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This was an assignment that I had to turn in during my sophomore year. It is structured in the simple, yet well known "I am" poem format; Figured this would be an okay way to kick off this account. Even though it seems extremely depressing, try to enjoy.

Submitted: April 08, 2014

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Submitted: April 08, 2014



I am an everlasting paradox, sorrowful and confused to my core. 

I wonder about questions that no voice can provide answers to.

I hear the the reverberating echos of my past mistakes--- oh god, everyday. 

I see nothing so clearly as the ceaseless misery that beckons this world as it discloses its dying breaths. 

I want to comprehend the cause; for I have alone only the desire to feel purpose in this body. 

I pretend to live joyfully, wearing this faux smile on my face that incessantly tears me apart. 

I believe in nothing; lacking faith in fear of false hope. 

I reach out to touch the memories of a once giggling child, now lying still and lifeless within only shrouded reflections.

I feel overwhelmed by nothing at all; so hollow and empty inside that it seems to crush me. 

I worry that I'll never witness that child's smile again. 

I cry, swallowed by the pain and regret that I cannot allow myself to feel.

I am a paradox, sorrowful and complex for I myself will never quite understand. 

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