Brynn's Amazing Discovery

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yep, another timed writing. ten minutes again, but with a prompt i made up on my own. kinda inspired from a video about a 115 year-old game found in missouri recently. it's somewhere on; why don't you check it out? it's pretty cool.

i'm fond of this piece, though i think it's written kinda weird..i got carried away. still, i hope you enjoy, and i appreciate comments. :)

summary: a money-hungry little girl finds an old board game in her room. believing that it is of very high value and that it would sell for millions, she is extremely careful with it, forcing herself not to even touch the box. however, when curiosity drives her insane, she finally lifts the see nothing but a pair of die.
i'm considering getting a mic and uploading an audio version of this, because it's very fun to read out might be a while, though, considering i don't even own a mic!

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



Brynn carefully lifted the container off the plush carpet and set it down on the table, marveling at the elaborate design on the box and the decorative text on the lid..even though she could not read it. She had never seen anything like this before, and of course her parents could not have, or her parent's parent's..maybe this game, maybe even just the sheet that must be inside it, is worth millions! The girl stared in awe for a couple of seconds, then proceeded to grab a blue feather duster from the closet. Surely no one would be interested in a crummy old must be clean. No, Brynn, do not touch it! You will destroy it with your massive hands. Then it will not sell for a penny.

Now, it is finally spotless! Good work! Turning back to the box on the table, Brynn wondered if she should open the box and have a look at the game inside. No! Absolutely preposterous! Do not even attempt to touch that box. It's not your property, Brynn. It will be some rich man's soon, however..but, then again, how are you supposed to know how much it is worth if you restrict yourself from peeking? It can't hurt..

Oh, my!
Oh, dear!

There's nothing inside! Nothing at all! Just a pair of die. Well, now you have learned your lesson, Brynn. If you didn't have to look, you could have made a fortune! But now you, and every single person on Earth, knows that this game is completely worthless, and no one, not even the common fool, will even consider paying a penny for this..this piece of junk! It is all your fault, Brynn. All your fault!

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