Dear Sperm Donor,

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I never had a good relationship with my dad and this poem is me getting my feelings out a little bit...

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



All my life I felt you hated me

maybe you liked me,

but you NEVER loved me.

Was  there ever a time when I made you proud?

or was I one big disappointment?

I can barely think of a time when we got along and never fought,

but all the bad times must just hide it.

Some say we're just alike,

but I'd hate to think I'll end up like you

because you drink to much,

you smoke to much,

and yell to much,

but most of all you hate to much.

I sit and wonder if there was a time you cared,

and when I do you're always never there.

I look at all the other girls who didn't have a dad around,

and think to myself how lucky I am,

but then I remember who I have for a dad,

and say they're just as lucky as I am

because I don't have a dad,

and with you around

I don't think I ever will...

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