A Brief History on the Demon Queen Haruka

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The blog entry from RP Me over one of my longest running characters.

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012




Some Basics


General Information:

Name: Haruka Sunad Valarauko Echo Bonefang Alter
Nicknames: Queen, Mistress, Echo,
Age: Never ask a lady
Race: The Blood of Demons
Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Silvery-blonde
Likes: Winning, blood, domination, cold and ice, water, sex, power, finesse, beauty,
Dislikes: losing, the "pure and mighty", traitors, spicy food, overconfident weaklings, humans
Fears: powerlessness nothing
Personality: Cold, bloodthirsty, vengeful, manipulative, quiet, and possessive; the Queen is an overlord full of vice. Echo would just as easily slit the throat of one man while simultaneously trying to seduce another to take the former's position. She enjoys terrorizing those she views as inferior, and being praised. An arrogant, cocky woman, Echo often goes out of her way to find strong warriors and corrupt them into her own personal tools of destruction.

Nothing pleases the Queen more than an overwhelming defeat of her foes, and any survivors after a battle with her are dealt with swiftly, often being tortured, raped, given money, and killed - not necessarily in that order. She prefers to not step into the front-line, often deciding to watch a massacre from a good vantage point.

Powers and Strengths:

Water: due to the demon magic flowing within her body, Echo is capable of perfectly controlling various forms of water. She has such near-flawless control that she is able to draw the water out from a single plant several feet away or instantly vaporize the water from all life within a large radius of her. She is able to use this water in many different forms, such as ice blades and water whips.

Darkness: Once again, as per her demon ancestry and personal studies, the Queen is able to control the "essence" of darkness, often blending into shadows and finding the 'dark' secrets of people's hearts. A more vague form of specialized magicks.

Enhanced Speed: Though incredibly weak compared to most residents of other worlds (several times stronger than the average human, regardless), through the use of magics, she is able to reach a near blinding speed with ease.

Sword Play: Living for centuries and traveling the world, Haruka has made many powerful warriors into servants. By studying them over long periods of time, the woman was able to learn a variety of sword techniques, and uses them to great effect if forced into physical combat.

Seduction: an incredibly powerful dark overlord with near-infinite magical resources. Short, dominant, nice hips, with several "interests" that can't be discussed on this page. If that doesn't work, hypnotism and illusions always help.


Demon Release:

Haruka Echo is constantly in a heavily restrained state. To save energy between meals and to allow for near-constant vigilance, it could be said that Haruka keeps herself in a "standby" mode; actively running the daily ongoings of her kingdom within a form that barely rivals that of low-class demons and strong humans. As she anticipates battle or is pushed to the limit of an existing restraint on herself, she can and will release her power in 'Stages' to quickly overcome foes.

  • First Release: Echo's first release is performed during the immediate threat of danger. After allowing adrenaline to start pumping inside her, and focusing the resulting energy into a purple aura and intense cold around her body, a red wave-like pattern grows out from her left hip. It eventually covers her entire body. Continued injury and battle speed up the process. Physical strength and agility are increased during this state.
  • Second Release: Once the red tattoo covers her body and finally marks its way over Echo's face, it solidifies and darkens. Her skin becomes a deep tan, and her eyes begin to glow vibrantly. She becomes much more bestial and aggressive, and drops her normally long-ranged approach to battle in favor of melee and beatdown tactics. Several fold more powerful than her first release.
  • Third Stage: In what could be best described as an all-out thought of "obliterate everything", this is reserved for fighting only the most stringent and impossible of opponents; typically, Immortals and up to mid-class Deities. Her senses, strength, agility, and magical prowess are increased to a state of near-divinity. Her body is transformed into a semi-liquid state, able to dissolve and reform at will and change her body structure to suit the situation.



Haruki the Catgirl was born in a small, supersticious village that absolutely detested demons. Her mother was impregnated by a warrior from a faraway land that hid his bloodline and took advantage of her in the forest. Several months later, at her birth, it was clear to the mother and the adoptive father that this was no mortal child. The blonde hair and cat-like features, such as ears and tail, were proof of that.

