Love's Boudaries

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kaia is an ordinary girl with ordinary friends when one question turns her her world upside down who will she pick, who would be left with a broken heart and who is the one hiding secrets...?

I stepped out of the car and onto a long trail of bright red roses, the air was filled with the sound of violins, vanilla scented candles and the sweet smell of chocolate. Following the red rose trail, I saw one of my best friends standing in the middle of a giant red heart he was so handsome; he had golden skin, dark mysterious eyes, jet-black spiky hair and the most gorgeous smile. Matt was my perfect friend in my perfect world but the events that are about to unfold made my perfect world come crashing down on top of me. He looked into my eyes and took something out of his jacket, my throat was dry I stood there in utmost shock as he came closer and closer until I could feel his breath on my skin. He whispered the words I dreaded “Will you marry me Kaia?”

Words tried to escape my lips but all attempts failed in the 2 minutes I stood there astounded I revisited our time together there was nothing but friends ,no romance just friendship. Anger built up like an erupting volcano ,how could he does this he has a girlfriend ,he has ruined everything ,my life was so perfect, these thoughts span round my head until I finally erupted “you’ve ruined everything ,how could you do this you have a girlfriend !”I shouted these bitter words and ran off crying ,matt was calling behind me “Kaia come back I left everything for you I thought all this time that you loved me ,please don’t do this, I love you!” I ran to the out building and phoned Kalisa my sister I told her the whole story she said she was on her way.

As I waited I got myself together, wiped my eyes and brushed my hair when suddenly the door flung open and there was Matt, he locked the door and started walking closer and closer eventually backing m into a corner he smelt of alcohol then I knew he wasn’t himself when he forcefully kissed me. I tried to push him away but my strength was nothing compared to his. my attention swayed from the struggle to my sister banging on the door to open it she couldn’t come in as it was locked so she took a rock and smashed the top window and came running in shouting and cursing Matt . She dragged him outside and shouted at him some more for being drunk. I stood there in shock; my best friend could have become my fiancée in just one word.

Kalisa took me to the car and sitting inside was my true crush Jamie he made forget everything I could get lost in his deep sea blue eyes. Everybody thinks he likes me as well so here is to the best. “A group of us are camping at the beach you can come if you want sis, Jamie is coming as well” asked Kalisa. “I don’t mind if I do,” I laughed. Waking up on the warm sand ,listening to the waves smelling the salty air and watching the waves gallop like white horses is like heaven on earth, the moment was broken by a sweet ,familiar voice “come on Kaia”called Jamie “I’m coming” I replied we loaded the car and drove off. As we were driving on the motor way was falling asleep when a warm hand touched mine, it was Jamie, the warmth emanating from his skin overwhelmed me “he asked if I wanted to sleep on his chest” shyly I agreed I leaned over and placed my head on his chest, his sweet smelling deodorant overpowered my senses I felt as If I was in pure bliss, slowly my eyes started to close and everything became pitch black. “Wake up Kaia we are here comes on wake up” Jamie insisted but I refused “come on Kaia if you didn’t want to go to the movie awards that you should have said so”

I jumped up quickly, the whole week I had been fretting about the movie awards which I was doing a cover story on. “So now you get up I thought you were going to sleep through the whole show come on we’re at the hotel go and get dressed it’s already 7:00pm” I walked into the hotel; immediately there was a wave of a sensational aroma, there was statues of magical creatures encrusted with diamonds and gold. The tapestry’s were woven by angels each thread was perfect but the magic was gone when a lady at the front desk spoke in her high pitched annoying voice “how may I help you” she screeched “Just give me my room key,” I said rudely When I went upstairs there was a dress laid out on the bed, pearl earrings and a necklace were perfecting arranged “how beautiful” I said to myself. Next to the dress was a tiny note written in black gel pen ‘To my darling Kaia I wanted you to look beautiful on your big day Love Jamie’ how sweet was he I thought to himself I couldn’t have found myself a better friend or could he be more then that?

I slid on the silk dress, the feeling against my skin felt like a quick rush of cold water flowing smoothly down my body. The dress was hand stitched with small silver-crusted jewels and a magnificent design around the bodice; it could not have been more perfect. I looked at the time “shit it’s already quarter to seven im goona be so late and Jamie is waiting for me” I rushed out of the room and ran down to the lobby where Jamie was waiting. He looked so gorgeous in his tuxedo. I went close to him and giggled, “You clean up well I’m surprised” “You hang around a bit and there will be even more surprises” he chuckled

After the movie awards, which was absolutely brilliant, Jamie took me for a drink. “You know you looked much better than any one else there” he said shyly in my ear “Well that’s because you picked out my dress and the jewellery” I chuckled “No it was your eyes, your face when you smile, your soft flowing hair,” he said as he gently caressed my face. We came to halt I could feel the harsh wind pelt my skin like darts it started to snow heavily but the feeling was pushed aside as I I glared in to his eyes and saw my future right there only me and him no one else. He bent down gently and kissed my lips softly he pulled me close so my body moulded to his our passion was unstoppable. His hands were twisted in my hair tugging gently to show his enthusiasm my hands were wrapped around his neck trying to end the small proximity between us. Suddenly he abruptly pushed me away “we can’t do this” he said as he pulled away and ran ...

Submitted: May 11, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Karunya. All rights reserved.

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Well first off all I have to say that it was a bit difficult to read.Needs spacing.I loved the plot,but at certain points it was a bit unclear.Try to review it and edit it properly.
Pls do not think that this is a bad comment.Think of it as constuctive criticsm.^_^
As I was saying:I liked ur story,it was nice.Gave u a like and i wish you good luck on ur future publications!^_^

Wed, May 11th, 2011 7:05pm

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