The Ronee' Files (Entry One) (By Ronee' Le-Anne Reaux, Aged 8 1/2)

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A young girl tries her hand at writing in a journal, as part of an assignment for her class.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



My name is Ronee' Le-Anne Reaux-Sandusky.  I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my mama and daddy, and my brothers and sisters, as well as my grandma and grandpa (my mama's parents).  I am in the 3rd grade, and I go to Eastview Elementary School.  My teacher's name is Mrs. Hemingway, and I am in the GAT (Gifted And Talented) program.

I love school.  I have many friends, and I love my teacher.  She is especially sympathetic and supportive of the children in her class, and of other people in general.  She knows I have problems walking, so she always makes allowances to let me catch up with the other kids, so I don't feel left out.  I have arthritis and walk with crutches and braces on my legs.  I've had arthritis since I was four (but wasn't diagnosed 'til I was five).  I have the juvenile form of rheumatoid arthritis.

I also have asthma and allergies.  I sometimes have trouble breathing and certain things can make me sick if I am not careful; so I try my best to stay away from the bad things that cause me the most problems.  Like nuts, for example. If I have nuts, I can end up in the hospital with a very bad reaction; and it could kill me.  It's that serious.

It's never fun whenever I have to go to the ER or to the hospital, but my Mama and the other nurses and doctors there always take great care of me and try to help me feel better.  And it's always great whenever I get to go back home after a stay or a ER visit! :)  

When I grew up, I want to be a country singer.  I sing and I play music. I play the fiddle, Cajun accordion, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano, organ, and drums.  My favorite singer of all time is none other than Loretta Lynn; I've loved her since I can remember, and I have seen her in concert so many times I've lost count!  She's my very favorite performer, and I have even got to sing with her!!  Talk about exciting!!  I've sung around the south with my family, and I've even performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, not once, but several times!  That is always so exciting and I always get very nervous!!

I love to do many things.  I love to sing and play music (see above), read, write stories or poems, be with my family and friends, watch TV, play with my toys, collect dolls, rocks, stamps and coins from around the world, travel, dance (I dance with kids who have special needs like I do), do beauty pageants, and meet new people. I also love to go to church and sing there.  I accepted Jesus into my heart, last year, when I was seven, and I am glad that He is my Saviour now.  I go to church every week; I go to Christ Community Assembly of God Church here in Nashville.

Well, I am going to get ready to go to bed.  School in the morning, you know.  I have to get my rest.  I will write in here again another day; until later, this is your friend, Ronee' Le-Anne Reaux-Sandusky, signing off!  God bless; take care and so long!!

~Love, Ronee'.  :)

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