Long time....But finally!

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Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011




It took me a long time.
At the beginning we were just friends.
Then abruptly things changed.
Brush of your skin made me nervous.
My eyes would not leave your sight.
It would make me immensely furious,
when other boys would chit chat with you!!
It felt like a huge statue
has crushed my head,
when I would'nt see the same love,
in your eyes for me, as I do.
It felt like I was running outta breath,
when you would just walk past me.
It killed me, created frustration,
that I could never tell you my feelings.
Your eyes, your lips, your face!
Everything is just so perfect..!!
Like a angel fallen on earth.
Then one day I pulled you apart,
and spilled out the water from the bucket.
I told you everything.
I felt content after I told you.
Then came the greatest mesmerizing event.
You accepted and loved me back.
Trust me baby,
even if I get you the moon itself,
nothing on this earth can look more
exuberent and charming like you.
Flawless like your deep black eyes!
Those apt and perfect lips!
Your silky and cozy hair,
with which I can keep playing for a lifetime!
Your hug takes my breath away!
My name from your mouth,
would result in a skip in my heartbeat!  
And finally that beautiful and pretty face!
I have no words what so ever to describe you.
If you would leave my hand,
then I would tear myself piece by piece.
A huge sharp glass will shatter,
between my heart if you walk away.
If a day comes, when I have to prove my love for you,
then that day I would'nt do anything.
Because I would already be dead.
I would already be numb and cold.
I would cry and cry until I ran outta tears.
Until my heart is ripped out of my chest.
Cut open my chest, and you will find yourself there.
That would be the way I will prove my love for you.
I love you baby!

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