Total Outbreak (based from Left 4 Dead)

Total Outbreak (based from Left 4 Dead)

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



A Group of Human survivors are going to fight their way in a fortress in Washington against zombie like infecteds.
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A Group of Human survivors are going to fight their way in a fortress in Washington against zombie like infecteds.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Total Outbreak (based from Left 4 Dead)

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A Group of Human survivors are going to fight their way in a fortress in Washington against zombie like infecteds.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 15, 2013






December 12 ,2012



Dear Diary,


My name is Billy Grayson,30 2nd Squadron. I presently live at the abandoned New York City until the Infection broke out. Im a former Liutenant.During the first days of the infection we tried to quarantine New york to avoid the virus to spread over the American mainland.Unfortunately we failed and the virus turned 70 percent of the American population into zombie like homicidal infecteds.We forced to kill the infected civilians who started to kill other people.Isaw my friends and love ones turned into maniacs .Unfortunately there is no cure invented yet to subdue this virus called the Virus X. I live now together with the other survivors.We as a team dont need to rely on government. Now we have to rely on one thing-to our guns.






















Chapter One:

Two Weeks After The Infection


Oh shit!New York is now a piece of crap!” Jackson said as they passed the once alive city.Several corpses scattered on the road. “To many things happened to America after two weeks,” Meg sighed. “Its better to live in the Philippines now. No infection,killing of bastards.” Arnold remarked.Scott chuckled. “Hey man! Can you carry me for 50 dollars? It stinks here!” Seline shouted to Scott. Billy looked annoyed and said, “Can you keep your mouth shut? We cant risk a horde of infected stumble upon us.Now if you dont want to walk maybe I can shoot you in that pretty head of yours.What now?”

Seline was silenced.They continued to walk Jane suddenly shouted to the group. “Billy!Look out!” The group shoot the infecteds.Billy started to instruct. “We must stick togethter if you want to live.Lets shoot those sons of bitches!!!” The group fight to escape.Unfortunately, Scott was catched by a Smoker, an infected with long tongue. “Arnold!!Help!!” “Scott!! Hold on!!” With his M16 Armalite Arnold shot the Smoker, which produced smoke.

“Hey! Egghead are you okay?” Billy asked. Scott nodded. “okay man, get up

and lets go!” Jackson shouted. On the other side, Meg , Jane, Seline and Arnold

used their guns to fend themselves against the hordes of infected. “Holy cow! They are to many!” Arnold shouted. “Billy!Its to many of them!!” Seline shouted as Billy stared blankly.Billy finally get his grenade and throw it.

“Fire in the hole!”Scott saw a high apartment safe for hiding. “Guys! Over there!! I need cover!!”he shouted. Billy and the group fought all their way to cross the road. As they run, a Hunter, an infected with great jumping abilities pounced on Arnold. “Aaaahh!!Help here!!” Billy shot the Hunter with his AK-47 Rifle but the Hunter bumped a car, which activate its alarm.

“Damn it.What are we gonna do now?” Meg gasped as a large horde of infected is on their way. Strangely they heard a roar which made them terrified. A huge muscular infected rashed and kill the infecteds who are blocking him and throwing cars – the Tank. They started to run. “Run or shoot?” Seline asked. She receive no answer. “Hey Liutenant,Run or Shoot?” Jackson shouted. “Both!” Billy screamed as he fired at the gigantic infected while running.The others do the same.

They run at the apartment which Scott had pointed earlier.Fortunately they found a ladder which they found as a shortcut to the roof top.Arnold, Jackson,Meg,Jane,Seline and Scott Climbed safely at the rooftop but Billy was left beneath the road to distract the Tank. “Billy!! Arnold cover him!!” Jane ordered toArnold.Meg shoot the infecteds and rescued Billy from death.Unfortunately, as Billy and Meg climbed back at the rooftop the Tank grabbed the ladder, which caused Meg to fall. “Help!!!!!” “Grab my hand kid!!!” Scott screamed.Meg held his hand,while the Tank fell of somewhere.

“I just cant believe we made it!” Arnold commented. “We made what? For just crossing the street?Its just the beginning of the party.”Billy said as he reloaded

his guns and packed everything he could carry.They are safe......for now.


Chapter Two:

Skyway Massacre



The seven finally regained their strength and started to pack every useful things they found-guns and bullets,first aid kits and bombs. “Okay guys.We are going downstairs to get outta here.But dont expect that it will be an easy job.Behind that door there are infecteds,some ordinary and some heavily mutated by the Virus X,which can be dangerous.” Scott said as he presented his plan. “Their saliva and blood could infect you through direct contact,so be extremely careful.” He added since he is a doctor he knows that bitter fact that he can be infected too.Jackson jokingly pointed his gun at Arnold. “Did you heard that? If you became an infected I will really shoot you.Hahahahaha!!” “You guys are like kids!You will just kill each other..” Seline frowned. Jane intervened the fuss. “Come on Jackson be wise!”. Suddenly they saw Billy kicked the door and killed several infecteds. “Are you just going to quarell there and go with me to get out of this fuckin place?” he murmured.They joined Billy to get out of that apartment to continue their journey.

