The fear that came true.

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Who knew the unexpected would die...die alone.
someone that could discover the feelings of an afterlife and would watch the whole world in their palms.
To watch the ones that cared sobbing for you.
Well lets just say dying alone is one of the worsts fears a girl could have on her own.

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



" The fear that came true."

" MIMI! LETS GO!" she said looking back with grin. " w-wait are you sure where aloud to go?" Mimi said with a worried look. The girl rolled her eyes and pulled her out the house. " Come on i just want to see if the story  is true!" she said holding Mimi's hand. " No i don't wana go..Mommy told me bad people live their and we can get killed." The girl sighed dragging Mimi out. " Don't worry so much we'll just look for a second and then leave alright?" she said closing the house door. "o-okay...." Mimi said sadly walking down the stairs.

As they  walked the sun started to set slowly and sky turned into a light red and blue. Mimi holded onto her friends hand tightly while walking with her. " Hey..What's the place called, the one were going to again?" Mimi asked. Her friend looked down on her and smiled, " Its called....Deaths castle." Mimi frowned in fright and said. " Im scared now... I wana go back." She said pulling on her friends hand. Her friend smiled, " Too late now where almost there...". Mimi felt strange about the place she was heading to, she sighed and looked at the sky. She spotted two red and orange butterflies cross her path  and smiled. Her friend turned and pointed  " Hey ....did you know if you see two butterflies cross your path you it means angels are watching you?" she said  picking a flower and handing it to Mimi. " Really?" she said looking at the flower. Her friend nodded. " It means they are worried about you or somthing like that but people tell me its a myth." she said humming. " o-oh...." Mimi said still looking at the butterflies fluttering away. " HEY LOOK WHERE HERE!." Mimis friend said with a shout.

Mimi hid behind her friends back as they approched an old wearhouse. " This wearhouse has soo many hallways.. I herd if you find the last hallway you see death in person." she said opening the doors. " Ok stop we looked i want to go back now please!" Mimi said in a worried voice. " Quit it! alright! come on lets just go threw one hallway and then we'll head home? okay?" she said walking in. " okay..." Mimi said wipping a tear away from her eye. As they walked into the first hall Mimi began to feel chills and looked around only seeing cracks on the ceiling reveling small bits of the suns light enter. " Hey are sure no one live inside here or like you know...bad people?" Mimi said looking around. Her friend laughed loudly, " HA yeah right! " as she laughed you could hear her echo repeat its self threw the hallways.

Mimi made a frown and shouted, " IM GOING HOME NOW I DONT LIKE IT HERE---!!"  while shouting at her friend  a shadow quickly past Mimi stabing her multiple times making her drop with no breath for her to even scream for help. As she fell her friend disappeared threw out the halls not notcing what had happend to Mimi.

An hour pasted by already and mimi hasn't seen her friend not in clear sight  she started to faintly cry alone. She just  laid on the cement floor swimming in her own pool of blood. Gently  placing her hand over her stomach she began to talk to herself, " This is it...isn't it." she said softly holding her gut wincing. She looked up into the crack of the ceiling and saw the empty sky...her surroundings were empty...everything empty ..nothing but a bliss of her own last breaths. She smiled as blood poured out of her lip dripping down her own cheeks. " My worse fear finally came true."  she said looking up as the skys light reflected off her brown eyes. " dying alone..heh...who knew the person you least expect to die, was to die now." she said with a weak chuckle.  She took a took a deep breath and watched her blood make a trail and gently lifted her hand and looked at her palm. " Blood...isn't it just a mess...?"
Mimi started thinking to her self about her mother, her family, and her friends. Spending her last minutes she felt tears pour down her cheeks mixing in with the blood on her lip she began sighletly  crying to herself, she prayed wishing her mother could hear her last  words and finally she said to herslef . " Bye mommy....I"ll see you when i wake up again ...I'm just tired ...really...really...tired." Mimi's skin began to grow colder than ice, her breaths became slow and her became a light hazel. " bye..." she said as her last tear drop fell.

Moments later they sky grew into a dark grey and the sounds of sirens spreaded threw out the building. Mimi sat there staring at her self, she couldn't stop sobbing she kept sobbing louder and louder but no one could hear her. She shouted till her throat began to burn but still no one herd her. All she saw was men passing by carring her body away and tried grabing onto one of them but her hand went right threw his chest. She began to panic and shouted, " MOM!" she ran looking for her house. Running she finally spotted her house and ran threw the door screaming, " MOMMY! I'M HERE I'M FINE SEE?!?" she ran to her mothers room and opend the door spotting her sitting on a chair crying while holding my brothers and sisiters saying, " M-MY BABY IS GONE! WHY GOD WHY!" Mimi got closer to her mom trying to hold her and said, " mommy i'm right here...can't you see me ?" She said looking at her. " mom?" she placed her hand on her mothers cheek and her hand goes threw ther cheek. " n-no...." she said trying to hug her, " look im not dead i'm breathing see? " mimi said sobbing by her mothers lap. " I-I promise I'll take care of you mommy!"

Mimi looked at her mother one last time again and whispered , " Mommy just plese look at me one more time before I  go.." her body started to slowly turn into dust. "Ma.." she said one more time sniffing. Mimi's mother slowly turned her head and looked down and her eyes widened, " m-my baby.....don't leave me i love you mijia." Mimi looked at her and smiled, " I have to go now mommy.." she said as her voice faintly went away. she herd her mother screamed. " MIMI!!!!! DONT GO!!" her mother said screaming and gasping for air crying. " NOOOO!!!!" her mother looked up in the sky and saw mimi smiling at her blowing her a kiss back  and saying, " I love you..." and from then her body was completely gone and her voice echoed threw her mother heart saying, " I love you."  over and over repeatly. Letting Mimi rest in peace.
Cops later surched the warehouse for another body and haven't found any evidence of body. All they gathered up was a 12in, pocket knife and a flower beside the corps of Mimi.



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