A Gun A Day

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People in these days go running after money. They face lot of depression in their jobs and their situations are not likely to calm them down and take away their stresses. They go on suppressing. Azul is one of them and one day his depressions burst open. Look what happens in End...

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013




I am azul that’s how everyone calls me. I have been working as a software engineer for three years now. I have faced the most deadly deadlines and fast schedules in these days. This rush city is becoming rusher and rusher. Suddenly, tak, tak, tak Oh Man! This clutch I should have fixed it last week itself. My bike was jerking like a fish thrown out of water. soon I pulled my clutch to its extreme limit ; shifted the gear and squeezed my accelerator my pulsar 150 zoomed into cold air with a roar of cheetah under the orange lights of the roads.ma life has become like a hens nest house, office, monitor and weekend. I need a break out of all oh it. I have a passion in dancing buy my parents don’t like me doing it. They fear that I would go behind alcohols and other sort of pleasures. Their fear is reasonable but they don’t know that eagles don’t catch worms. The air is too chill now I need to empty my tank. I stopped my bike in a lane. This is a freedom that you’ll get only in India. That feeling hahh!!Feeling relaxed. When I finished and turned back I saw a plastic cover wrapping some sort metal. When I picked it up the dull metal was peeking through the cover. I unwrapped the cover and looked inside it. It was a gun! I was shocked to see it. It has some extra magazines too. I was afraid that I took it. But I didn’t want to leave it there. Some sort of instinct urged me to take it with me. I


Tore the cover apart and pushed the gun into my laptop bag. My brother is a gun craze guy. We can say that he is a gun nerd. He had told me many things about it. I wanted to use it a time. I took my bike and moved. Next morning a usual day same routines and I was on my way to office in my bike. In the signal I could see a long serpent of traffic. I got irritated that I wanted to crush all the cars in a single blow of my hand. But it is not possible; I knew it and I kept quiet. The traffic slowly moved and at last after some slowdowns and rushes I reached my office. I was looking like a plat form guy due to the rush. I could feel the sweat flowing on my forehead; I rushed in and took the lift to my place my boss was standing near my seat. That damn f****** with his plain white headlight head. He saw me from top to bottom and started shouting “azul you are late and look what you are like, your shirt and your identity card. I crushed my laptop bag with my right-hand in anger. I felt that I was having a gun in my bag. I thought I could take it out and put a hole on his head. But I didn’t. I went and sat my seat that some monitor saying that crappy welcome azul your password. I typed it and started my work which I left incomplete yesterday. To my next seat was a guy with his girlfriend. He thinks that this office his bed room. They both annoy me very much. During work they kiss and hug and love. I always wanted to slay


Their heads for what they are doing. But he is my senior and so she is. But I have told them many times and got a nose cut from them. There they started again. I told him “Dude this is office”. He said annoyingly “yes what is the doubt about it just shut your mouth”. That b*** nearby said “look who’s getting wet for what we are doing” without even remembering that she was a girl. I started to type my code damn it. It didn’t compile. Those f******* were laughing saying silly jokes about me and I got a message that my boss was calling me. These whole things shut my mind up. I pulled the pistol out. I started to bang it on the couples head. There they were gone. They were on their own blood stream. My rage increased. The whole office was looking at me. I started to walk with my blood stained shoes. Everyone raised their hands like I was the big one. I stained the floor with blood towards my boss room .He was shocked at seeing me “azul what? What was that sound?” I didn’t say anything. His head slowly lowered to my hand. He saw the pistol. The next second bang his soul was freed. I took my bag and ran towards the parking lot to get my bike. I didn’t get my key I saw a guy parking his ‘Honda CBR 250’. A blow to his head and his bike was mine. I started it; before my bike could move off ‘kiss me close your eyes miss me’ that ringtone.  I took my phone; just threw it on the floor and crushed it with my legs. I raced through the streets. I went towards a


Mall wanted to eat something .what I really wanted to eat was KFC. I stopped my bike before the entrance that no one was supposed to do. I went to the KFC. Damn mother f****** Cues. I hate cues and crowd “bang bang” on the rooftops the crowd shutters like a glass tumbler thrown to a floor. I went towards the KFC guy. I lowered my gun. I ordered some KFC. He gave me some leg pieces. I swapped my gun to my left hand; pushed my hand in to my back pocket. I threw some hundreds before him; took some pieces in my right hand and started moving towards the entrance where my horse was waiting for me. Just opposite to the KFC restaurant. With the gun in my hand I felt like I was having the bolt of Zeus in my hand that I could reform the whole world. I threw some of the chicken in to my laptop bag. I reloaded my pistol this was the second and lost MAG that was left. I raced my way towards outer but before that I was struck in traffic. I aimed at the signal with my pistol. But suddenly to my left I saw a JCB. I have tried JCB once in my friends company. I got an idea. I grabbed the JCB by kicking out the driver on his head. I raced it fully forwards; kept a crowbar which I found on the JCB’s cockpit on the accelerator. I jumped down. The JCB was wiping out half road traffic for me. It wiped it to the end in a blink of an eye. It suddenly turned to the sides and went into a building. I was laughing at it. I made my way.


While I was going the people in the cars which weren’t wiped out was shouting. I poured some bullets on the cars while I was going on my bike. When I turned my head to see before (SFX: ZURG) a racer over took me and was like a wind. Now I knew what to do? I hate those guys. They are not pros. They are just half boiled college guys. I was trying to catch up him. Soon I1` saw another racer on my side a kick to him. He was rolling and flying in the air crashing on the ground. He bursted into pieces just as his bike did. I was shooting at the one who was going before me. Noticing me he increased his speed. I decreased my speed; took a deep breath and there goes a bully’s eye to his head. I shouted at his body “out of my way you idiot”.  I drove until my bike stopped. I ran into a forest space. There was an open ground. I sat there took enough breath. I looked my gun there was one last bullet. I knew it was for whom. My mind said that I should suicide. I thought myself “should I suicide or what? No I can’t. I shouldn’t. I took my bag and ate the chickens that were as rough as rock; took my laptop out. I was looking at it with some affection for some time. I broke it by hitting on a rock in to pieces. I was sitting there. Soon my mind was filled with hundreds of thoughts. The place was calm. I knew that the police should be tracking me. A bird came there. It was disturbing the silence of the place and there goes the final bullet. I thought of the day. I was


happy that I lived it my way; my own way. The time was moving fast. It was evening. I could see the birds going to their home where I can’t go now. I kept looking at the empty gun. Suddenly I heard police standing behind me. I said to myself now I know what to do. I pointed the empty gun towards them in a sudden turn. Soon I could feel the bullets piercing my flesh and bone. Blood splattered I enjoyed the pain the pain that freed me from this crazy world. Visions of my sister my mom and my dad crying for me flashed in my mind. My vision was rounding and rounding. I was looking at the birds in the sky. I kept turning until I hugged the ground. I was smiling in my death. My eyes blacked out.


-J. Mohamed Kasim

© Copyright 2018 kasim. All rights reserved.

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