Billy leads the group since he is the most expert in the use of guns,assisted by Jackson who is the strongest.Going downstairs really give them a hard time,since that apartment is full of wild infecteds.As they open the door to the highway,Billy was distracted by the Boomer, a fat infected which vomits green bile,causing sight distraction,attracting the nearby infecteds.Billy was incapacitated as a result. “Aaaaahhhh!!Cover me!”Billy shouted.Selinw responded by shooting them with her double pistols. “Are you okay Billy?” Meg asked. “Ya, Im okay.Lets go!”




They finally get outside the building.Unfortunately, a horde of infected is on the way. “We are fucking dead man.” Arnold murmured. “We dont have anything else to do.Lets shoot 'em down!” Jackson said as he fired at the maniacs with his shotgun.While they are busy shooting, a Smoker choked Seline with its long tongue. “Urgh!!Somebody cut his fucking tongue!!”Billy used his samurai sword to cut the Hunters tongue while Scott shot it to its death.Jackson tried to fend off the infecteds but one of them attack him in his back,which left him hanging on the Skyway. “Jackson,Hold on!!Meg cover me!” Arnold saved Jackson from falling. “Thanks man.” he said. “Machine gun at the end of the Skyway!” Seline pointed at the .60 caliber Machine Gun at the end of the Skyway.

“All of you,follow me!” Billy said.He hold the machine gun and endlessly slaugthered the floods of infected.However that was not enough.As they eliminated horde,another horde of infected ravages. “They are unstoppable Billy!What are we goin to do!” Jane shouted to Billy as they wre cornered at the tip of the Skyway.Suddenly,he run into the end and prepared to jump. “Prepare youreselves,we're gonna jump!There are garbage bags underneath,so we will be safe!” he instructed. “Are you insane?Are we going to jump to our deaths!Youre out of your mind!!” Seline shouted. “If you dont want to jump you better die here!” Scott said as he jump. “Okay guys,brace yourselves.One, Two, Three,jump!! Aaaaahhh!!!” Arnold shouted as they all jumped of the Skyway.

Lucky for them they safely landed in the garbage bags. “Everybody okay?” Meg asked. “Im fine!” Jane signaled. “We're here!!” Jackson shouted.As they run, they saw an armored truckwith full supplies and a machine gun which will enable them to travel faster.The only obstacle for them is to pass the horde of infecteds there. “I want that truck.” Seline demanded. “If you want to ride at that fat piece of metal you have to use your MP5 Rifle tucked in your shoulders,not to blind them with your pretty face.They will just maul you. Is that clear?” Billy clarified at Seline. “Okay,lets go!”

As fast as lightning they massacred the infecteds in order to hijack the armored truck. “Go!Go!Here they come!” Scott said as a horde of infected heard the noise of the truck which Jackson is starting. “Hey,Jackson aren't you done with that piece of crap yet?” Billy complained to him as they are shooting the horde. “Just wait a sec,Im expert at this carnapping stuff.Gotcha!Hey, Ride on!” he replied. “Guys lets climb at the truck!!Aaah!!Help!!Im down!!” Jane begged as she was overpowered by the infecteds. “Get her up,I'll cover you!!”Billy instructed to Arnold.“Come on kid!Get inside the truck!!” Arnold said as he helped the girl. “Jackson,Speed up!!” Meg said as all were in the truck.“Fire in the hole!!” Seline screamed as she throw a Molotov Cocktail at the Horde.They rode away,not knowing what will happen next.

Chapter Three:

Two Weeks Before.....


“....and a little mixture of this Compound 6,Gotcha!!We have now the Perfect Weapon....!” Dr. Savior as he asked Dr. Scott to finish the remaining procedures in upgrading the ordinary Rabies Virus to create the ultimate biological weapon. “Are you sure with this Savior?Millions of lives are at stake.We cant risk a single mistake or else entire America will turn into maniacal zombies.” Scott said as he hesitated to put a DNA strand in their project called “Virus X” to know if it works. “Look at the microscope Scott,our dreams are coming true!!Science is in action!the world is going to kneel down at us, Americans.” Dr. Savior said as he noticed that the hybrid virus is mutating the human DNA into a “rebel” cell, as if a demon is possessing a man. “Holy shit,we created hell,Savior! We can launch Apocalypse if the government wants to.” Scott gasped as he saw the terrible tihng the virus done at the DNA. “You're so dramatic Scott! They will just use that if things get tough.Hehehehe!” he replied.

