What he did to me Ch.1

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Good girls are not always what they seem to be.this is a story of a good girl trying to be she is not and has to suffer consequences the way no one should have to suffer.

Submitted: July 20, 2008

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Submitted: July 20, 2008



Chapter 1

It was the first time in my life that my mom was going to let me go to the movies with just me and  my friends. After i begged and pleaded for more freedom it finally given to me, a chance to prove that i can be responsible. So since this wasnt a school event and i was attending it alone i thought i would get pretty. So i grabbed some of my older sisters Becky's perfume that she used before she went on dates, she said it was like candy to a baby, keeping the boys wanting more. Thats exactly what i wanted, to be wanted. I put on my cutest under wear and the matching bra, i wanted to look sexy, i had never done anything like this before, i was always the good girl, i never violated any dress codes or failed any classes or even gotten suspended. So i bet you guessed it, i was never attractive well not that attractive. The only that liked me was Ben Stunning ham, he was an okay guy but not good enough for my friends. I was the Black Sheep of my friends. I dont know how this happened but i was friends with the some what cool people. We have Lexie, the attractive joc, Abby Richmond, the most attractive and last but not least, Vanessa Downsend, the perky one. Those are my main friends i hang out with my mom like them because we have been friends since second grade when i shared all my barbies with them at share time.

The door bell rung.

It was Vanessa, she came up stairs to my room. I had on my robe sitting on my bed with a red butterfly shirt and a tommy hilfigure shirt in the other. I did not know what to do, i had nothing to wear.Vanessa saw me sitting ther and knew something was wrong or she saw that my out fit was all wrong. She went right into becky's closet and got out her new shirt and her favorite mini skirt she threw them at me. I knew not to argue that it was my sisters because i wanted to be sexy and attractive. so i put them on, then i turned to look in the mirror i saw something i thought i would never see, a hot new version of me. Before i could get a second look she threw me in my computer chair and started on my face. She started with the lip stick, she gently rubbed the glossy new cover girl lip shine on my lips. I was going to tell her that i dont wear make up but it was better than the lip smacker chapstick that i has on my dresser. She put me on some cover girl volume exact. After that she put me on some hoop earrings on me.

  The door bell rung.

I put onmy brand new speares and went to answer the door, it was Lexie and Abby. When they saw me they shreiked with excitment that i finally looked hot for once in my life. I ran up stairs and got my Black berry and my money, i was about to walk in the kitchin to tell my momma bye, when i thought of what she was going to say when she seen my 'New look' so i just yelled bye to her and ran out of the door.

Vanessa and I hopped into Abbys car only to see that Abby brung Mike when she already had a date. So i said hey to mike and sat between Vanessa and him. We finally arrived at the movies we were going to see Batman was what i thought. but i guess i missed the text about the change of plans, because we drove right pass the movies and was headed the opposite way. i didnt wanna be the one to ruin the party so i kept my mouth closed. Within thirty to forty-five minutes later we pulled up at somebody cabin in the woods, there was about fifty other cars there and there had to be about 300 other people there. i started to get this feeling in the pit of my stomach to tell Abby i wanted to go back home. nut i didnt listen to my instincts because i wanted to be cool , hot and sexy. so i walked into the cabin. I could smell beer mixed with cigerettes and weed. I went up to Abby and asked her where we were and she replied,''A party Rachel, dont be scared sweetie, ill take you home in an hour or two, relax and have fun, besides your mom will never know''. I did not like the sound of that answer, or the musis blasting in my ears. For the next thirty minutes i stood there one place and counted how many guys walked up to me and asked me to dance right now i was about at seven. Then this relly cute guy came up to me and asked to dance, i couldnt say no. so as you know i said yes, he pulled me by my hand on to the living room floor where all the action was going on. he started to grind on me grabbing my butt, he was kissing on my neck and whispering things into my ear, stuff i heard Abby and Vanessa talking about . Like what he wanted to do with me and where he wanted to touch me and how he wanted it to be done, like he he wanted me on my back with my legs wide open, i really was unconfertable with his saying this to me. I wanted to tell Abby to take me home this instant. i was lookin for in the crowd while this sicko was sucking mon my neck i wanted to tell him to stop so bad but i was scared to, i didnt know what i had gotten myself into. I found Abby in the crowd, she was coming out of the bath room with two boys at the same time. I was so shocked. i knew what she had done, and it was not a good thing, one reason was because she was going back out with Mike and that was not Mike coming out of the bath room with her. All of a sudden everything started moving in slow motion and i couldnt hear the bursting music any more i could only hear my heart beating in my chest like bass in the speakers, i had to get home and i had to get home now! 

  The song went off and i told Jake that i had to go to the bath room and i went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and began to text Abby telling her i wanted to go home now, only to recieve a text back sayin that the movies was one more hour longer. so i walked out of the bathroom and walked to her car to sit and wait until that hour was over. As i was walking through the woods to go back to the car i heard some leaves cracking then out of no where Jake grabs me from behind, causing me to feel his penis on my butt. he whispers in my ear,"i got you a drink,baby". Now i know not to take things from strangers, but what could happen? im at a high school party. So i took the drink and drank it all in one gulp. After that drink i felt different i felt free, like i could do anything i wanted to. It also made me horny, and with jake rubbing on my arms, it made me want him. I started to throw myself at him. i was all over him in those woods. We got to Abby's car and everything had happen so fast. i got in the back seat and he got in the back with me, he took off his shirt and started kissing me all ocver my face and all on my neck. I was kissing him back. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled them down revilling his throbbing penis staring right at me. I had never seen one of these before so i told him i did not know what i was doing so he replied with "leave it all to me". Next he unzipped my pants and snatched them off then did the same to my panies he ended up ripping the completely. Thenn i felt pain i had never felt before and i reacted with a loud moan and i felt this pain for a couple of more minutes then it started to fell normal, i still moaned everytime. Like forty-five minutes later i walked back  to the party  red eyes unbuttoned skirt and everything. That when my mom called, i didnt answer the phone. Then Abby ran to me and started asking me a lot of questions. I answered none of them. then we walked back to the car and she drove me home. On the way there i said nothing. I walked to the door, got my key out of my pocket and walked in i walked slowly up the stairs and took off all my clothes and sat in my bath tub with no water in it at all i heard my phone beep seven times. I told myself to check it tomorrow. I felt like i was dead, i had a major headache and my vagina was hurting now. What a night it had been.

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