Timmy Tiger

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Timmy the tiger didn't like to play fair. He wanted everything to be about him. But then he learns that playing fair is more fun. (warning!- for babies!)

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Timmy the tiger wasn't a very nice tiger. He always wanted everything to be about him. He didn't want to play with his friends unless they played his way. If his friends wanted to play baseball, Timmy would say "No! I want to play something different!".

Timmy's friends didn't want to play with him since he wasn't playing fair. So, they let Timmy the tiger to play baseball.

Timmy started to wine and complain. He said, "If we play baseball I want to be the hitter."

His friends said no since he was always the hitter and never let anytiger else hit. So Timmy's friends said no and told him that he could catch the ball. Timmy didn't want to be the catcher since the hitter was the most important.

Timmy finally said yes and started playing baseball with his friends.

He had more fun then he ever had before!

Timmy the tiger learned that if you play fair and not always be the center of attention, you will have even more fun!

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