" And you....Do you believe in a mysticism? "

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I want to show only a little part of my thinking...

Just an a idea.... :)

Everything in my head....

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012




It was a simple day of November. Although, no…. It wasn’t just a simple day. It was my long-awaited weekend. What I was going to spend with my beloved boy, future husband Rayon. But sometimes life is not predictable. Sometimes it is unfair.

Exactly on that day, Rayon was sent to other city and the reason of this was his new job. He worked like a manager just one month. He couldn’t deny that asking of his boss. Rayon had to gain experience. But he promised to come back in the evening. Meanwhile I decided to spend my weekend out of town. I wanted to spend my free time just with a nature, at one with a nature, what I was missing….

It was cold in the forest. It was very cold. But no, I did not worry about autumn cold. I was worrying about other things…. I couldn’t explain it, but it was really strange feelings. I have never felt so before this time. But no, I don’t believe in mysticism. All the same, remain at the lake for a long time I didn’t dare. I decided…. I was going to come back to the city yet. Picking up a last stone, I threw it in the water. And I would have gone, but in that moment I saw some strange thing. What was lying near the big stone, what was lying in water…. It was pretty strange, but nevertheless convolution. Not thinking a lot I took that convolution and immediately went out of that place.

I decided to stay in a park. Just set down on a bench I started to disclose a mysterious package. There was an interesting an elegant chain with a medallion…. Finding was really interesting, but there was one thing else, what I was interested in more than an old chain with a medallion. It was an inscription. It was very interesting for me that was why I decided to unravel the mystery of an ancient message. I had to have a long time to decipher the meaning and I had it and done it…. But I wasn’t happy at all, when I could understand the meaning of mystic message. “BRING BACK THE MEDALLION, OR I’LL COME FOR YOU!” – Over and over again repeating in my head. It was terrible, very terrible…. But I had no choice, I had no time, I had to do it, I had to act!

When I hurrying through the dark forests path, it seemed, that I felt someone’s breathing…. Really felt! But there weren’t anybody around me. It seemed that somebody was watching over me. But it weren’t anybody near me and in bushes.

When I got to the lake, I threw the medallion so far away into the water. Then, I did not look back I was hurrying back to the city. I decided that it will be better, if my Rayon knows nothing about it. He would not believe me. I don’t know what or it was, but I just want to forget this terrible story like a nightmare. But I will remember it for all my life and I believe in mysticism now….

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