lost soul cry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


Upon the hour of doubt.

Blood pumping in the veins over what happened.



Maybe the dream will fall upon me.

Maybe all these fantasies will come flailing around.



Maybe I will see you in my dream.

Maybe you will invade me.



Why do we have to talk through letters?

As such is life.

Such is destiny.

Such is fight where no one is the winner, nor the looser.







No one to blame.

No one to care.



Maybe you will come to see me

Maybe you will understand.







Sitting in the dark room at 4am in the morning.

Small light to lit the darkness.

Of my soul.



When want to scream and have no mouth.

Just a silent pain in my eyes.

Not to wake up the neighbours.



Standing in the rain, so no one sees me crying.

Lost soul cry.

To wash away the pain.

Just to feel the existence.



Why the hell is this happening?



And life goes on.

You should be proud of yourself.

Congratulate you once more. Again.



When crawling on my knees just in front of you.

To melt your heart. Your soul. Your own prison. Your shell.

Can melt no more.



But life is not that easy and it will not go on.

Heart is not a servant.

Follow it and suffer

In the search of everlasting love.

Found and lost. Lost and found.

Forever and ever. Ever and never.



What would you do if you had one more chance?

Would you take it?

So we could be one. All over again.







Was there ever a point?



To love you?



To die for you?



To want you so much?



To fly half of the world?



Just to feel your touch...



To see your smile...







Like a bird



Free of all



Free of myself



Free of you



Masters just bring you down

Cut your wings.




Have my wings

Have my shoes



And see how it is

To hold back tears

To fake a smile

To be me.












Submitted: April 21, 2012

© Copyright 2022 kasia1986. All rights reserved.

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