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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this short story some time ago. I would be interested in any feedback that anyone would like to give. By the way "Goose Fair" is an annual fair that visits Nottingham every year.

Thanks for Looking.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012




(3rd October 1996)

“C’mon mate, cheer up, there’s plenty more fish in the sea!” jeered Chris, giving his pal a friendly nudge.

Tim looked up disgruntled and shuffled his feet uneasily. “Or sharks, depending on which way you look at it!”

“Just shut up Chris!” sniped Luke. He flashed Chris a sharp, warning glance. Chris wasn’t known for his tact and diplomacy.

“I’m sorry mate. Only trying to cheer you up a bit” remarked Chris dolefully.

Tim gave a wry smile. “Try a different tact then, will ya’ mate, that one’s not working too well! When’s this bus coming anyway, the next Millennium?”

“Well, this timetable definitely says 7 o’ clock” stated Chris and stared at it again in a bored, uninspired fashion.

The queue was becoming impatient now, grumbling about “late Goose Fair buses” and “freezing cold weather”.

Tim checked his watch again. He wished he’d had the foresight to wear gloves. His hands were becoming decidedly colder. He crammed them into his jacket pockets, thinking that Sarah would have reminded him to wear some. He sighed inwardly.

Eventually, the dream of a bus became a reality. The driver looked tired and weary with a face that read “if I see one more piece of candy floss or helium balloon, I’ll scream!”

“Goose Fair is it lads?” he asked drearily, as if it couldn’t possibly be any other. They nodded, pretty much in unison.

“That’s 70 then please. Cheers.”

Eventually, most of the queue had squeezed into the remaining gaps on the bus, leaving just a few souls left at the bus stop, looking cold and disappointed.

“There should be another along in a minute” called the driver to the poor unfortunates, who half-nodded in his direction.

“Somehow, I don’t think that they believe him, do you?” Chris smirked.

Arriving at the Fair, apologies were made as toes were trodden on and bags were knocked round heads, as people did the ‘alighting shuffle’ that always befits a bus bursting at the seams.

All three were glad to squeeze off and make their way towards the noisy, bright, magical spectacle that was Goose Fair.

Luke and Chris had been trying to cheer Tim up for some time now after his split with Sarah. A few months ago, she had decided that she didn’t want to be in a “boring relationship” anymore, wanted “something more out of life” and had shot off with a slimy salesman from Bracknell owning a flashy car, fat wallet and perfect teeth.

It had been a bolt out of the blue to Tim, who had been totally smitten with Sarah. He’d been in the process of deciding where and when to propose to his beloved. His world has been left empty and cold. He missed her more and more each day and as much as he’d tried to forget, her gorgeous smile and voice just kept haunting his mind. Even after all that however, he didn’t feel betrayed, just very hurt and confused.

She’d brought him confidence, new friends and generally had made his life so much richer. He had never seen it coming! Now, despite his friends’ valiant efforts, he felt at an all time low, wondering when Sarah would be a distant memory, allowing him to move on. “Sometime never, probably”, he thought miserably.

The fair was in full swing. Everywhere they looked, there were people smiling, laughing and having fun. Lights shone brightly. Music blared. “Which ride first then?” shouted an eager Chris. “What about the Waltzer?”

“Yeah, I’m game. You too Tim?”

“S’pose so” shrugged Tim, wishing that he’d stayed at home. He wondered why he was putting himself through something that was going to send him deaf and leave him feeling ill. Plus, he was going to pay for the privilege too!

“Right, let’s go then!” They proceeded towards the ride.

“Here we go” thought Tim, “pretend to enjoy it.”

The three squeezed themselves into the black, bedraggled car as a wily, tattood guy, wearing a scruffy looking jacket and jeans approached them.

“2 each” he grunted, holding out a weathered, grease stained palm.

Tim eyed him suspiciously as he grabbed the money and quickly disappeared.

The ride started to spin. Slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed, until it hurtled around.

Chris and Luke held hands aloft. “Look….No hands!” they screamed.

Tim held on tight and miserably watched a sea of grinning onlookers’ faces. He prayed for the ride to stop, but it didn’t. On and on it went, countlessly revolving, deafening. Eventually, after what seemed an age, it ground to an uneasy halt.

“Wow, what a buzz!’ shrieked his friends, impatiently jumping out. “What’s next?”

