Murdered by the Jealous One

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A young, popular girl named Kat goes through a lot drama due to a jealous ex of her hot boyfriend. The ending is awful. This is for Kit's contest

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



This story is for Kit's contest

The first day of Baltimore High School started out slow, the air filled with nervous tension. Everywhere you looked, there were people running around, meeting friends they had not seen since the end of last year or desperately trying to navigate around the large school. Kat walked in with her head high and and a small smile on her face, nodding in greeting to all the friends she passed. With her smile growing, Kat walked towards the cafeteria, searching for her boyfriend, and was pleased to see she was still very popular.

With a contented sigh, Kat rounded the corner only to stop dead in her tracks. Those nearest her glanced at before following the direction of her eyes. At the opposite end of the cafeteria, Kat's blue-eyed, fiery-red haired boyfriend was trying to escape a jealous ex that was pushing herself onto him. Kat started towards the two, the only indication of her rage was the echoing sound of her footfalls, normally silent but was now very loud.

The whole cafeteria went quiet except for the two bickering teens and the heavy footsteps of Kat as she approached them. Everyone followed Kat with their eyes, unsure as to what to do. Each person felt their own rage at the jealous ex, everyone wanting to go to the boy's aid but not wanting to interfere for they did not want to anger Kat. Kat walked on, angry yet confident, knowing the school had her back.

Reaching the two teens, both unaware of her approach, what with their attention on the other, Kat tapped the ex lightly on the shoulder in an attempt to get her attention. Not knowing it was Kat, the girl whacked the hand away. In response, Kat politely tapped the girl's shoulder and cleared her throat. Turning around and shouting out an annoyed "WHAT", the girl locked eyes with the calm figure behind her. With a visible shudder of fear and her breathing become ragged, the girl took a step back, right into Kat's boyfriend. Taking a small step forward, Kat politely placed her hand on the frightened girls shoulder and gently pushed her out of the way.

Taking her boyfriend's hand, Kat led the way to the library, closely followed by her closest friends and best friend. The whole cafeteria was silent as they rounded the corner. Shortly after they disappeared, people started talking and casting murderous glances at the jealous ex, annoyed that she angered Kat the way she had. None of them could have guessed that the girl was plotting to back at Kat. No one expected her to do what she came up with.


Days came and went, no further incidents happened and Kat, waiting for her boyfriend in the cafeteria with her friends, was patiently awaiting the weekend, her birthday was Saturday. Sitting there smiling, Kat was unaware and completely unprepared for the young girl who came rushing from the direction of the office. Kat only noticed the girl when she started calling her name, urgency in her voice. The whole cafeteria went silent as Kat headed towards the small figure.

"Yes," Kat asked, arriving in front of the girl.

Breathing heavily, clearly from running, the girl mutter "Your...boyfriend..."

"Yes, Yes," encouraged Kat, becoming more and more worried.

"He has car wreck," finished the girl breathlessly.

"Well, is he alright," demanded Kat loudly, her body shaking with worry and stress. At this point her friends had joined her and were doing what they can to sooth her so the girl could finish.

"The right...out front," the girl responded, finishing her answer to the back of Kat as Kat turned and bolted for the front office, followed closely by most of the people from the cafeteria. Arriving at the accident, Kat loudly cried out her boyfriend's name before rushing to the closet car. Looking inside, she saw two forms, both not moving. Reaching inside, Kat gently pulled one of them out and handed them to someone who came to help her. Grabbing the next, she handed the person to the boy behind her before crawling in to make sure she didn't miss someone. Gasping, Kat backed out and rushed to the next car, pushing parts of the wreckage aside. Bending down, Kat looked through the outside window and cried out when she saw her boyfriend hanging upside down, unconscious. Crawling underneath the window, Kat laying on her back, looking up at him. Reaching up, she freed the teen and pushed out the window before following, the driver wrapped in her arms. Handing the driver over, Kat kneeled beside the unconscious figure of her boyfriend, whimpering softly.

Strong arms reached down and grabbed Kat under her arms and lifted her away from the boy. The policeman handed Kat to the girl that stepped forward before turning back to the unconscious boy. Turning towards the figure she was shoved too, Kat found herself face to face with jealous ex, a smirk on her face. Collecting herself, Kat silently stared at the girl before her best friend finally pushed her way through the crowd and pushed the ex back. Grabbing hold of Kat, the best friend led the way back to the cafeteria where there were hundreds of people waiting to comfort her. Standing there, she let her friends group around her and hold her close, whimpering softly into their arms. From behind her she heard paramedics arrive and retrieve the unconscious forms and collected Kat's number, promising to call as soon as they were 100% sure he was going to make it.

Kat slumped into her nearest friend's arms and allowed them to lead her back inside. Resting her head on the table she was placed in front of, Kat watched the jealous ex as she walked by, a smirk on her face. Rage grew in Kat's belly and if it wasn't for the restraining hands of her best friend, she would have leaped straight at the girl. Lucky for her, her friends knew what that would do to her and surrounded her, blocking her view from the girl. With a sigh, Kat settled down and waited for her parents that her friends had called for her.


The next day, Friday before her birthday, Kat walked down the halls, a little dejected since her boy friend was still in the hospital, being kept under watch to make sure he really was ok and had only broken his wrist. Sighing, Kat approached her locker and frowned slightly when she noticed a note tapped to the front. Taking down the note, Kat read:

Dearest Kat,

I'm sorry I can't be with you today and I hope I can get out tomorrow for your birthday. I never thanked you for getting me out of the car so I made you a cupcake and a friend put it in your locker for me. Stay safe for me. I love you.

Always yours,


Smiling to herself and still looking down at the note, Kat unlocked her locker and reached inside. Picking up the cupcake in one hand, Kat turned and walked down the hallway, eating the cupcake as she went. She never made it more then a few steps before falling, dead.

From down the hall there came a dark laugh, the jealous ex watching as Kat fell from the poison in cupcake that the ex put there. That recipe had a very significant mistake.

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