No Matter What I Do

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Dear first ex-boyfriend I ever dated...I really want to hate you and use to imagine you getting hit by a bus multiple times along side wishing you would jump off a cliff. Yea, lucky I'm a different girl I once was but your still a ...
-From someone who strongly dislikes you with a passion,

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



No Matter What I Do

How much more can I give?
Haven't I given you every part of me?
I've even showed you the side of me no one else has seen...
Yet, it was never enough was it?
You had more hidden intentions left to ambush me right?

Just when i thought all the casualties were already accounted for; its then that you strike.

How is it that you have peace waking up each day knowing your words are sinking in to my heart like poison?

Killing me so effortlessly,

Spread all over me infecting, destroying every inch of who I once was...
Slowly slipping away watching time flow right through my fingers

How do you sleep at night knowing that you made me in to a monster?
Out of fear of harsh judgment and shame, its just easier to scare the world and keep everyone distant
That's what you wanted all along right?

To manipulate me and neglect the world I once knew for this now isolated twilight zone
I'll admit, I applaud you for actually gaining my trust so easily and breaking down my walls
Yet, I wish I could hate you with the same passion I had long ago for you, but sadly my heart wont do it.

It wont let me have that satisfaction because it knows if it lets me hate you

I'll be giving you the victory taking whats left of my mistreated broken life...
Do hate that eather way, I was the one that let you in to my life in the first place...
Such an eager girl back then, guess you can say I believed in the word Love way to much...
Well you know what they say about love that it is true...
"Love hurts...Love sucks..."

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