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Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011




You came into my life.
Remember the first time we met?
We fought so badly!
But, neither of us knew that,
I loved you from the moment,
my eyes met yours,
and took in your rich black eyes,
your perfect lips,
and your just flawless face!
For a long time, I spend my time,
watching your photos.
And suddenly, I gathered my guts,
and spoke to you.
Apologized for the fight we had,
in the beginning of our meet.
Then you started talking to me.
Your seemed just as eager as me, 
to talk and talk and talk with me.
Long hours of texts.
My heart skipped a beat,
when you would take my name,
from your charming lips.
Did you ever know that you dazzled me.
Made me go out of breath when
you spoke to me!
How come you never realized,
that you walked all over my heart!
It just killed me to see you with that someone.
You hurt me so much.
Did not talk to me for a long time abruptly,
 killing me ultimately.
I was trying to forget,
every gesture of yours,
the way you walked,
the way you spoke,
the way you moved along,
the way you made my heartbeats irregular!
Then suddenly, you called me.
We spoke and spoke.
You cared and spoke LOVELY with me!
You seemed angry,
and said I should'nt have done THAT.
No limits to my happiness.
Did you come because she went,
or because you really cared.
Nonethless, I was on cloud 9!
After that we spoke and spoke and enjoyed with eachother.
You again did a mistake!
Again hurt me,
but I did not have the heart to hurt you!
You told me that I am nothing more,
than a bff,
when you spoke like THAT!
You accpeted you have done a mistake.
But, I heartily forgave you, 
because of the immense love I had for you.
You come and get things done in your way.
Just a bit of leaning in,
honey velvet voice,
and Lo-behold!
Things are done your way!
We kept talking,
but it reduced.
I wanted to forget you, and I thought,
that I succeeded, but welll.......
You never left my heart!
I thought I was done and thought,
I would never care for who you are!
But again you came back.
Heart was shattering into pieces.
Like a huge steel rod has been passed through me,
and I could not get it out!
I was choking to death!
You killed me everytime that you entered my life.
I was being shattered into pieces,
and kept hurting myself,
when I tried to join them back!
If anyone would touch my heart,
I would be killed immediately,
because you reside in my heart!
What grudge do you have against me!
What did I do...????? :'(
I made myself beautiful to gain your attention.
I bled and bled and bled,
to feel the pain,
which came because of your abscense!
I am just a cold and numb person now!
Waiting to be killed!
Byeeee..... :'(

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