The Nightmare of the Memory

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A young girl looses her father in a tornado and her dreams were constantly plagued by the memory.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Sleeping deeply, the young girl diner here her call. The young girl continued to twitch and cry out softly as she slept so the teacher motioned to a nearby class mate to gently wake her up. With a jolt, the young girl woke up and tears streamed down her face. Quickly placing a hand across her mouth, the young girl attempted to quiet the sob she felt coming but couldn't stop it.

Quickly she rose from her seat and left the room, rushing to the rest room. Behind her, the class broke out into hushed whispers, each trying to guess what was wrong as the teacher quickly followed the young girl. One girl in particular had something to say about the young girl. The two of them never saw eye to eye. The crying child had always stood for what she believed in and this particular girl always seemed to oppose everything.

"I bet she was embarrassed for being caught asleep," said the girl, talking to one of her friends, both laughing at what she had said. "She's such a goody goody. Like seriously, she doesn't know how to let loose." As the teacher walked in, the girls quickly quieted down and continued with their lessons, hiding smiles by looking down at their notebook and glancing at each other, giving them a knowing look.

Later that day, walking down the halls, the crying girl could hear the snickering. She could feel the eyes boring into her back. Head down, the girl continued to walk on about her way. Behind her, the girl heard her oldest enemy talking to a group of girls, insulting her and what not, and she knew then and there that it was she who had started all the rumors about her dreams. Her hands tightened on her things and her resolve strengthened.

The next morning, in first class, the young girl sat at her desk, head down as though she was sleeping once again. The teacher had not entered yet and neither had her enemy. The girl sat and waited, her mind racing with the memories that plagued her dreams. She heard the other girl enter and take her seat. She listened as the other girl said "Look, she's asleep already. More dreams."

Silently, the young girl raised her head and looked towards the others. "Want to know what I dream about," she asked. When some of the girls laughed and smiled, the youth continued. "I dream about that day, during the summer, when we had the tornado...

The day started out normal. The girl sat in one of the lazy boys, resting back as she and her mom watched T.V. Her dad called to say he was going to be late so they were just relaxing, her brother choosing to stay in his bedroom.

Looking out the window, the girl asked her mother "Could you change the channel to the weather? It's looks pretty bad outside."

Listening to the news report, the mother and daughter started to fear. There were reports of the wind picking up and tornados starting up nearby. Quickly, the mother, called to her son and she with the two kids prepared a closest downstairs, with no windows, for the worse case scenario. They packed keep sakes, a few pillows, their cat, food, and water. After they finished they went back to the living room and watched the news.

After a little while the girl thought of her father and searched for her phone.

Just as she found it, the noise outside grew. Quickly, her mother jumped up to the window and checked the sky. Easily, the mother spotted the tornado heading right for them and bundle her kids into the closet with them. Thinking once more of her father, the young girl pulled out her phone.

"Dad!?" she said when he picked up on the first ring.

"Kat," responded her father, "thank the stars! Are you okay? Are you safe? What about your mother and Jasper?"

"They are all here dad," Kat said, her eyes welling up, fearing for her father's safety.

"Kat promise me you'll look after your mother and brother."

"but dad!?"

"No buts. Promise me!"

"I will," she said, tears pouring down her face.

"Kat hang up. I'll call you back but don't answer. I want to leave you guys a message....should I not..make it."

"Please hurry dad. I'm so scared!"

Hanging up, the young girl waited as her father called again. Sniffling she pressed cancel when her dad first called and a few moments later, the sign for a voicemail popped up.

"I waited," said the young girl, finishing up her story, "but he didn't call again." Pulling out her phone, the young girl went to her voicemail and looked at the one message still waiting to be heard. Smiling sadly, the young girl looked at her listeners and said, "You know, I never listened to it." She pressed play.

"Hey Kat, it's your dad here," said the voice from her phone, the girl already covering her mouth and holding back the sobs just hearing him say hi. "I want you to know that I love you, sweetheart," he continued, his voice breaking a little. "And your mother. And of course your brother. I am so proud of you. I know you'll go far. When you listen to this, know I'm watching you from above. AndI will always be with you my dear. Take care of everyone. And give them my love." It sounded like he wanted to say more but the sound of the tornado drowned him out. The phone beeped and ended the message, the girl sobbing her heart out.

All around her, her class mates sat there. Unable to stop their own tears. Some stood from their seats and went to try and comfort Kat. Those nearest Kat's enemy gave her murderous glances before looking back at the youth. Their guilt showing in their eyes.

Later that day, those who heard about Kat's incident the day before no longer teased her. Each one offered her words of comfort and sympathy showed in their eyes. The girl walked along, clutching her phone to her chest.

Later that night she played the message for her mom and brother. The three of them huddle together, receiving comfort from one and other. Their father's picture just above the fireplace, smiling down on them.

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