My 7 Bodyguards Book 2 (Child of darkness)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Silence in the flame of love



We all ate dinner and talked. I was listening to Tae and Jimin argue about which desert was better and was trying really hard not to laugh. It felt like someone was staring at me so I looked around and sure enough Suho was staring at me.

Y/N: Why are you staring at me?

Suho: You look gorgeous. Why? Can I not look at you?

Y/N: Uh... N-No it's ok. Thank you.

Suho: Your welcome.

Y/N: Um excuse me I need to go check on Baron.

I walk out of the room and to Barons room. I peak in and see him sleeping peacefully. I walk over to him and place my hand on his head. It was really warm so I grabbed a towel and dampened it in the water form the bowl that was on the dresser. 

Baron: *Groans*

Y/N: Sorry but you need to be cooled down. *Whispers* 

Baron: Y-Y/N?

Y/N: Yeah it's me. How are you feeling?

Baron: Tired. Y/n do you have any blood? I'm really hungry.

Y/N: I'll get some just stay laying down.

Baron: Ok but please be quick.

Y/N: I will.

I walk out of the room and walk to the dinning room where all the boys are, talking away. They didn't even notice me until I said something.

Y/N: Hey! Guys!

Suho: What is it Y/n?

Y/N: Baron needs blood, do you have any on hand?

Suho: Yeah of course we do. I'll take you.

We walked down to the kitchen and he opened a hatch that lead down a flight of stairs. I didn't like going into dark basements after what happened 2 years ago.




???: Hand her to me.

Y/N: NO LET GO!!!!

He took me into the basement and chained me to the wall. I was so worried about the boys because they were all up stairs fighting and I didn't want them to get hurt. I quit struggling and calmed down enough so I could talk normally.

Y/N: W-What do y-you want from me?

???: I want you.

Y/N: W-What? Why do y-you want me?

???: I want you becau-..

 He didn't get to finish his sentence because someone had kicked him and he went flying across the room and hit his head on the wall. I look at him and he had a cut on his head but wasn't bleeding out. He was only unconscious and I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. I look at the man that kicked him and he walked into the light. It was Jin, he had a big gash on his arm and was bleeding from little cuts and scrapes on his legs and arms. 

Jin: Princess are you alright?

Y/N: Y-Yes, just please get me out of here.

Jin: Yes your highness.

He picked me up and carried me out of the basement locking the door behind him locking that man inside. As he was walking with me in his arms many men tried to get to me but for some reason backed off with fear in there eyes. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time because I was exhausted and fell asleep in his arms. I woke up in my bed with Yoongi, Jungkook, and Jin in my room. I look at the door and see Jimin standing there along with Tae looking out the window and sweeping the grounds with there eyes.

I was still just standing there in my own thoughts when I hear someone saying my name.

Suho's POV

I started walking down the stairs but notice that Y/n isn't following me so I go back up and see her standing there spacing off in her own thoughts. At one point she whimpered and a tear rolled down her cheek. It made me really worried so I started saying her name and shaking her slightly. She finally came back to her senses.


Suho: Y/N!

Y/N: Huh? What?

Suho: Are you ok?

Y/N: Yes, i'm fine I just don't like dark basements. I haven't been in one for 2 years because of something that happened.

Suho: Do you want to talk about it?

Y/N: No, lets just go. Can I hold your arm though?

Suho: Yes of course.

We slowly walk down the steps while I cling onto his arm like its the last day i'm going to live. Once I finally feel the cement floor I let go of his arm so he can find the lights. He walked away to find the lights and I couldn't feel his presents so I started to have a panic attack. I couldn't breath and my head was spinning. I felt like I was gonna pass out.


Jin's POV

I was sitting and talking with the boys when all of a sudden I hear someone yelling my name.


Yoongi: Who the hell was that?

Tae: I don't know.

Jin:..... Y/N!!!!

I stood up and ran out of the room. I ran to her room but she wasn't there. I remembered she was going with Suho to get blood for Baron. I ran to the kitchen and saw a hatch that lead down a flight of stairs. I remembered what happened 2 years ago and how she never wanted to go down into a basement again. I was listening for any noise when I heard someone yell.

