One True Love in One Life

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Sarita, a peasant from a lonely village find the love a true, young, handsome prince, but, is she stealing someone's dream away?

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011




Spain, where people fall in love and the fiery Latino personality everybody has, there lived a handsome, young prince. His name is Antonio, Prince of Spain. He is a lovelorn, willing to love someone truly. He searched his whole kingdom and village, but no love in return. There also lived a girl names Katharina, Princess of Spain. She had seen Antonio two years ago at one of the parties that their country held. Ever since she laid her eyes on him, she never stopped thinking about him. Katharina is a beauty that ever guy would die for; a caring, loyal, and generous princess toward her country. She only prays for the day that the prince recognizes her pretty face. Day after day, week after week, she’s waiting for her dream to come true, but it never did.
One day, it was too late, Antonio found another. Her name was Sarita, a peasant from the village. She was different from the other girls and indescribable in many ways because there was something about her that was beautiful. Antonio’s father and mother were very proud of him and decided to celebrate. Both Antonio and Sarita were dressed elegantly and sat at the head of the ball room, just like a king and queen would. The celebration starts and Katharina witnessed then and her heart instantly dropped. At that point, she didn’t know what to do, being crushed in many ways; so she quickly went to the castle’s main hallway and started to sob. When Sarita saw Katharina ran out, hearing her cry, she decided to comfort her. Sarita asks while rubbing her back, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?” Katharina responds and says, “Have you ever felt that you lost someone you truly loved to someone else?”
“Yes, I have, but in what way?” Sarita pauses and didn’t answer her right away, “What are you trying to say?”
“I’ve met Antonio two years ago and he has been on my mind ever since.”
Sarita feels awful because she felt that she took away Antonio from her. She thought to herself, “Well, she is a princess and I’m just a peasant.”
She responds and says, “Oh. So it’s about Antonio. Well, his father really likes ma and now, I don’t know what to do.”
“Its fine”, getting up, “probably we weren’t meant to be…” and Katharina leaves and returns to the celebration.
Sarita thought, “I have to figure out a way for this one true love’s dream to actually come true…”
Days have passed and Katharina becomes to the stage of depression, lying down on her bed, feeling hopeless in many ways to come. She always wondered how true love feels and acts in many ways possible, but it seems to her that it will never come true. Meanwhile, Sarita is in the castles main room, pacing back and forth, trying to find an answer to her problem because she feels that she’s taking away someone’s true love. Antonio steps into the room, realizing that Sarita is very uneasy, stopping her in her tracks. He caresses her face and says, “What’s the matter my angel?” Sarita responds, “Trying to find an answer to someone’s heart.”
“What does that mean?”
“I can’t say my love…”
Then, she leaves his presence in a spontaneous way. Finally, she tries to find a way to get them to meet up and fall in love.
The next week, Sarita has a thought out plan. First, she tells Antonio to meet her in the Barcelona Garden for lunch. Then, she will tell Katharina to meet her in the same place for tea. Since they will meet up approximately at noon, Sarita anxiously waits for their arrival.
It’s finally noon and Antonio stands next to Sarita. Sarita says, “I’ve invited someone to join us for lunch.” A car pulls up underneath the vine arch way, and the chauffeur opens the car door. Katharina steps out of the car and there their two meet. They meet eye to eye, as if sparks are flying with many colors, this was love at first sight. Sarita mentions to Antonio, “Katharina really likes you Antonio. Don’t you feel that you should be with a princess?” At this point, Antonio is speechless. Then Sarita says, “There are more thins to life than pretty looks, how wealthy you are and the way you act. There’s respect, trust, communication and especially,” she reaches and puts their two hands together, “love. You guys are meant to be. One princess, one prince. Don’t you think so Antonio?”
Antonio says, “I think you’re right Sarita. It doesn’t matter that’s on the outside, it’s on the inside.”
She finally says, “I hope you guys live a very happy life together, forever.”
Sarita at this point doesn’t care about herself; she only cared for others around her life. All she wanted was the happiness of Antonio, doing anything to make him smile no matter what. Yet, she also never made it home to her village. That is how we have one true love in one life, make it last forever.

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