When Anger Won

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

The poem describes the state of mind of a person who has just had a narrow escape from a terror attack. He thinks about the violence around him and a volley of questions rally his mind. Slowly he realizes the cause of all this is anger. He wonders whether there is a solution to this.



I was travelling in the morning train, I heard a loud thud,
I was thrown aside, my body covered with mud.

With a conscious effort, I pulled myself up,
It was serious business, not a storm in the cup.

There had been a blast in the train,
Bodies lay scattered, in anguish, in pain.

I felt lucky that I had survived,
But there were many who were deprived.

I saw the bodies around, some injured, some dead,
They lay there helpless, there was nothing that they said.

Soon the rescue team arrived, there was some motion,
They discussed, another terror attack was the common notion.

The doctors fixed me, escorted me outside,
I was bruised outside, but battered inside.

I walked away, I walked away alive,
Into an ocean of thoughts, my mind made a dive.

Every new day, we see so many new people around,
They walk by silently, but still there is so much sound.

Every person who walks, carries a face,
Knowingly or not, they leave a trace.

Of happiness, joy, elation, sorrow and grief,
From each of them, try and take out a leaf.

Then try analyzing all the leaves that you assembled,
But on seeing my results, all my hopes crumbled.

Over happiness and joy, It was anger which won,
I didn’t know what had gone wrong, damage had been done.

A second thought, I realized my results were right,
I had so many questions, with no answers in sight.

All headlines today carry reports of murder and rape,
Have we started reverse evolving, turning back to an ape?

Why does a teenager pick up a bomb and gun,
When he should rather be playing under the sun?

Why is every country struggling to fight crime?
Why do we fear boarding a plane everytime?

Why do people always fight and slog?
Why are there disputes that cant be solved by dialogue?

Why are innocents killed by a bunch of retards?
Do we have a third world war on the cards?

Why are militants so safe and secure in their dens?
Why is every country in a race for nuclear weapons?

Why haven’t we been able to catch OSAMA till now?
Even the US has failed, and we all know how!

There are no answers to these questions that I can give,
May be they are constraints, with which we will have to live.

I will carry these questions around, with no answers in tow,
I am sure this is not the end, anger will only further grow.

May be we will now need a messiah to come with a broom,
To clean us all up, to save us from the impending doom.

Or else , our lives will continue to be like this,
On the whim of an angry man, turn our body into a dish.

There were people, lucky ones like me, who survived today,
Rather we lived, we lived to die another day!!!!!

Submitted: August 20, 2010

© Copyright 2021 kartik. All rights reserved.

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