A One Step Journey

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every jouney begins with a single step ^^ that one may be the hardest, but after that you can only go forward. even if it gets worse before the better, you can be sure its going to get better.^^ enjoy your trip my friends^^ YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



One step

As if you know what that means

Because one step can be a fine line

To fall or to stand; or to be left in between


One song

One simple lyric that plays through a heart

That’s what a life is—

You sing it until the end

Or ignore it from the start


This is it

The only way to survive

You give yourself a purpose

Or you listen to the lies


You don’t need a ray of sunshine

It’s not about what you can control

It about the journey of living

And finding where you need to go


So one step

Even if the wounds never mend

How many times you fall is not the matter

--It’s how many times you pick yourself up again

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