Years of abuse passed by, dragging on both too slow and too quickly for the young child. While forced to wear thick clothes and toted about as a "cripple" for her strange walk and behavior, her childhood was spent apart from others - viewed as a freak. Haruki, while being bullied by other children, one day revealed herself as a cat demon.  Very quickly, the village turned on her and ran her out.

She was found some years later by Kashu, a professional Demon Hunter and sword-for-hire. He had taken pity upon the maltreatment of Haruki and thought to right her past by teaching magic to the young woman. That was the taste of her first power - Water.

"What type of cat controls water?" The irony of it was astounding, but it was power nonetheless. Those that had it could do whatever they wanted. The powerful were free. Such a wonderful blend of ideals formed inside the young girl's chest as Kashu eventually dropped the blossoming teenager off at a "school for the gifted" - a citadel in the mountains designed to hone her elemental powers to their highest potential.

Haruki Sunad, as she was now called, met many wonderful people there. Megerra Tepes, Nathan the Lightmaster, Jet Hisaki - and, most importantly, Drazilisk Valarauko. It was both utter fear and love at first sight. Draz was the Master of Shadow Arts, and stood for everything that held Haruki back and pushed her forward: desire, power, control, freedom.

The dual natures of the light put into her by Nathan and Kashu, and the temptations of darkness from her demon side and Drazilisk were eventually too much. They pulled as her powers grew stronger, before breaking - clean in two. Terrible emotional distress caused her powers to lose control and rip her dual persona into two different bodies. Haruka Echo and Haruki Sunad - dark and light - demon and weakness.

War had erupted across the school as Jet lost control with the fire demon Belmont. Draz used this opportunity to corrupt many of the school's students into his own forces and summon his brethren, who were long banished into the nether worlds. His coup, though successful to an extent, did not grant him full control of the citadel that the school rested on. His children were born from Megerra, his dark brethren died, and the Dark King's little plaything was given away as a war prize to Ivorhowl Bonefang.

Several years passed. The two halves of Haruki grew up very differently. Haruka Echo, stuck in a "loop" from her split off the original, did not age much. Her cat form was hidden away from the overwhelming dark energies of the spirit wolves, with which she shad taken control and become the Alpha Female. The light side, her weak side, had grown into a beautiful woman and a powerful Water Master.

However, after a fateful final stand, Draz took control of the ancient castle, claiming his own country and that with which the school protected under his foot. Haruka managed to hunt down and finish off her weakness, devouring the light. Darkness won - though, her heart still felt empty.

A hundred years passed before she finally assassinated that man. Ivorhowl in his sleep, then the spirit wolves as cannon fodder for the wife and children, also departed during that same battle. With the Dark God himself at full power and fully enraged, Haruka Echo Bonefang took her place at his side. Her hand reached into the man's chest and ripped out the vile heart, the very soul of a god, and she ate it.

With all those that had ever hurt her crushed before her foot, and those with the power to control her once more long dead, the reign of the Dark Queen started. Changing her name to Alter for a period, she had quickly spread her vengeance over the world. Countries fell like dominos before her honed powers and wit. Flags stood by the hundreds outside the court, won from the enemy capitals themselves.

Only after spreading out to her heart's content and staining the world in a cloud of fear did Haruka Echo Alter finally settle. She found happiness and love for a brief period, before killing and taking the power of all that served her. One by one, she built a beautiful world full of beautiful people that would never, ever turn against her, never leave her.

The woman grew wiser, and watched the insects progress under her feet. During a long coma, caused by one of the most recent attacks on her kingdom from a party of heroes, her territory was carved up and pushed back to the forbidden citadel of Valia alone. After her re-awakening by dark magicks did Echo once again try to reclaim the continent.

However, her powers were greatly diminished. They were only a shadow of their former glory. The Dark Queen had to rebuild her forces, the citadel long forgotten and abandoned, left to ruin and thought of as myth. Echo had forged alliances with other demon lords and had born a daughter out of this. Over the years, she had finally amassed a sizeable army.

Unfortunately, her daughter had married the Kusanagi family. Forced into a truce of peace for the young Jade's happiness, the Queen now sits on her throne, grumbling, waiting for the filthy mortals that her daughter loves to perish so that she may continue her great expansion.


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