I spread the dreams under your feet. Step Softly. As you are treading on my dreams.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
I spread the dreams under your feet. Step Softly. As you are treading on my dreams.

Submitted: December 31, 2014

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Submitted: December 31, 2014



Yet another romance is over. Lots of passion. Lots of hope. Broken dreams. Yet once more.

Wait for me. But. Nobody waits. Life goes on. It is time to go.

Time to abandon unsettled posts. For those who gave them the most.

Roxane's veil. To be unveiled. To show beauty. At the cost of sake.

Tonight I will not be alone. But you know that does not mean I am not lonely.

Without you by my side, my love. Time to say the last goodbyes.

Show must go on. Programme to follow. No denial this time. Just yet once another loss.

All summers long. When we were happy. Those short seconds of hope.

Nethertime to come. Netherworld to take. Neverland too sweet.

I was crying when I met you. Now I try to forget you.




Why is it so hard to admit defeat and cry... ?

Lost in the truth.

So hard to accept. So hard to push. Away. The sorrow. Or me.

Forbidden words. Forsaken to be said. Denied pasts. Just to shake the cage.

At her knees she crawled. Last will of their own. Then in hands of powerful masters.

They bent. Their free will. At stake. Forsake. Spell to brake.

Before the morning passed by.


End was coming. Millenniums ago. Everything according to the old books.

Of Tolkien and Shakespeare...

You just missed it. While reading them.

Circle of life. Always to keep the balance. Never to forgive. Never to forget.


Once I was so sure... Of my place in the nest...

He was coming like a massive wave... Just into my arms.

Now, he is burning me like flesh burn kisses.

That is the love. Come and embrace me, till the very end of time.

The very end of time.


Return you to the paradise...

Of your virtual walls.

Of your virtual world.

Of your virtual self.

How many words for you to understand? It was not for the gold. It was not for the glory.


It was for you.


How many words it has to take? To return you to paradise?

Sat quietly watching beginnings and ends of the worlds...

End of his. End of hers. End of the Universe and Space.

End of the biggest... (love...?)

End of something beautiful.


For the sake of their unborn children.

Script to be read as you dream.

Black on white. The sin to be named.

Their little dirty secret. Not to be spoken of...

On the floors of heaven. At the peak.

At the highest mountain. They stood.

Hand in hand. Close to the God. The Creator of this all.

Admiring His power, His will.

Extraordinary. To return into regular grey.


What is love? When is tearing you apart...

Standing in the rain... So no one sees me crying. Trying to wash away the pain.

Unbreak my heart. Unfriend my love.

For the hero to go home. When all the bridges are burnt.

As she has story to tell.

Free to decide. Whether I am wrong or right.

Feel like a little girl. Too little to take all your burning love...






Whether to stay or to go... Just the distance is so unbelievable.

And those roses to give up their precious lives. To fulfil vanity of passions.

Closer I get, more I lose my faith (in love and loneliness)...

No pictures to be taken. No pictures to forget.

Just his last smell. To forget to possess.

Maybe it is the pill. Maybe it is the wind. Maybe it is the moon. Whether the weather. Whether whatever.

Maybe it is just those two kids. Grown ups.

So called.

So misleading.

To miss.


This artificial owl. Is very expensive. As every good fake.

Saxophone to play farewell tune. Violins to follow. At night flight....

As we love each other so much.

That we cannot live without.

With or without you.

Loneliness and me.

Demons and me.


She is gazing at the stars. Without yell in her eyes.

Just the silent scream. When want to scream and have no mouth.

Before the darkness passes the light.


'I spread the dreams under your feet. Step softly. As you are treading on my dreams.'

'And death shall have no dominion.'

Who cares...(?)


© Copyright 2020 kasia1986. All rights reserved.

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