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Enormiclops fights Herculoclops for Princess Goldiclops

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



Enormiclops was a Clopsis god from the planet Clopsosis in an unknown galaxy not even the highest technology could detect. Enormiclops was a schizophrenic maniac who was always trying to take over the planet Clopsosis , but because of his uncontrollable psychotic mental disorder breakdowns and long history of attacks and spaz’s plus the murder of Goddess Sheenaclopsis he was sentenced to 25 clopi’s, or 800 years in the Clopsosis Galaxy Psychiatric Prison/ Hospital. Enormiclops was a bald headed, red eyed, 7’8 freak who weighed 1280 pounds. So because of his strength he had to be tied down with 18 inch thick, pure stainless steel handcuffs and shackles that were certified and guaranteed break-proof, so strong that nobody could break out of them. But little did the Clopsosis correctional officers know, Enormiclops won the world galaxy strongman competition benching 8000 pounds, leg pressing 7575 pounds and clean jerking 10,000 pounds. It was unbelievable.

It was just a normal day on Clopsosis, and the guards at the Clopsosis Galaxy Psychiatric Hospital suddenly heard a loud noise that sounded like a spaceship landing in or blowing up. Under suspicion the guards get out of their guard station and go outside and check to see what’s going on. When they get out there they are flabbergasted by what they discovered. Was it a plane, was it a spaceship, was it a hover car, no it was Herculoclops, god of the planet Herclopsis. The guards were speechless and astounded still by this miraculous discovery. All of sudden there were cheers coming from the Prison chanting “HERCULOCLOPS!!!!!!!!!.”How could this happen the Prison guards were thinking. There’s only one explanation, he has come to defeat the one and only Enormiclops. This is amazing they thought. Finally we have someone that can beat this enormous clump of psychotic madness. So the guards started chanting with the inmates of the prison shouting “YEAH HERCULOCLOPS!!!!!!!!.” Herculoclops was the strongest man In all of the galaxies and planets and nobody could beat him. Many have tried and many have failed so the threat of Enormiclops was just a joke. “I WILL CRUSH HIM TO DIRT AND SAVE ALL THE PEOPLE IN THIS PRISON.” Herculoclops was a 8’8, 8050 pound freak with dirty blonde hair and blue and opal eyes.

So when Herculoclops finally landed on the grounds of the prison he heard this clinking and clanking and moving around in one of the dungeons. “Who be the one they call Enormiclops? “It is me who they call Enormiclops,”responded Enorniclops.”“Ye are the one that think ye can defeat me? Ha Ha Ha Ha. It is ye that tickles my heart.” said Herculoclops. All of a sudden Enormiclops broke out of his chains and jumped from his dungeon to the front of Herculoclops’s face. He then said to Herculoclops, “ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME.” “Yes I am” said HERCULOCLOPS with anger in his face. “Meet me at Herclopsis as I challenge you u to THE BATTLE OF THE GALAXIES to see who is the real king” Enormiclops said I’ll meet you in five! So Herculoclops hopped in his BMW 8500 space craft and flew to the Galaxy of Herclopsis. When they arrived the judge told the both of them did they know what they were fighting for. Both replied yes, Princess Goldiclops. “BEEEEEEEEEEP, round one.” It was a wrap after that. “Stop the fight. Stop the fight. We have our winner!!!!!!!!!!!!! After one round of 2:53 seconds we have declared the Herculoclops is the hero by T.K.O. Herculoclops cheered in defeat and got to take the rights of the galaxy Clopsosis as his, and take Princess Goldiclops. The Galaxy of Herclopsis Cheered as the went to a celebration and Herculoclops and Princess Goldiclops lived Happily Ever after.






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