From Childhood to Plain Love

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Love is all we have in the end.

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013



From Childhood To Plain Love


One wish, between us both it seemed, one wish that we could share.

One time, the first that we did meet, true love, I really could swear.


We spent each day we could together, and talked and laughed and played.

Then into our teens we grew apart, I wish that you had stayed.


One glance was all it took, I knew, when you finally returned to me.

You looked so handsome and wore a smile, that I felt I never would see. 


I ran to you and you just stood, your arms apart in wait.

We laughed as we did as children, you sayed' It must be fate!'


Explained about the train ride home, how you weren't to come to me.

How the train had broken down somehow, you ended up back at this city.


At first I really thought it was true, about it being fate; just me and you.

Then you let me go from in your arms, and said you had a child or two.


A loving wife who loved you so, you're expecting another child.

My smile, it left, and then I thought, 'you idiot, your thoughts are wild!'


How could I think that he wanted me? Came home to stay for good?

So I took a step back, smiled again, and did what anyone would.


I told him she's a lucky gal and should always treat him well.

That I was doing great myself, I hoped that it would sell.


Then he burst out laughing and pulled me close, Looked me dead in the eye.

'I got you good!' He whispered loudly, ' What I just said was all a lie!'


'There is no wife, no children either, It was always you!'

'So marry me someday, and swear, that we can have a child or two.'


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