Are Published Authors Free from Being Criticized?

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The youth of today seems to believe that once you achieve something in a field, there is no possible way you can get better at it. This applies to writing, too. What is your opinion? Should published author's work be as criticized as a casual writer's?

note: this is poorly written. sorry!

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



 While browsing a favorite forum of mine, I came across an introductory post by a young woman - we will just call her Emily. Emily seemed very convinced in herself, noting that she was writing her very first fan fiction at the moment. I could already tell we weren't going to get along due to her speech style,  but I decided to approach her, just to see how she would react. I gave her the old 'Hi, welcome to ____, I hope you have a nice time here'  greeting, as well as letting her know I was the fan fiction forum's main critic, and jokingly said I hoped I didn't make her cry any time soon.

Emily laughed, but acted as if I had challenged her or otherwise offended her. I did not get any thanks for the salutations whatsoever, only a competitive reply. "I am a seasoned writer," she told me, "I have a story published, and this will be my first fan fiction. It will survive, so bring it!" I thought this just reeked of cockiness, although I do not think others will agree.

I was disgusted. It would have been fine to learn about her published works and the like, but she simply rubbed it in my face. It was as if she was saying 'Since I have something on the shelves already, I am too good for criticism. Don't bother.' I have not replied, and I won't - I also scrapped the idea of commenting on any of her stories in the future.

This did set my brain into action, however. So now I'm asking Booksie: Are published author's works too good for anything except praise?

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