values of love and friendship

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This story is very nice and I cannot tell in words itself

Submitted: March 12, 2017

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Submitted: March 12, 2017



VALUES OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP A Romantic evening at ABC college Farewell.On that special occasion Joe proposed Blessy.Blessy accepted Joe’s true love.After 3 years,Joe and Blessy got married and started their happy life. To start their life they thought of going to outstation.In meanwhile they planned to go for church and started their trip to church.They went and prayed their Almighty.Beside there was two babies were crying aloud.One of the baby is boy and another one is girl.When blessy took the baby girl and baby boy the church bell was ringing as like the lord showering the blessings.All these sounds of reason,made blessy to decided about adopting these kids. Blessy shared this decision to Joe,Joe also accepted for Blessy’s decision.They named the babies as Soniya and Sonu.Kids started growing and they was enjoying their childhood with their parent’s love and care. Fourteen years later,Sonu’s friend’s, Kavin and Prakash invited him to their village.Sonu was asking his sister whether can we go for his friend’s village.Soniya likes to seek permission from her parents. Atlast,their parents accepted to go to village.After few hours their parent’s came and said to his children that they two are like two eyes for them.Next day,two siblings started their journey to their friend’s village.Finally both reached the village, Sonu introduced her sister to his friend’s. The next day, they planned to hang out together.At mid-twelve 0 clock,Soniya was feeling hungry.Sonu said this to Prakash and Kavin.Prakash and Kavin started preparing dinner in just five minutes with a slice of sandwich and a cup of noodles and for some time they started to play indoor games. Prakash scheduled the list of work and places to visit.They decided to go for shipping, flying in parachutes, hill climbing,visiting temples,and park.While climbing Sonu fell down.They took Sonu to Hospital in Ambulance.Sonu was in need of blood due to heavy blood loss.He is in need of A2+ blood group.Prakash decided to donate blood to his friend. Seeing to that, Soniya got love on Prakash. Atlast Sonu got recovered soon by God’s grace.Sonu and Soniya didn’t tell about this incident to their parent’s. Soniya told to their parent’s about her love with prakash.During their marriage Sonu fell in love with a girl named Sadhana.Finally Sonu’s parents accepted for his love also.And they started to lead a happy life.

Moral: Only love and friendship rules the World.

This lovely story is by, T.KARTHEEPAN.

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