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Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



Ok girlies if your dying for a new look this year here's some inexpensive easy ways to get it when your school shopping! I have a super strict dresscode no tshirts or jeans aw that's sad ): anyways here u girls go Punk Princess: get black and pink leggings (about $7 each walmart) plus lots of tutu-style skirts (super cute ones around $15 hot topic) denim mini skirts (found most anywhere prices vary) then get a pink skull necklace and for tshirts check out hottopic and walmart in the walmart kids department there are tshirts most teens can wear if your a 0-10 in juniors you can wear 10-18's in kids! I know walmart isn't your top store of choice but some things aren't carried just anywhere and some of their stuff doesn't look cheap! Rocker Chic: it depends on how edgy you want your look here but leather pants are a must if you wanna go super edgy! Girly guitar tshirts can be hard to find but are usually pretty cheap for studded jeans you can add studs alot cheaper than buy studded jeans! Blazers are a definite plus and lots of shiny jewerly helps! For a easy rocker chic makeup look red lipgloss,black mascara and long nails painted either black,gold,silver or red is the way to go! Wet Seal usually has rocker clothes and rue 21 has clothes for any and ever style! Scene Queen: think goth plus cute plus colorful! I'm somewhat scene in my opinion! Hello Kitty shirts are all over walmart,target and hot topic! Jeans are a major yes! I have some great skinny jeans and ripped jeans from jcpennys and belks junior area but I warn they are kinda pricy! Walmart skinny jeans look super cheap and fade fast I don't reccomend them! Hot Topic has the best skinny jeans if your tight on cash there is often sales hit them! Band tees and adorable tshirts are also in heaven at hot topic! For scene bracelets go to rue21! The good thing about scene is you can go as wild as you want and never be overdone! Hair extensions and hair glitter are also totally great with the scene style and remember heavy eyeliner and bright eyeshadows! Hippie Honey: I'm lovin the hippie look! Look for clothes everywhere and get creative!! We have an also hippie style store near our foodcourt but it's a locally owned one get creative! To get your peace sign princess on your gonna have to go to multiple stores! Tiedye some of your old tshirts and use permanent material markers to draw hearts and peace signs on them if it comes down to it! Alot of piercing shops have hippie inspired clothes sold at them! I'll name a few of my hippie items and where I got them: peace sign bracelet-Mcguire's Restraunt love necklace (with a peace sign for the \"O\")-Alvin's Island blue peace sign tee- Justice crazy colored zebra sofies-Jcpennys peace sign tank-Justice You can cut and customize alot of your hippie threads! Get markers and scissors! Also shoe string can be used if you make halter tops or tanks outta old tees skirts etc! I've done it! Girly but goth: I know girls you love the darkness of goth but still wanna be sure your not called a tomboy! Fishnet hoes are super hot under skirts! And making your lips blood red or purple instead of black acts a more feminine touch! For your eye makeup wear more than black eyeliner smear a little eyeshadow! Also of you want two toned lips try putting a bright red lipstick on thickly then getting a TINY bit of black eyeshadow and smear over the lipstick if done right it so says pucker up! Also earrings would help check out hottopics danglies! Bohemian Babe- love the beachy boho look? Most everywhere sells long beachy dresses and white sweaters! Try it out! Also for your tresses to look ah-mazing put your hair in braids and leave them in 2-4 hours to get a subtle beachy wave that'll last a few days! If you sleep in braids you get a much wavier look then probably wanted trust me! Country Cutie- jeans and plaid button ups please! Hollister,Justice, Walmart and Gap are gonna be your second homes they have plaid button ups and an assortment of jeans! For boots look at shoe stores and Charlotte Russe! Look ready to saddle up anyday sweetie! Don't forget if your dresscode allows daisy dukes drive them cowboys wild! If you wanna add a little edge to your look get high heel leather boots for the winter! Modern Day Southern Belle- So you wanna be a Scarlet O'Herra look alike without being too old fashioned? Think long floral skirts and white button ups with tight black jackets on top! If you really wanna hoop dress look at Halloween costume sites! Remember to make your makeup soft looking! Pale skin and very pink cheeks are def part of the look! Ghetto Girl- this is def not my kind of style but I won't knock yours! Bealls and Rainbow are the stores you should check out! If you want your style all out be sure to stock up on the Baby Phat brand and lots of gold and yellow plus pants that make your butt look huge if you want a cuter more subtle style wear some camouflage pants and black tanks Pink Prep- also not my choice of style at all but I used to dress to fit in now I stand out but here you go: the only tshirts you can wear are the ones that are usually pink or white and say aeropostale,abercrombie&fitch, American eagle or hollister white jackets are all the rage and ruffly skirts paired with polos will score you points your favorite dress and polo stores will be anthropology and LaCoste (I think I spelled it wrong) basically don't individualize and look like the snobs at some schools the preps are super slutty at others way out conservative Cali Babe- Katy Perry totally rocks the style look at her outfits! It's similar to prep but more original, free,subtly country and fun! Daisydukes,flowery things,ruffles,a little leather here and there! Wet Seal and American Eagle are stores that carry alot of these! Also get a mini crush on Charlotte Russe Adorkable Darling- Wanna be an adorable dork? Try wearing glasses with cute prints,bage capris and random tees keep your tresses low key Hipster- a more mature version of scene but with a hint of hippie flared jeans with belts and nice shirts plus blazers or sweaters, shorts with leggings underneath, dark eyeliner with a hint of color and maybe a hello kitty bracelet or peace sign necklace here and there check out urban outfitters,zumies and Ross! Chav- England Inspired Look on the skanky side pretty much clothes involve short skirts that don't flatter you and nude colored crop tops with you looking super busty and many other things really messy looking buns and a loud obnoxious attitude usually completes the look again not my choice of style

Note: crop tops are popular with scenequeens,hippie honeys and some punk princesses but most chavs wear them regularly and some preps do hoodies are mainly scene but preps wear northface or hollister ones also this is my opinion and reccomendations i'm not saying Im an expert this took alot of thought and three hours to write so feedback is apprechiated espishally if your going to try one of my stated styles! If you \"invented\" a new style or plan on it name it tell me why etc and I might just post an entry about it! Also if you have a Rue21 they cater to any and every style!

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