brother with solid sticks..! i ran towards him,,abusing every other guy,,! and hugged him..! now sticks were hitting me..!! but i could barely feel them..! maybe sticks were not so painful as it was a fear of losing my brother… they stopped and holded my brother by his hands.. it was when they were about to take them apart..! my sleep got broken by the morning prayer of my mom.. when i opened my eyes.. i could feel tears in my eyes..! my breath was really fast..if it was like my heart was gonna burst.. the first thing that i did was,,i took a look at my brother who was sleeping beside me…!! i took a breath of relief..that he was okay..and it was just a dream… i was happy that it was just a dream.. but now i knew that what its like losing someone .. i touched my brothers feet as a blessing while he was still in sleep..! and i went to bed again..in a hope of changing that dream in favor of us..!! doesn't matter how hard i tried but i wasn't able to re-live that dream again..

WRITTEN BY- Karan veer singh sekhon..

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