As they continue their experiments,someone pushed the door open.The two were surprised to see that General John Reagan the Defense Secretary,several government officials and CIA Agents visit their secret laboratory at New York City. “General Reagan!Nice meeting you in New York! How is the trip from Pentagon?” Dr. Savior welcomed the visitors. “Pretty fine.We're just here to monitor if your Biological Weapon is improving.” he arrogantly answered. “The results are positive General,but we are hoping that it will not cause an epidemic in the whole American continent because the outcome could be awful.” Scott sadly replied.The general frowned at Scott's sarcasm.In order to distract them,Savior complained to General Reagan. “General,we got a problem.So far we dont have any specimens used in our experiments are only lowly animals. I think we should use a higher type of humans,alive of course. Humans probably get a different response to the Virus X.We need to figur it out befor the project becomes operational.” he said. “That will be a piece of cake.”General Reagan sadistically smiled.Scott protested. “You never told me about this,Savior!!” he angrily shouted. “Don't you understand Scott?It is our fucking job to do this stuff! Remember,this project is important for you.If you try to backout,CIA is goin to kill

you.Is that clear?” “This is the last,very LAST.”Scott murmured.One day after,General Reagan gave what Dr. Savior needed to continue the experiments:20

breathing humans from Los Angeles Prison,Maximum Security. “Here's what you want doctor. All you have to do is to give me satisfactory results.” the General said as limousine sped away. “Okay,Scott.Don't act like yesterday. We are on the final stage of our experiment.Hahahaha!!!”the mad doctor said to Scott. “Prepare the specimens and the quarantine chamber....and of course the lovely Virus X. We're gonna start the show.”he added.

The two ordered the convicts to go inside the quarantine chamber and they were strapped with leather belts in case they escape...or mutate. “What are we going to do next Savior,electrocute them?” Scott sarcastically asked. “Give me the injection doctor,and the Virus X.Be careful to not breaking that tube!Or else you will pay for it.” he demanded. “.....and now,my first specimen....give the injection Scott.Hurry!!” Savior said to the weary doctor.Outside the chamber General Reagan and the others are watching to observe their latest Bioweapon.Dr. Savior put almost 5 millimetre of the Virus X to the condemned prisoner,to see how strong the engineered sample could be.While Savior is busy preparing the process,Scott is sadly watching,who cant bear what he is seeing and what would happen in the future if the experiment will succeed.

Anyway,the experiment finally started.The mad doctor injected the virus into the veins of the pitiful human specimen. After five seconds of waiting,the specimen starts to response.his body is shaking like a wild lion,his eyes were dilated and saliva were pouring out from his mouth. “Holy mother!It works!!It works!!!Hahahahah!” Savior screamed.General Reagan was speechless when he saw the convict is like someone who is possessed. Unfortunately, the leather straps were broken. “What the hell!They are too strong!!” Scott uttered in disbelief as he saw the infected specimen broke loose from the leather belts.”Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!Scott!!!Helpppp!!!!!Aaaahhhh!!!!!”Dr. Savior begged as the infected pounced on him,biting him.Suddenly,his behavior changed as he was infected by the specimen,starting to infect everyone inside.Fortunately,scott has locked the quarantine chamber but the infecteds are slowly breaking down its mirror walls. Scott opened his cabinet and found a M16 Armalite. “Wohh!I thought I'll never use you!” he sighed.

“General!Let's get outta here!!They are going to kill us!!”Scott said as he shot one of those infecteds. “I think you are right!! Let's get out of he...Aaahhhh!!!”General shouted before an infected bite his earwhoch infected hm in a split second. “Shit!Eat my bullets Haaah!!!” Scott shouted as he fight his way outside of the laboratory.He was greatly shocked when the infected specimens,including Dr. Savior is in the New York highways,infecting other people.In a few minutes one half of New Yorkers were infected by the Virus X.At his back a Hunter pounced on him but he was able to strike him with the butt of his gun and shoot it.Unlucky for him, a horde of infected is going to crush him,so he madly shoot those maniacs.He shoot and shoot until he was overpowered by the horde.Scott finally accepted that he will die when he saw a figure which helps him shoot the infecteds,like a soldier.he collapsed and he found himself resting in a barricated place.He was helped bey a young Liutenant. “Hey!Are you okay?I think you are a doctor.By the way my name is Billy Grayson,2nd Squadron.What is your name doctor?” the young man said. The weary doctor was speechless because of trauma but he abled to speak after all. “Scott.Scott Travor.” he said. “I think youre tired,” Billy said. “have a rest Dr. Scott. We are going to get the hell out of here if it is safe.” he added,while observing the passive horde of infecteds outside of their

hiding place.(Im still making Chapter 4)

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