Tim got up very slowly. His feet did not feel his own and everything was spinning. Two freckle-faced boys stared at him impatiently, waiting for him to move.

‘What’s up mate?” asked Chris concerned for Tim. “Feel sick?”

“That is a true understatement!” Tim gave a false smile. “Think that I will give the next one a miss if you two thrill seekers don’t mind?”

Tim watched the next four rides in succession. He was still felling nauseous and wondered what the secret of his friends’ steel temperament really was. “I’m going for a nose around” he said, after viewing the sixth joyride, “I’ll meet you at 9, back at the Waltzer.”

“OK mate. Must still be feeling off” mused Luke.

Tim walked away, secretly feeling much better now and silently pleased to be spending some time alone. He was fed up of putting on a show and wished he hadn’t come.

He was just standing admiring the speed of the Cyclone when a cheery voice rang in his ear. “I will if you will.”

He swung round in surprise to see a pretty face grinning straight at him.

“Were you……..?”

“Talking to you……….yeah”

Tim thought that her smile was one of the most genuine and friendly he had seen in ages. It even rivalled Sarah’s. He thought he’d find out a bit more.

“So, where are your mates then, you’re not here alone, are you?”

“Oh, they left quite some time ago actually. We got split up, so I thought I’d hang around a bit. I’ve been here a while. I just love to come here every year, don’t you?. This is where my best memories always are.”

Tim wondered what a nice girl like her was doing on her own. He looked around. She seemed to be telling the truth.

“Well, OK then.” Tim thought it was madness as he didn’t even know her, but so what. He suddenly forgot all about his forlorn mood. “I’m Tim, by the way”

“Hi, I’m Angela, but just call me ‘Ang.’

“Pleased to meet you………Ang”

The girl held out her hand. Tim grasped it. “Wow, another one who forgot their gloves eh?”

“Yeah, pretty cold, isn’t it?”

“Freezing” smiled Tim.

As they jumped onto the ride, Tim’s heart beat faster. For the first time in ages, he actually felt excited and dare he say it, happier too. It felt like a gloomy weight had been lifted from him.

As the ride picked up speed, he could feel her body leaning into his. They laughed as her long, silky black hair flew outwards, brushing his face. Tim took a sidelong glance at her. He had never such perfect milky-white skin or such beautiful dark, mysterious eyes. ‘They’re almost ebony”, he thought. “She’s beautiful.” As he looked at her face, he wished that this moment could be frozen in time. “I actually feel happy” he thought.

The ride eventually stopped. They jumped down enthusiastically.

“Wow, that was great!” cried Tim. “Shall we venture onto any others?”

“Well, I quite fancy the Ghost Train myself”, Angela grinned.

“Oh no, I’d rather not. 20th Century Man is very squeamish you know!”

“Oh, OK then.”

They spent the next hour walking, talking and laughing. Tim thought that he could really get to like this girl with the gorgeous eyes, genuine smile and quirky fashion sense. “She’s certainly got individual style” he thought. “No following crown for her.”

“Well it’s getting late, I really must go back now.” Angela’s eyes looked lovingly into his. She held his hands tightly. “I’m glad you feel better now. I might bump into you again sometime, eh?”

“I……..” Tim tried to tell her, he’d love to see her again, that this was the best night he’d had for months, but no words came out of his mouth. All that he could see was her form fast disappearing into the dense crowd. With that, she was gone.

Tim ran after her, but in vain.

You idiot, Tim! He thought, but nevertheless smiled at how much happier and contented he felt inside.


(2nd October 2004)


Tim leant over the paper and tenderly took the cup from Joanne.

“Thanks, babes.”

They’d been married for 6 years now and with each passing year their relationship had become stronger. Joanne was expecting their first child, a boy, in November.

“Let’s see what’s in here today.” Tim opened the newspaper, idly scanning the pages. Then he blinked hard, very hard. His coffee cup fell to the floor with a resounding smash.

Joanne span around.

`’What’s the matter, love? Are you alright?”

“Oh my God!”

There, staring straight back at him was a photo of the face with the beautiful ebony eyes and endearing smile that he had never forgotten since that night at the Fair, all those years ago.

He read on :


For Our Beautiful Daughter Angela.

So tragically taken 2nd October 1969.

An angel for God’s House.

Never Forgotten. Always in our Hearts.

© Copyright 2020 kareneley. All rights reserved.

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