children and parents

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this article will tell you about how to have a great bonding with your family

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



this century has a vast variety of people and all they have is their different taste

today i wanna share my views on what the childerns want and what there parents want...

today the generation gap is increasing among parents and their child all this are happing because we don't freely express 

what we feel. we don't have time. we childrend think that our parents don't understand us

but what our parents think is also the same.

i know one girl she was good in danching but her parents want her to be a doctor. she tries many times but can't passed the medical test. but her parents continully forced him, and that's the reason she suicide atlast.

in the above incident we see that the girl never talk to her parent about what she feel and i also say that the fault of her parent is also the same. they want to fullfill their dreams by her daughter but they forget what dream her daughter seen.

the parents should not only be their parents but they should be their bestfriends too. there should be displine, limits but there should also the freedom to their offsprings to express what they want to say.

negative thoughts come in childrens mind when he/she find that i am alone. i have nobody with me. that was the time we want our parents to be with us. we think that your old thinking will ruined our life and mostly it happens but there is no problem to talk with parents.

i know parents know more than us but they should also understand what their child wants. if there is no bonding withing a family the family itself has no meaning. 

on the other hand the childrens should also listen to their parents and talked to them about everything they feel. wheather is was good or bad. no one will help you in bad times but your parents can. what you feel. face the problems. everything can happen.........................

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