Golden Ways to Lessen Stress

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Karl De Plume's Suggestions on how to lessen stress.

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



 Golden Ways to Lessen Stress

Karl De Plume

Homeworks,exams,pressure from teachers, parents and peers,isolation from loved ones. This are some of the factors which contributes in accelerating stress in our body,both physically and mentally. This stress is a thorn in our throat,which can be fatal if handled improperly.This was proved by tragic events which occur to our harsh environment,especially among teenagers.Examples of this are vehicle accidents,drug addiction,and the worst thing can happen (I hope it will never be), is suicide.It is all caused by stress which we considered as a minor problem to deal with.Stress is like a piece of jerk,it can play you in its very own hands.It can torment you,or even kill you in the most accidental,(or funny) way.Let me give you an example.Three hours before I write this article I just came home from school and I am very stressed due to projects,quizzes,etc. Wwhen I charged my phone I forgot that my hands were wet and guess what?I was electrocuted and I took me 10 seconds to realize that one half of my body was shocked by a considerable amount of electricity.(I hope this wont kill my sperms!!)

Stress,if it infects our mind and hearts could ruin us in a thousand ways.If we succumbed to this "virus" it will kill our psychological, physical and spiritual stability.So in order to lessen stress in our body,I suggest some ways to spread piece in our mind.

First "Golden Way to Lessen Stress" is to have an exercise if you have a free slot in your table calendars.Have a jogging,practice some kind of martial arts or join health and fitness activities such as fun runs,biking association or zumba session.It sound exhausting boring,but if you finished one session of exercise it gives you a relaxing feeling you never felt before.You feel big if you jogged one kilometer or earn a black belt in Taekwondo.Aside from forgetting your problems you can be resistant to the temptation of illegal drugs and other dangerous vices.

Another golden way is to meditate and forget the physical and mental tormentation sometimes in a cool and peaceful place (a private cemetery with Bermuda grasses and shady trees is a good choice!). The moderate temperature and quiet aura of the place could drive away the bad vibes which cause stress possesssing our body and reminisce around with happy past moments which we enjoyed before.I assure you,after 30 minutes of meditation your mind is refreshed enough to continue your journey through life!

The ;ast but most essential way of relieving stress is to pray to Him,which nurtures us,helps you, give you air which you breathe and always beside you all the times.Nothing is impossible to do with God.He can mend your broken spirit,and removes the stress which is bothering you for a very long time and removes all your doubts about the future. Have faith,pray with all your heart,cast aside your ego and reject your evil ways which destroy youreslves.

Of all this Golden Ways, I hope one will help you out of misery,and surely it will. So I cant suggest anything but is for you to relax and talk to yourself for a while.

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Golden Ways to Lessen Stress

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