Not So Great Britain

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This a poem i wrote about the current state in my country , i am not trying to spread a negative message just make people aware , and im sure alot of people in Britain would agree with the points made in this poem

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



I live on an island
Surrounded by sea
Its ruled by a queen
And nothing comes free

The point of this poem
Is to make you aware
The goverment here
Is not very fair

You always tax fuel
You tax us to smoke
Can i ask you MP's
Is this a joke

A veterans pension
Is 150 a week
But you get 320
If asylum you seek

We pay our taxes
So others may live
I dont mean to sound nasty
But what do they give

Its getting expensive
For us to survive
If im perfectly honest
Im suprised were alive

It just makes me wonder
How you sleep at night
Knowing your people
Arent being treat right

I wish you could notice
Whos here for the ride
And treat us Brits better
Not push us aside

You private schoolboys
You dont have a clue
You say were the problem
But the problem is you

I dont mean to sound prejudice
I dont want to spread hate
But i live in Britain
And Britains not Great

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