Far From Eden- Part 7

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(Continuation of Far From Eden Part 6) A story about a young man in the service, that has everyday challenges of life, job (as a Army Infantry Man) and emotions thrust upon him.

Based on a true story

Submitted: April 27, 2011

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Submitted: April 27, 2011



Day Number ... Could it be Day six already?


I've lost count. The days have already run together. This assignment's gone so smoothly, the time's just sailing away. I think I am becoming quickly accostomed to the high tempertures. This land of the sand is desolate. The sun is too hot, the air is too dry, and with each breath I can somehow taste the sorrow that lingers in this desert. Right now I'm having a hard time looking ahead, like couple months long term-wise. I pray this war ends soon, at least have Coalition forces begin pulling back yet politics is a dirty game -How many will die before they realize? It's been too many already...my thoughts are all over the place and its making my vision start to blur. Its nearly nightfall, and Kennan still did not like the fact that I was put to work with his team. His grin was infectious. He had this tightly compressed smile, even when he was pissed. You could tell when he was mad because the grin expanded a tad and tightened at the edges. Almost a grimace, but not quite. But even that usually passed quickly. So when he looked up at me through the hatch to try and see if i was screwing around or looking for ways to chew me out  by just standing there and keeping my eyes on the road ahead, I already memorized what his face would look like. He disliked me for whatever reason, and the feeling was mutual. As I was thinking and focusing on the long stretch of dirt road ahead, I saw a family walking on the side of it, a father leading, mother behind the father, a son and a daughter beside the mother. I was wondering why they were walking so close to the road. Then suddenly, the man leading his family picked up his young daughter, (about six or seven years of age) and threw her out in front of the HUMV, thinking we would stop.

Everyone inside the HUMV saw what had happened. We all knew what the man was trying to do. And even at 60mph, we could still feel the impact, despite her size. After Reynolds slammed on the brakes and made the vehicle come to  abrupt stop, I could feel my heart beating hard against my chest. Rage filled the inside of me, heat and some other kind of emotion I did not recognize was pulsing through my veins with my blood. I jumped out of the turrent and started toward the man. I could feel the three of my teams eyes on my back, and I soon heard Kennan get out and his heavy footsteps on the dusty dry ground. I grabbed the man by the collar and shook him violently. I threw him on the ground and kicked dust in his face, he didn't fight back, he only let out a slight laugh every now and again, which pissed me off even more. Reynolds and Daniels were trying to keep me off of the guy now. My eyes were watering as I was throwing punches and the man's wife and son where standing a few feet away crying for their daughter and beloved sister.

"Weinzierl," Kennan began sternly. "Get off of him!"

His voice was distant though despite the fact he was standing right over my shoulder.

I picked up the half conscious man from the collar of his dishdasha, and slammed him into the side of the HUMV.

I slammed him against the hard metal of the vehincle once or twice more just out of pure frustration. He now had a emotionless expression on his face, as he looked me in the eye, with the one eye he had that was not swollen from my fists.

"Why did you do it?" I yelled in his face.

 "Thats your child, your little girl! Your a monster, all of this just to get us to stop us? Whats your problem?!"

 I cursed at him, his daughter was dead under those tires, and he did not care. Then, he said these words to me. I will never forget that moment when he looked me dead in the eyes and said,

"I didn't want her, I only need sons."

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