Suho: Y/N!!?? WHERE ARE YOU!!??

I ran down the stairs and close my eyes so they can adjust to the dark and so I can see with my night vision. I look around and see something balled up on the floor. I run to it and look at it. It was Y/n she was unconscious and shaking really bad. I pick her up and run up the stairs.

Jin: RM!!! *Silence* KIM NAMJOON!!!!!

Rm: What is it!?

Jin: Help me!! Get some cool water and a blood bag!!!

Rm: What happ-..... Y/N!? IS SHE OK!!??

Jin: Just hurry up and get what I asked for, and bring it to her room!!

Rm: Ok i'm on it!!

I carried her to her room and pass all the boys in the hallway. They all looked really worried. They all followed me to the room. I laid her on the bed and covered her.

Rm: Hey! Guys move!!

Jin: Thank you Namjoon.

Rm: Your welcome, but is she ok? What happened?

Jin: I'm not sure but I found her in the basement.

Suho: *Runs in out of breath* Is she ok!?

Jin: Yeah she's fine. But can you answer me why she was down there alone? *cold tone*

Suho: She let go of my arm and I thought she was following me!! Oh god i'm so sorry Y/n.

He started walking towards her and my body moved faster than my brain. I jumped in front of him and blocked him so he can't get to her. I was getting pissed and my eye's turned colors.

Jungkook: H-Hyung? You need to calm down. He doesn't mean any harm he just wants to make sure she's ok.

Tae: Jin. Look at me.

I didn't want to. I wanted to block his way so he could never touch her. I wanted to kill him for hurting my princess.


I looked at him. He never swears unless he is pissed off. He walks towards me and grabs my ear and my hair. My eyes turn back to normal and I yell in pain.


Tae: NO! 

He pulled me out of the room and down the hall. 



Tae: He didn't know about what happened 2 years ago. It's not his fault.

Jin: Fine, alright just watch him so he doesn't hurt her.

Tae: I will you go get some rest.

Jin: Yeah yeah i'm going.

Suho's POV

After Taehyung dragged Jin out of the room I ran to Y/n's side and held her hand. I don't know what happened in her past but it must have been bad if it made her pass out. When she yelled for Jin I freaked out because she didn't sound anywhere near me. I thought she was following me but I couldn't feel her presents near me so I started yelling her name hopping that she would say something so I could find her, but she didn't. I found my way to the stairs and ran up to her room as fast as I could to her room and found her like this.

Suho: God i'm so stupid I should have known not to let her let go of my arm.

Jungkook: She's gonna be ok she just need rest.

Yoongi: Come on lets let her rest.

Suho: No i'm gonna stay till she wakes up.

Yoongi: Fine just don't disturb her.

Suho: I won't I promise.

They walked out of the room and I sat in the chair for what seemed like forever. I fell asleep. 


I woke up and tried sitting up but there is a weight on my arm. I look down and see Suho sleeping next to me. He looks so adorable. I sat there and stared at his beautiful face for a good 3 minuets. I had the urge to kiss him so I did. I leaned in and touched my lips with his as gentle as I could. His plump lips were so soft and kissable. I was in a daze that when he kissed me back I was a bit startled.

Suho: Do you always kiss people when there sleeping?

Y/N: I-I Um... S-Sorry.

I looked down not wanting to look him in the eyes. He took my chin and tilted my head up towards his. He kissed me again and I was shocked but eventually gave in and kissed him back. I melted into the kiss letting him wrap his arms around me. We both let go of the kiss panting for breath.

Suho: So I have a question for you.

Y/N: Hm?

Suho: Would you be my girlfriend?

Y/N: W-What!? ....... I mean YES! 

Suho: *Chuckles* Why did you hesitate?

Y/N: I didn't think you liked me too.

Suho: Well I do. *Big cheeky grin*

He kissed me again but this time I didn't hesitate and kissed him back immediately. I was so happy. I had liked him since  first meet which was when I was 5 years old. I knew that he wasn't like other people. I hope that the boys will except us being together.

Submitted: February 27, 2020

© Copyright 2022 karlie. All rights reserved.

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