My 7 Bodyguards

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Best supernatural arena stories
Y/n finds out some interesting facts and as her birthday rolls around she finds out that her life and the people closest to her are in danger.

Submitted: January 20, 2020

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Submitted: January 20, 2020



Chapter 1

My hot bodyguards with a secret. Don't Understate a woman


Just a  little bit to know about your character:

Name: Y/n

Age: 19 (turning 20 in 1 week)

Favorite colors are: Black, Dark purple, and White

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, art, and fighting.


A/N: ok so in case none of you have read a fan fiction on YouTube then the way i'm doing this may be a bit confusing for you. so please don't judge. and this is also my first time making a fan fiction so please bare with me. 


???: Princess Y/N?

Y/N: Yes Suga?

Suga: Its time to get up.

Y/N: You know you dont have to come and wake me up every morning right? I have a maid for that. 

Suga: I know i just like to see you in the mornings before you set off to your lessons and royalty stuff. *Blushes*

Y/N: Suga Min Yoon-gi are you blushing?


Y/N: You when you blush. Normally you dont show a lot of emotions.

Suga: Ok now your making me blush, come down for breakfast when your ready.

Suga leaved the room and you smile to yourself at his cuteness.

Suga's POV

Suga: Good lord if I was to stay in there for another minuet i was gonna die.

???: Suga hyung? What were you doing in the princesses room?

Suga: AHH!! Jin hyung you scared me. What are you doing here?

Jin: What were you doing in her room?

(Jin is the oldest of the group and is in charge of the cooking lessons and he is an amazing fighter they all are.)


Y/N: It's ok Jin he was helping me, I had a nightmare and i yelled his name for help.

Jin: Why not yell for any of us? *He said looking hurt*

Y/N: Suga has helped me through my nightmares ever since it stared a few weeks  ago. He is the only one that new about them.

Jin: Are you having nightmares about that night? *He asked worried*


You woke up to the noise of screaming and then someone burst into your room and hurried over to your bed.

???: It's ok princess i have you.

Y/N: Jungkook? W-What is happening why is everyone screaming?

Jungkook: Someone got into the castle and they said they are looking for you.

Y/N: W-WHAT! ok well then where are we going?

Jungkook: To my quarters, no one outside of the castle knows that i have my own quarters so we should be safe.

Y/N: (You can feel yourself blushing and you try to hide it) Jungkook?

Jungkook: Yes princess?

Y/N: First off you can call me Y/N and second you do know that i can walk right?

Jungkook: Oh.. Um... of course. Sorry.

Y/N: *you giggled at his actions* You dont need to apologize you were only trying to help me.

Out of on where a man grabbed your hand and pulled you away from Jungkook. You Yelped at the pain as he quickly grabbed you and put the gun to your head slowly walking backwards while watching Jungkook making sure what he wouldn't try anything. Jimin snuck up behind him and hit him in the head, it only made him mad the man they threw me to the ground and the last thing i remember was waking up with a really sore head and the gang sleeping next to me in the room until i woke up.

End of flashback


Y/N: No its just a nightmare i'll be fine.

Jin: Ok well let me know if you ever need me.

I look to your left and see Suga glaring at Jin. I Look at Jin and see him blushing but he also seems a bit intimidated by Suga. 

I wounder why they are acting like this? My thoughts were interrupted by someone else's voice.

???: Good Y/N your u-... Um did I interrupt something?

Y/N: Oh, RM no i was just going to go eat breakfast and get ready for our lesson today. *You smiled at him*

RM: Oh Ok well I was just going to tell you that Jimin wanted to join us today during practice.

Y/N: Really? Why? He's like the most experienced in fighting, No offence.

RM: None taken, and I dont know he has been acting strange lately. He as been staying up late and practicing until early hours in the morning. And he just asked me this morning if he could join us so, I said I would ask you.

At that moment I felt someone staring at me. I turn around to reveal Jimin behind me staring at me with a blank face. My heart skipped a beat as you two made eye contact.

Jimin: So may I join you your highness?

Y/N: OF COURSE!! *I smiled at him and he smiled back.*

Y/N: Jimin please stop calling me your highness just call me Y/N, and by the way you should smile more often you look cute when you smile. * I smirked*

He blushed really bad right away and looked away. All the boys looked pissed at him for some reason.  I raised an eyebrow and asked...

Y/N: Um... Guys why do you look like you want to kill Jimin? 

All of them looked at me as if they forgot I was here.

Y/N: Ok? Well ill see you two in 10 minuets I guess.*you said as you walk away.*

10 Minuets later

Y/N: Ok i'm here.

RM: Ok good grab your sword and mask. 

Y/N: So what are we working on today?

Rm: You and Jimin are going to duel today.

Y/N: Sounds inter-... WAIT WHAT!!??

Just then Jimin walked in and grabbed his stuff. I walked to your spot in front of Jimin and took my stance.


Me and Jimin started to duel, I didn't want to hurt him so I went easy on him. Jimin was smiling because he was wining and he then hit you sword out of your hand.

Jimin: HA! I WIN!!

Y/N: No you don't. *I tripped him and he fell on the ground. I just stood there smiling* I win. 

He blushed and I gave him my hand to help him up.

RM: Good job now we still have an hour to go.

Y/N: Wow that only took 20 minuets? 

RM: Yep, ok now time to practice your hand to hand combat skills.

Jimin smirked he thought that he was batter at this than me. I smirked.

Y/N: Jimin please go easy on me i'm not that good at this yet. *I winked at RM and he just smiled and said begin*

You and Jimin had been fighting for about 30 minuets and you were acting like you weren't very good at fighting with your hands and that's when RM nodded at you indicating that it was time to show him what you really could do. I just smiled and nodded my head at him. Jimin look at me confused but decided to use it to is advantage and try to punch me. I grabbed his hand and his eyes went wide and I just smirked and grabbed him and flipped him onto his back. 

Y/N: You really need to get better at reading people. *I smiled at him and helped him up*

Jimin: Damn woman you can pack a punch. *He blushes and looks down*

Y/N: *I looked at the time* Oh wow how time flies when your winning *I smirked*

Jimin: HEY I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION ENOUGH!! I GOT DISTRACTED!! *He said trying to defend himself*

Y/N: Jimin i'm messing with you you did great, even though you got beat by a girl. *I giggled. Jimin just glared at me for a few seconds then started to smile with his adorable eye smile and walked away to change.*

RM: Ok, well I think you should head to you music lesson with Yoongi. 

I smiled and ran to my room to get changed. I wore a fancy black sweater that one one side slid down my shoulder and a pair of jean shorts. I then set off you music lessons with Yoongi.

© Copyright 2020 karlie. All rights reserved.

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