Olympe and the Funeral

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Timed writing - 10 minutes.

Prompt: (write for) 10 minutes * female character - under 18 * paper umbrella

I tried to not include dialogue, but I was at a loss at the end.

I hope you enjoy. :)

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



Olympe set the glass back down on the table, brushing her silken brown hair out of her eyes. It was unusually warm today, so everyone she knew was at the pool nearby, having a good time while she sat on her patio and pretended to be there as well with a cup decorated with a slice of a pineapple and a tiny pink paper umbrella that her mother had offered to her.

How she wished she could have gone as well! But, a death in the family had taken place recently, and as such she had to stay home and prepare for the funeral, which would begin in a matter of hours. She already had her clothes picked out – a white dress, odd for the occasion...but it was just so hot, Olympe refused to attend in dark clothing. With it she would wear a tiny Claddagh ring her friend had given to her, and pearl earrings. Her mother had chided her, saying her daughter looked like she was going to attend a wedding, and made a point that Olympe's attire was 'offensive' and that she would be sure that she would never wear something like that in public again.

Frankly, Olympe actually hadn't been told of the funeral until this morning – apparently her great uncle had died of heart failure a week ago. Her mother also told her that the whole home had been abuzz with chat about the funeral, and yelled at her once more for 'not paying attention'. The thing is, there hadn't actually been any talk of Olympe's great uncle, nor had there been any of a funeral.

Hours later, Olympe put on her fine clothing and jewelery. Stepping out of the doorway, she called to her mother that she was ready, then asked when they were leaving. Her mother said that they were going to have to leave later than expected, as there was traffic, and told Olympe to keep her dress on and take a quick rest in her room. The brunette complied, stalking back into her bedroom and shutting the door, muttering to wake her when it was time to leave.

As soon as her daughter disappeared behind the door, Olympe's mother dashed up and locked it.

“Well, that's that.”

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